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    • Ma-ma-ma-meow

      9 years ago


      What happens when people who own music software meet cat lovers:
      Music Video Made of Cat Meowing in Other Videos
      Hmph. The indignity!

    • Vengence is Mine

      10 years ago


      So Sparky went off to the veterinarian today and came back with pills for his "anxiety". He's now on some medicine called Clomicalm. As though that will keep him from hiding under the blankets all day and peeing on the floor. It won't keep me away!

      Bwahaha! Being a ghost is very liberating. Who shall I drive insane next?

      PS: Here is the "best cat video you'll ever see". I don't know about that, but I dig the scene where the cat chases the bear (at about 1:05). Maybe I'll go haunt a bear next! Hear that, bears? I'm comin' for you! Jerks! Hahahaha!

    • Haunting his butt

      10 years ago


      So I've been playing on World of Warcraft (the bandwidth in heaven is excellent. I don't even get lag in Dalaran), and I even got married online.
      Little does Azamitheron know I'm a cat. Boy won't he be surprised!

      But mostly I've been spending my time haunting Sparky. He's a little rat and deserves it. So now he spends all of his time burrowed under the blankets trembling in fear.
      Ha ha. That's what you get for bugging me when I was trying to nap all those times, Sparky!


    • They don't know...

      11 years ago


      ...what they are talking about.


      PS: Thank you for putting the purple furry thing in the correct place. Now, if you want your Palm Pilot back, put some fresh Catnip out in the kitchen. Also, I can't believe you gave Sparky that steak. Did you know he urinated on the new front hall rug?


    • Not so fast

      11 years ago


      I gave you back your computer pen.

      Now put the purple pillow back in the window.

      I can't believe you are going to wash it.


    • Cat Life Goes On

      11 years ago


      Linnea here. It has been almost a month since Mazha passed away, and after much thought, I've decided to keep Mazha's profile going here. I'll only post cat-related stories here, because I think that is what she would have wanted. I'd let Sparky take over, but he doesn't so much type on the laptop as gnaw on the power cord. Oh well. Mazha was special.

      I came across an amazing YouTube video of two cats that talk:
      The Two Talking Cats

      ...and then a very funny interpretation of what they were saying:
      Cats Talking: Translation

      If only Mazha were here to give us the real translation. I suppose we'll never know...

    • So long...

      11 years ago


      ...and thanks for all the fish.


    • Perfect for Sparky

      11 years ago


      Finally, a site that Sparky can really relate to.

    • We never walk alone

      12 years ago


      You always hear superstitions surrounding us felines, and certainly a few hundred years ago cats were hunted voraciously by Europeans who were convinced we were evil in some way. Of course, they became overrun with rats. That of course is why we sent them the Black Death. Jerks.

      I've lived now with two mostly black cats, and they've had to stay in on Halloween for fear of maiming by drunk or crazy humans, and I was reading the other day an article about how cats cause crib death by stealing a baby's soul out of their lungs. Please. My old roommate Lillie actually saved Spyton's life when he was a baby. Look how that turned out.


      The whole business is nonsense. Sure, we could steal your soul by sucking it out of your lungs, but why would we want it? Nothing personal, but living human souls taste like dog butts. Blah. Why can't you people accept that we are trying to help you.

      For instance, there is Oscar, the Cat of Death (thanks to Ben for the link).
      He's helping you guys out. You people can't always find your way once you've died. No sense of direction.

      Remember, we domesticated you, not the other way around. We really just stay with you out of pity. Well, and I'll admit it, some of us have developed a taste for giant oceanic fish we can't catch on our own.

      I am filled with shame.


    • Cat Mac Machinimators, Unite!

      12 years ago


      As far as I knew, Linnea and I were the only creatures using Macs to do machinima. Personally, I find the user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality much easier to use, mostly due the the fact that they declawed me when Spyton was born. As if I'd bother clawing him to death in his infancy.

      That much.

      However, I discovered today that there is a World of Warcraft Model Viewer for Macintosh available, suggesting that there is at least one person out there making WoW movies on a Mac. Or... oh, it is possible these other people are using the viewer just to try on high-level armor for their character. Now I feel rather depressed again about the whole thing.

      Regardless, Linnea claims she didn't know about the program because it was for Intel Macs back when we didn't have an Intel Mac, and therefore, in her usual defeatist/do-everything the-hard-way mentality, she just forgot about it. Ha!

      I just tried it out quickly with one of her old River Styx shots:


      I've never played on the XBox or the 360, due to my lack of thumbs, so I haven't considered doing any serious Halo machinima. Does anyone out there have a Halo-playing non-human companion, such as a monkey, or an intelligent videogaming bear that I could team up with? Rather than River Styx, maybe we could make some sort of witty Cerberus, Chimera or Sphinx reference that the humans won't fully grasp.

      Regardless, this should make things a bit easier, since I won't have to depend on Sparky for some of the pick-up shots.

      Here's the link to the Mac WoW Modeller. The programmer evidently updated it to work with the "old-time" Power PCs now as well. What a clever human!

      PS: It is really hot here but Linnea won't let me go outside as she claims I will be "eaten by coyotes". Does she think me a total fool?

      What a jerk.

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