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    • XD~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

      13 years ago


      I got my dream apartment!!! HUZZAH~!!!!

    • Um..

      13 years ago


      So I had a dream when I passed out this afternoon that there was a super-hip line of makeup called Benjamin Franklin that supported the Susan G Koman foundation for breast cancer research.

      That's about all I got.

    • Some Signs of Job Burnout...

      13 years ago


      - Every time password change day comes around, you try to think of a new variant on "cubicleangst", "helpme", "getmeout" and "omgunderpaid."
      - The eyetwitch is a dead give-away.
      - When you refer to call influx as "Chinese Water Torture" chances are you've had your fill and how.
      - When coworkers take on the secondary monikers "Tweedledee" and "Tweedledumb."
      - If you've ever seriously drank your lunch.
      - If you are traditionally DRY and you've taken to drink your lunch!
      - Instead of answering your direct line with a proper, approved greating, your caller is met with the sounds of your soft and desperate whimpering and/or pathetic cries for help.

      If I could do it all over again, I would've made more friends in Philadelphia, worked some place menial and NEVER HAVE GONE INTO BANKING. AUGH~!!

      Okay, I feel marginally better now.

    • ...Icing on the freaking cake.

      13 years ago


      Public livejournal entry to answer my public entry not at all appologizing for anything and making him look the part of the victim.

      Not generally a big deal, but he has several thousand friends thanks to his webcomic.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong--Pt. 2

      13 years ago


      It did not stop him from inviting people over. And I refuse to do that because it is equal parts his apartment.. however in the transition of this, I think it stopped being mine, as well. Every house meeting he organized he worked the part of passive, he worked the part of patient and he was exceedingly diplomatic and tactful. However--the timing was inopportune, it was usually after he had just been agitated by something else and really.. if he spoke to us other than in instances involving status reports and looking for funds for bills he refused to add my name to, we'd be able to hold the same conversation without having to drop everything.

      The last meeting ended with the information that they've obtained a new place, were guaranteed it and if they were to spend any time into May, they would have to pay a fraction of the rent. It was understood, it was agreed upon and we would also move the computer that caused him such greif and ageda. We made clear there was no furnature of which to speak, and that the apartment was being maintained and cleaned up. Mike made the offer to help us move, and looked the world a stand-up guy. We again thanked him for his patience and understanding, even if there were snags that infuriated all parties here and again.

      Before too long he became extremely transactional. We had to make room and have Jake sleep in the bedroom with us because Mike's Girlfriend's friends came over to visit. Now.. because at this juncture and at no point during this situation did the guys pay rent, I allowed it and made no fights or no effort to dissuade them. We allowed it, and it was done and it was over with.

      Now, here's where it gets...sticky. With three people and two rooms there are places where things pile, there are things that have to be piled separately and my room can only hold so much. Most of our belongings--and I mean not just Jake and Rob's, but my own as well, bled into the livingroom. It was piled, it was there, it was messy but it was sorted as such for a reason. There have been multiple occaisons where he left notes that were of a less than plesant tone, things like "This is a fucking mess, clean it up -M." "This is disgusting. -M." It all comes to an even more profound head yesterday.

      Everything that was owned by anyone that wasn't him that was in the livingroom was deposited hap-hazardly in my room. Not only did he say yes, then no with his actions, tonality and unnecessary dramatics. I'll admit that when he started to recind, I forced. I threw down perspective and was not acceptign arguement. I didn't want to be armbarred into the position of being the same as Josh. I offered to help, he agreed to help, there was no gun to his head but to push and push the opposite direction I look at as being the part of an indian giver. Still, he did accept to help. Still, he did offer to help them move.

      Of course he finds himself elsewhere at the beginning of the month, but whatever.

      So, in the catastrophe that became my room (even though its never really clean) Jake has a hard time finding his CHECK that was just strewn, we had to haphazardly reorganize everything---and then we decided to simply pack it all. And so, with my bags in toe, we did. With alllllll of his friends over and in the livingroom that apparentaly, THOUGH I PAY HALF THE RENT, I got no rights to.

      I come home from going with Rob to shop for temporary furnishings for his apartment to this wonderful sight, the story that Mike intends to have words with me and Rob, to a plethora of people gathered there so there's sufficient cover for him NOT to talk to me or Rob directly. Fine. Again, as I said earlier, we packed away right then and there.

      Did I mention before he offered to help us move? Not a hand was lifted and it was as though not a one of us existed. Way to be the stand-up guy and keep your word, am I wrong? We ended up getting a cab, loading everything in and I'd be damned if I wasn't going to spend the night.

      What irks me and infuriates me is his love for being the nice guy and anti-confrontational, but he won't talk to me directly and makes me feel the world like a second class citizen. Not only am I unable to breathe thanks to the mold in the bathroom of the apartment, but I'm not allowed to have access to my own things.

      We've lost the tiling in the bathroom, enough that mold's gotten in, and required a trashbag and gaffer's tape cover. It smells of burnt tires in that apartment. Concerns before were fundage--that was aggrivated by taking on two other people and a cable bill I couldn't get rid of each month.

      Now I'm thinking that this is going to end in a loss of friendship, one I had just as long as I've had Robert. Bottom line, I haven't wanted to live in that apartment in months, not since the first fiasco and what I was intending to do was wait it out, let Christy get in and get settled before I decided to uproot. If nothing else, he could live with his girlfriend ahead of the great move, alone and uninterrupted, I'd be the buffer long enough for her to work and get in the groove of things and get ready, but.. I'm starting to feel walked on. And its hard because I worry that I took advantage. But I can't breathe, period, and $650 is a lot to pay for intolerable air and space I didn't intend to use.

      So what do I do..? The guys have offered to return the favor, which I may take them up for if the bathroom continues as it does. And really, I want to leave. And I think I should.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong--Pt 1.

      13 years ago


      Now, my roommate and I, there's give and take in any relationship and that's precisely what a living-arangement is. Its a relationship. It's two ( or sometimes more ) people that have to cohabitate, share, the like. And.. after a period of thinking and an impromptu move by taxi-cab last night I wanna put the pro's and con's in order. I wanna weigh both sides of the ordeal evenly and I want to see if I'm in the wrong for being absolutely furious about the past few months.

      I'm going to preface this by saying even previous to this point I've thought about leaving this apartment. There was an instance that took a full month for us to have our refridgerator--a thing that the landlord was to provide us--repaired. In that time my roommate was to take care of the ordeal, but when he spoke to David, he told him he had a beer fridge and that would suit him fine. Neverminding I went shopping the day previous, my groceries were gone and a beer fridge can only support so much between two people. It involved me taking a day from work where my roommate works at home.. and it was still not immediately corrected. It took me going heavy-handed on the landlord to get satisfactory results, and thereafter I considered my move.

      The landlord would not talk to me, initially, for fear of me ripping his head off. Yes, I have a Philadelphian temper, and took all too quick to his words that he didn't have money enough to fix the fridge, and if we deducted the repairs from the rent, he wouldn't have money enough to feed his kids. This is the point at which I started talking about getting up and out "..before the roof caves in."

      Mike told me he believed I was overreacting--but he was peacable about it, I read it on his face and asked and basically cooerced him into saying such. He's never directly said to my face anything that alluded to thinking pretty ill of me, except on occasions when he made play on my hermit-tendancies.

      It takes one hell of a person to accept strangers into their home. That he said yes to us taking in Rob and Jake when Josh fowled out in such a profound way is an amazing testament of a kind person. But. But, and this is not in any way to say that I didn't appreciate the gesture, if it was beyond his means and beyond his reasoning, then it was something he should not have agreed to. Weither he said it directly or not, he'd alluded on more than one occasion that it was too much for him to bear. Emotionally, fiscally, whatever, the guys got in the door and he asked when they would be out.

      Its understandable that one doesn't want to help mooches. It's fair to say that an exit plan is a good one. But.. me being a new resident, maybe I took a lot for granted in the fact it took me OVER HALF A YEAR to get a job that could support my rent and allow me to eat. It was not that either of them were not trying, Jake and Rob had applied via E-mail, monster, and at points they went so far as to pound the pavement. There was minimal success, in fact, for the first couple of months there was none. In the heat of this Mike discussed the concept of sharing rent.

      Without sufficient income, they would not be able to support this, and since it was my brilliant idea, I sucked it up, hunkered down and supported Robert and Jake. The utilities raised, and that was halved between Mike and myself--but there was never an instance where I asked or even suggested Mike feed them, clothe them or coddle them in any way shape or form. Because of the way The Great Screw Job transpired ( this was the initial intended move as botched, fubar'd and screwed up by JOSH ) they had essentially their carry on luggage... and an amazing sense of humor and patience about the situation.

      Things were easy on no party involved. I'll be fair. Mike had to surrender a lot of his usage of the livingroom--but he was still capable of having friends over, if he wanted us to clear out we would find something to do and while things were loud, we concieded that if he needed quiet, we would do our best to provide it to him. Naturally four people on one floor are going to be loud. And.. well.. Rob's a loud person, but we did our best, we had to be told a couple times but we tried our damndest anyway.

      He was updated consistantly, weither this or that worked. When there was an interview, there was notification. When we heard nothing, there was notification. We did everything as much as possible to try and get things to go by faster and smoother. Jake had no intention of living on Mike's couch, likewise Rob had heavy issue with the idea of sponging off me--neverminding that I never looked at it that way and I refuse to even now.

      Things were awkward, but smooth enough. But little annoyances mounted in stupid and profound ways. Jake had to cut his hair. I had to buy the guys interview clothes. Rob had to cash in a mess of bonds he retained after his stint in the military. The apartment they'd found had been rented out underneath them. Rob didn't get his first paycheck for almost a month, started a second job and subsequently got sick with a viral infection his second week in--that was a week of pay lost.

      Jake faired no better in the beginning, there were extra funds required for the movers that never got here. There was a three week wait on Rob's loan application, another week added in the process of verifying Jake's working, getting his paystub copy and a lot of unnecessary legaleeze bull to surmount. His computer arrived, damaged and unable to operate. We had to procure a new videocard. With Mike's blessing, Jake set his now-functional computer up in the foyer, only to have Mike enter the apartment, charge into his room and come back to announce that wasn't working and now he was crowded.

      Because Mike works at home I can understand and empathise with his grief that people were invading his workspace and that he genuinely felt his space was invaded and his social life was set to suffer.

    • News in Breif:

      13 years ago


      My uncle's apendix ruptured.
      My uncle is difficult--in that he took penicillin when everyone in the fam is allergic.
      He's allergic.
      Rob and I had a fight about my mom.
      My mom, unknowing of said fight, was uber nice to me at a decidedly inopportune time.
      My brother will be in Boston and we shall see X-III together on opening night with my man and my best friend.
      As such, I am buying an X-Men T-shirt. Stuck on which design I want.
      Rob and Jake might be out of my apartment as soon as tonight.
      I am missing a good chunk of my bathroom wall.
      Contractor bags, when wetted in the shower, smell remarkably like burnt rubber.
      I am considering going by the nickname "Calamity Bain" ( Bain being my middle name. )
      There is no relief or ease in any situation, only Zule.
      I am turning into a girl.
      I am obtaining a new computer.
      I now have no PS2. ( :( I used Rob and Jakes'! )
      Ashamed of my body, I bought a tankini and boyshorts. I've assembled an aqua 1920's bathing suit.
      I'm addicted to The Body Shop products.
      I'm looking at a move, again.
      My work is never done.
      All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

    • I DEMAND....

      13 years ago


      ..Macaroni pictures.

      So okay, I'm alive. There was a lot and nothing to report, both cooinciding, providing an excuse and no excuse at the precise same time. Rob's got the loan, getting the apartment and giving me room back in my apartment. I'd squeal for great justice, but I have a feeling I'm going to miss the joy of waking in a tangled mess of limbs. Hell.. it may prove a few days before I sleep.

      Everything at work goes.. as it does at work. I don't really have an official comment.

      I made Easter dinner, for me and Rob. It was good, but it left me longing for home--alas, I will never make dead things taste quite so nicely as mom does.

      Humblest of appologies for being a flake and doing the dissapearing antisocial like deal. Its hard to juggle everything and nothing and keep sane when impending doom rings in your ears. Not that its genuine doom, just he-may-have-to-go-back-to-Ohio-doom. The kind of doom that will bar me from moseying to his apartment wearing nothing but a long coat and a cheshire grin. The kind that'll prevent me from having another holiday dinner with him that doesn't involve a $400 price tag above and beyond in flight and aggrivation.

      I can breathe.

      And it is good.

    • Man From Morocco

      13 years ago


      The more I plan to write out an entry, the more crap seems to pile up to it. Not that its always bad crap, but its my crap which means there's far too often a lot to it. I was going to write something glowing, initially, but here I sit chewing my nails to nubs because there was a C-5 crash out of Dover, which is sister-base to where my father works. Dover's an Air Force Base, but the flight was carried out by the DEANG, which opperate in nearby New Castle. I think there's probably some ANG parties on that base, but I've never been to Dover in particular, only dad's base. I don't know. I got a mess of speculation and a picture with a cockpit snapped at a 90-degree angle on my desktop. It really flows with the snapped wing yards from it. Looking at it, my stomach drops.

      I sent my mom a text message to see if she heard anything from dad. Because I'm underinformed, I asked if she heard gossip. I was looking to avoid talking to my mother till Easter.

      Rob and I spent the weekend good and contagious, which worked well for us it being our anniversary and all. It was muted by the fact I sure as hell can't drink on Azythromicin and the better is it took us away from social obligation I was really looking foward to. ( Sorry Tony and Whitney. :( ) All hope was not lost, however, and we decided instead to go out and contaminate people we don't care about.

      I threw out a mess of options to Rob earlier in the week, some were more thematic than others but when I got my hands on this week's Dig I went crazy, we were looking to go out but the fact he had trouble breathing--till yesterday--Salsa was out, walking the Esplanade was out, as was hiking through or even investigating Wonderland was out. But.. I mean, that doesn't mean all was lost.

      We went to see Inside Man on Friday, the movie was spectacular because it kept me guessing like it was cool. Clive Owen was awesome, Denzel is just.. I mean you can't mess with that. Wilhem Dafoe was subdued, but interesting enough you remembered who he was. And Chewie was just.. he was too cute for words. Rob said I was all shades of fangirl when he came on screen. I bet I beamed for miles.

      So, we had most of the night and a midnight curfew so Jake could get into the apartment, we took a pretty leisurely stroll into the Common, it was nice. We talked, shared secrets and parked by where the water usually is--duh on me, I forgot the ponds were manmade. But.. it was really nice, the weather was perfect, all was good in a really understated sort of way.

      Leading into this, let it be known, Rob pretty much figured out or reached for his presents ahead of time. I about wailed on him the other night for it, so when the packages arrived I ordered him to open them then, so that he didn't have further opportunity to spoil it. I got him an all-region version of a Tony Jaa film and two CDs, Professional Murder Music's second album and Dave Chappelle's Block Party soundtrack. To say the man was enthralled was putting it lightly, I think he watched the movie three times already. He's had it since Thursday.

      Saturday, our anniversary, was pretty nice. A lot of lounging around, but its all good. We ate well, we didn't mind too much the rain. So, I got a haircut, we meandered through the comic shop and went on to The Garage. I found a lot of cute clothes at Hootenany that I'd have to lose 50 pounds to consider, a "Defend Somerville" T-shirt that I'm thinking of ultimately getting and then just our luck, there was a bric-a-brac kind of shop near the tattoo parlor.

      Now, if you don't know me too well, I'm a military brat. And by brat, I mean my old man spoiled me pretty well. My mother and I obtained jewelry and pottery and the like from places I'm not too sure I could get into. I've had Peruvian necklaces and I have Iraqi gold and turquoise. I have statuettes from Easter Island, a lot of things that are unique and irreplacable. So.. when I see stores cluttered with odds and ends, chances are I'm looking for the odds. Rob's eager to follow me, he scopes the place out and sees ecclecticisms and probably, and more likely, the dopey grin on my face. I'm not saying it takes a lot to impress me, I just look for something just a little different. And.. yeah, I found it. Its a pink coral necklace with some crazy silver-working to it, its very ethnic but I'm having a hell of a time placing it. I tried it on, it matches my hair dye and complements my eyes to a profane extent. Rob liked it on sight and the man who owned the store let me try it on. He'd asked where Rob was from, because to him, Rob looked like he was from the southern part of Morocco. Rob's from Ohio. But after a good conversation and me oogling the hell out of this item, the man prompts Rob to read the pricetag before I could see it.


      The guy cut us a deal that we couldn't walk away from, he handed us a deep discount, waved the taxes and threw in a jewelry box. He'd pretty much known from me looking at it that I was going to have to walk out with it. The shop owner was sweet, he tried to direct me to similar things, if only to save our wallets. I think I did most of the selling for him.

      No sooner do I erupt from the store than do I kiss him, I'm enthralled and wearing this necklace today. Feeling pretty good. Four years and this is the first we spent together, Rob even suprized me in the morning with cake.

      Yeah, it tasted a hell of a lot like wedding cake.

    • Owchie.

      13 years ago


      We're all about sharing, Robert and I.

      So.. I bequeathed onto him the strep throat.

      He was ever-so-kind in giving it back to me. Thankfully I already used the meds they perscribed like two months ago, so I'm not going to get the shock of my life having another random drug allergy. I eagerly anticipate antiboiticy goodness.

      Also: I have sky blue addidas sneakers. I am a sexy bitch.

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