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    • Muahahah

      14 years ago


      can anyone beat me?

      thanks to Falcon for the free host

    • OMG

      14 years ago


      Thanks to wiz for the photoshop link thingy



      Edit: does anyone know what happened to mojomasta?

    • OMG need an answer

      14 years ago


      OMG, i need an answer..

      I'm 19, almost 20....If i get out my legos and start playin with em, is that bad?

    • PC Gamer November 2004 Edition

      14 years ago


      Hi Everyone who reads these.

      If you know anyone who is willing to send me the PC Gamer November 2004 Edition (as in they dont want or need it) Can you have them reply here or send me a PM?

      I'll pay S&H for it and other payment can be negotiated.

      Thanks everyone

      Oh, this must be an issue with part of the letter M on the binding.

    • 10!

      14 years ago


      I hit level 10!!

      Only 10 to go!

      WOOT! I'm almost to the "cool guy" plateau!

    • Hmmmm

      14 years ago


      When you get to a high enough Karma level, can you see who watches you?

      Also, can you see who - modded you?


    • Formula 1 Grand Prix at Indianapolis

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      Is anyone watching this on the speed channel right now?

      Only 6 cars are racing because Michelin had some problems with tires

      Here's the ESPN story on it.

      If i was there, I would be SO pissed right now. I'd be bitchin and hollaring for my money back.

      53 replies

    • Startup List

      14 years ago


      Wow, what an amazing site right here.

      I would suggest using it on your computer :-)

      Startup Applications List

    • OMG OMG OMG :-(

      14 years ago

      Report: Team and lease to arena for sale news services

      The St. Louis Blues are looking for new owners, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported in Friday's editions.

      Owners Bill and Nancy Laurie are selling the franchise and the team's long-term lease on the Savvis Center due to financial losses and the murky future of the NHL, according to the newspaper.

      The Lauries were unavailable for comment, but a source told the newspaper that the preference is to find a local buyer to keep the Blues in St. Louis. An official announcement is planned for Friday morning.

      While the new owner will purchase the lease to the Blues' current home, it likely won't be called the Savvis Center. Savvis Inc. announced Thursday that it is severing ties with the downtown sports arena, breaking off the lease that was set to expire in 2020. The company will pay $5.5 million to end the relationship with Kiel Center Partners.

      If the Blues find a buyer, it won't be the first sale of an NHL team this year. The sale of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim was approved by the NHL's Board of Governors on Thursday.

      The board granted unanimous approval pending completion of the sale, which is expected shortly.

      The sale for a reported $75 million was announced Feb. 25 and includes Disney Ice, a Mighty Ducks practice facility.

      Disney paid $50 million for the Ducks to join the NHL as an expansion franchise in 1992.

      Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

      Someone must buy them and keep them in St. Louis. I would DIE if they moved

    • People are mean..

      14 years ago


      I've just realized how much of a dick that Falcon is in the Technical forum, just from this Thread

      Rent: you weren't wrong when you said people in the techie forum are mean...

      Like the 8th post, lunacite says

      Paging falcon to ruin this thread too.
      On topic: I like hardware optimization with gentoo. Windows is too broad.

      Boy it must be a common thing...

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