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      4 years ago


      Today is officially 100 days until I get onto the plane to fly to Vancouver. I planned this trip about a month and a half ago. It came off the back of a really stupid and unexpected break-up. It hurt and the way it happened really cut pretty deep. It's not something that I'll forget ever, but, I'll move on. The trip felt like running away, it still kinda does when I think about it too much. But even so, running away and going and finding some adventure seem like they go hand in hand. A perfect fit.

      So, I had this idea in my head that I was going on an adventure, where was the next question. That was when I started talking more and more to some close friends about what was going on in my head and what I was thinking. The idea got thrown out that I visit them in Canada. So I went away and thought about it seriously, crunched some numbers to figure out if it was possible. I came back to this friend with an idea and we worked it out together.

      That idea turned from one thing to another and now, on it's third and hopefully final iteration it has been decided. Canada it is. I'm going to fly to Vancouver, meet up with friends and stay there for a week or so before heading north on a road trip back to their home where I'll stay for the rest of the month. It seems crazy when I think about it. Little old me, hasn't been overseas in nearly a decade, flying across the world to meet up with friends I've never met in person before. Living with them, trusting in them, it's terrifying.

      That's one thing that has always stopped me from doing anything. Fear. I have these fears of everything. My anxiety is out of control at times. I'm scared of going by myself, scared of being alone in a big foreign place, I worry about my food issues and the problems that follow that. But... I'm doing something a little bit crazy this time, and, I'm not letting fear stop me!

      Time for some adventure, 100 days and counting...

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