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    • Rhymes With Rat.

      13 years ago


      All in all I had a pretty fantastic day yesterday. I got "Just Because" flowers after waking from a nightmare to what seemed every shade a dream. I was the butt of everyone's jealousy yesterday and I was feeeelin fine. Rob took me out to dinner, we talked and walked through the mall. So yeah, it was fantastic, I was glowing and floating on cloud nine.

      We get home and I'm typing up an email as Rob's playing Draken-something deuce in the livingroom, Mike's packing his belongings for ICON and all is quiet. I look over as something's shuffling against my duffle bag on the floor by my bed. I saw a head. I saw a black head with little ears. It was moving and it moved the top of my duffle bag.

      It shrieked.

      I screamed.

      When I say I screamed, it was a girly from-the-top-of-my-throat girly. It was a scream that would likely paralyze the lesser vocal cords of another. And when I say I belted it out, I heard it answered with a pointed "WOAH!" from the other room.

      Rob bolted from the couch, Mike came in from the other side and of all things, I did have both doors open in my room when usually both are shut. "ITS A RAT!! OMIGOD!" was about the best I offered, clinging to my chair and instinctively wrapping my legs below me and removing them as far from impending doom as possible.

      But no, folks, it gets better.

      No, the thing what invaded my personal space was in fact, not a rat, but instead a bat. As in the Belfry kind. As in the "I should name it Bruce and build it a perch," kind. I can't even recall who blurted out this revelation, but I answered with, "A BAT?! ON MY FLOOR!??!" I quickly darted from my perch and edged back into the kitchen as either of my rescuers came in from either side with a cardboard box. I began to babble, and it was starting to become a chant something along the lines of "Omigod, no rabies. OH GOD! NO RABIES!!"

      Mike fired off, "Aw, its so cute! Its so little." From my toes I peered over my bed and towards the pair of them, to see this helpless little thing the size of my hand flop around and squeak at us. I offered agreeance, but begged them to get it out of the apartment.

      Drastic measures came when Rob asked for gloves, and I volunteered mine, he gathered up a towel and together he and Mike urged the little thing into a terrycloth haven safe from my siren's shriek. Rob carried him out gently and Mike made sure to fling the doors opened. I followed and watched Rob set the bat down and let him fly off. The bat flew low and it occurred to me as I set my hand over my mouth I probably disoriented by overloading his senses with sound.

      Chock full o' shell shock I stumbled around the apartment good and bewildered trying to figure out how and when it got in. The best we figured is the windows were open a couple nights ago, and that without food or an exit as we since closed them, he settled on the ground from injury, exhaustion or hunger. Still, I was looking for a telltale hole and closing off any door we didn't directly or frequently use. I deposited myself on one of the couches and wrapped myself up in a blanket.

      Rob finally cooerced me to calm, where I dubbed him indeed my hero, and he set me up back in my bedroom, assuring me he'd protect me from things with teeth big enough to maybe grab on to my little toe.

    • :)!!

      13 years ago


      So last night, well, the earlier part of this morning, really, I had a dream. This is exciting to me on a few reasons, mostly because I NEVER REMEMBER THEM. Clear as day I was back in Sharon Hill in my parent's home. It was surreal, I saw the half-assed wallpaper and clutter as identifiable as it'd used to be. The only giveaway that I was in the land of sheep-counting was that of all people, Matt Allain was playing Godzilla Destroy All Monsters! with my little brother. Geoff and I pooled funds and ordered pizza, which subsequently triggered an arguement from my parents. My mother shrieked from upstairs, in the hallway and down clean into the livingroom. My father was in the diningroom, doing what I couldn't quite see, and he chimed in in order to make himself far less the target.

      Mom was yelling about obligation, that if I ordered food, I was to clean up more and chores this and that. My brother argued back with gusto that if something was purchased with our own money, there was no need for us to give her anything for the effort. I could quote for quote on it, but it'd be boring to do that. Matt and I exchanged glances, he looked like he at least found humor in it--I know for a fact I was exhausted by it. My mother shrieked the louder, no faster did I think, "For the love of christ, get me out of here!" than I felt Rob twitch.

      He woke me up.

      And I'll tell you, I was elated. I've always been happy to see him first thing in the morning, don't get me wrong, but today was special. I could've clicked my heels. So I'm all clinging to him with enthrallment, that he's here, that he's real, that this isn't the dream and everything's wonderful. Poor, bewildered thing, but I think he was glad to see me beam like that.

      I had a pretty good night last night, other than not being able to get a state ID and arguing with my mother most of the morning. Sometimes the small things or the convient things make me happy. So goddamn it, I'm having a good day today.

      Eee~!! Flowers are pretty!! I just got a bouquet. Rob's so good to me!

    • .

      13 years ago


      ....its freaking snowing.

    • No Tengo Dinero

      13 years ago


      Money is tight and things are kind of lame, but overall I'm trying to keep smiling. Rob'll see his family for the first time in like two years. Its good. I have a scheme for Sunday, which involves myself and two choice ladies pretending to be a wedding party for the sake of free drinks and eats. Good shit.

      I'm trying to figure out how to, for lack of better ways to put it, how to be more zen about things. I had a mini-breakdown last night, not to alarm anyone, but its kind of expected when things get bottled up. Soooo... Rob'll be gone from Thursday till Sunday afternoon. I'm wondering what I'm going to do with myself. Were I intelligent, I'd clean up. But.. I'm difficult, so I'll probably be screwing around on teh interweb. Or there will be much sleep.

      A little homesick right now, but that's okay. When I go home I know that I'll be back a few days and then I'll be anxious to come back.

      Weather's okay, but there's a lot of rain. I'm thinking of getting out this weekend, I think I should. I haven't kept up with my family and I feel really bad about it. I'll have to make up for it this weekend.

      Still waiting on a raise.

      Still waiting for the promotion.

      Still looking for a new job.

      That is all.

    • No Particular Subject.

      13 years ago


      So, yeah. Hi, I'm alive and stuff. I've been down and out of commission for a week, roughly and this is the first time I've been back to work since.. well.. last thursday. I've been in and out of the hospital and a near-comatose set of sleeping habits. My suspicion is heavy that its a matter of stress and not exactly eating healthy. I'm probably right, too.

      Rob's started working, Jake's got his drug test and then he's a week and a half (the duration of the background check process) away from starting work, then probably three weeks from that before he gets paid. Sigh. Money is unbelievably tight, hence the stressing as previously mentioned. Sometimes it would be nice just to get a freaking break instead of everything piling ever-deeper, but these are the things one takes on trying to help others. Maybe I'll just donate to the Red Cross going foward.

      Boston's wearing on me. I've met fantastic people, I've had a blast--last year. But then again, things haven't really been on the right foot, and won't be for a little bit.

      I haven't heard a damned word about my probable create-a-promotion. I don't think I'm getting it. And I think.. if I am going to get it, I'll probably be out the door when the offer is made. Because again, my life is like that.

      My mother's talking about getting some funds together and replacing my computer, finally. She's got her tax return so there's a little more money to spare. And, you know, its a loan. Another $600 over my head, but, at least I'm not holding my breath for the next explosion. All the more, now that I'm sharing my machine with two people its pretty imperative that nothing go wrong.

      I really want to go back to Philly. Not even to run away or nothing, I just need a break. I miss my cats and my little brother and my family. I miss South Street and I miss the food and I miss the people. CHRIST do I miss the people. Daminga's got vacation the second week of April. I really want to go home for a visit before the Ben Franklin exhibit leaves. And.. I'd like to play tourist. I'd love to take a week and like.. go to the Franklin Institute, I left before the Constitution Center was opened.. I wanna go to the Bourse and pay entirely too much for a film I can see at the Kendall Landmark Cinema. I wanna have soft pretzels and I want to go to Rita's Water Ice. Oo.. I should wait till they open again before I go---but anyway---Its amazing how much someone misses the familiar. Especially when there aren't so many things to replace them with. But... I don't think I could move back home yet. I've only moved the once.. and I know this place really isn't condusive to forever. Too hard and rare to get home, too expensive and infrequent.

      So yeah. That's about all that's on my end.


      13 years ago


      Things are.. hectic. It happens. Life rolls foward at break-neck speeds and all I can do is watch, wade in it knee-deep and hope the tides don't suck me down and under. But its all good, not to sound so fatalistic and the lot, mostly because I have a half-decent sense of humor and a strong sense of irony. Life loves me even if I don't always enjoy it, for whatever that means. I have just enough rope to climb free and not enough to hang myself with. That's all I ever need. Not too much. Not too deep. Shallow as I can be sometimes.

      So the fiasco at hand aside, I'm stoked about the fact Mardi Gras is coming up. I've never been to New Orleans, I've never been any further south than Virginia Beach, actually. Beyond that.. my family raised me in an odd sort of way. Whatever holiday came around, we enjoyed it. If it was Cinco de Mayo, if it was Chinese New Year... whatever it was, we ate, we ate good and we celebrated with every fibre of our beings.

      I haven't been celebratory since I left home. Yes we ordered Chinese on New Year but I didn't go into Chinatown as I normally would have. Poverty and an off-balance view of the area have complicated what would usually be my bag and made it something anxiety-driven.. but instead of wallowing in everything, I think this year I'll get off my butt and make good on the opportunities around me.

      So.. for dinner on the 28th, the menu appears to be as follows:

      Jambalaya Mom-Style ( which translates to mean nuclear )
      Baked Blackeye Peas
      Kings Cake
      aaand.. I'm debating the mixed drink of the evening, but I'll probably slap together virgin Pina Coladas for Rob.

      Aaallllllllll from scratch~!

    • Or.. Why the girl can never lose weight.

      13 years ago


      Yesterday was a pretty crap-tacular day all in all. Rob had text-messaged me not too far into the winding path of the morning hours to ask how work transpired for me, I replied with a vague but to the point "Kentucky Fried Bullshit." And that was my best summation for the day.

      At 3:33.. my mother managed to call over and let me know that, hearing my plight about my TV, she's going to replace it for me. Of course now my machine works, but it doesn't hold well for extended usage. I thanked her profusely and made with the sending of fruity bath products. Such is my sending of love.

      After this, I decided to throw caution to the wind and celebrate Ben Franklin's 300th birthday--naturally I was in the wrong city to do so but.. Well, he was Boston-born but Philly throws a good sized shindig for all of it. And here I was missing out in a big way. We got beer, I coaxed Rob into sucking down most of a bottle of Strawberry Blonde Ale and got innebriated off of one bottle. The cake we got was fantastic, if not entirely too rich.

      So I did finally get my period yesterday, which would be fantastic if I were a fan of not having sex. Therein is the connundrum, I like sex enough that I need for my period to come.. but I dislike my period enough that when it gets here, I'm all but praying for it to end in a hurry.

      I don't know if I've stated recently, but I hate my job. I threw something of a mineature temper-tantrum this morning to an all-too-exhausted-for-my-crap Robert. He fell asleep when I was threatening to call out for need of extended cuddle time. He started snoring when I went on a tangental something-or-another and instead of pitching a fit, I planted a kiss on his forehead and listened to him for maybe... oh the second time in my life and headded off to work.

      The train couldn't stop more and the one attendant/conductor couldn't be more angsty. She procieded to close doors and hollar at people.

      The whole ride and walk all I could think of doing was running away. This mental image of working my fingers to the bone to pay off outstanding debts and finally.. FINALLY just packing up and going, not caring where why or how. The clothes on my back.. okay, maybe not just the clothes on my back. But still.. I have The Doors' "Spanish Caravan" both playing in my head and in my heart..

    • It Makes The Red Water Come...

      13 years ago


      I'm starting to update much less frequently... I guess its starting to seem like I'm anti-social. Blah, its just a pain when you have to share a machine with two other people--a machine that only sorta-kinda works. Before I get into anything negative, because I'm good for that, I'll start on a high-note. For the life of me I really wasn't feeling well last night, to the point Rob spent the night watching over me--sleepless for his own part--just to make sure I'm alright. Noone's ever done anything like that for me before, and damned if it doesn't make a girl feel loved. And really... the Troops are positive, Mike's not enthralled but he's been patient and has been really good about staying that way. Words, seriously, cannot express my gratitude for all of that. I mean for what its worth, everything is as shiny as possible. That's good.

      On the less up-and-up, my iPod's passed on, my desktop no longer burns off DVD's, barely reads the DVD's I already made and no longer powers USB-based items. A little over a week ago I took a trek out to the Apple Store with the express intent of getting a new iPod. Because the new gens ARE PURELY powered by USB I can't replace the old one, and the old one just don't work. Last night my LCD TV went blue. And I mean BLUE. I curled up against Rob, whined like a small child, beat into his chest and got a finger pointed in admonishment from Jake. Thereafter I ate some Ben & Jerry's and all seemed to be right again with the world. Technology has forsaken me!

      On the up-and-up, just because I'm thinking about it, today's Ben Franklin's birthday. I require beer...

      So on to the job front. God-damn-nothing has changed. The attitudes around me still suck. And I'm noticing that, while I can't spell for crap, my grammar sucks and I often fight an uphill battle with the English language--nothing annoys me more than the fact that the pair of them can't seem to speak English. I understand what they're saying but they could phrase things a hell of a lot more professionally. Its all in great part because they don't care anymore. I should probably follow their example and let myself be less bothered by every little thing.

      The boss caught me, well over a week ago, writing my resume on the machine here, which was about an Ex-Lax smooth moment on my part. Well.. I never said I was brilliant. At any rate, a pull-aside and a chit-chat later the boss lays down the probability of a made-for-me promotion. And damn am I getting dash-happy. BUT~! That aside, my excitement ran high, till last week he informed me there's no money in budget for me to be paid more. Pay and responsibilities would make me stick around.. continuing with this level of monotony... not so much. He's still going to try, since, in the meantime we've lost three coworkers and one has stepped down to part time, its all very reasonable they can find the money.

      My woman parts are broken--I'll not elaborate on that too much. And it looks like I'm coming out of a pregnancy scare with most of my sanity in tact.

      Well shit, go me.

      Now, if only I had money, oh, and a working computer, iPod, TV and two more bedrooms in the apartment, I'd be right as rain, man. Oh.. and a new job wouldn't hurt either. Or a car. Or a house of my own. Or a paid-for education at the school of my choosing.. or at least a vacation...

    • Damn it was a good day...

      13 years ago


      I met the boyfriend's father last night, he's high-spirited, fast-paced and absolutely hillarious. And, of course, in meeting the man what helped to create mine, I got a whooooole mess of fantastically awesome dirt. Seems like the more things change the more things *CoughRobhackwheeze!* stay the same. We talked, looked at pictures, ribbed on Rob hardcore and went to Fire and Ice.

      Now, Robert-darling has this tendancy towards heavy disbelief when I tell him a chick's looking at him. Yesterday, he, with girlfriend and father in tow, got blatantly undressed by four seperate pairs of eyes. The grill chef was on the sunny side of overly friendly and our waitress caught his eyes and promptly walked into the coat rack next to him. I WATCHED a petite and all-too-pretty redhead with kohl rimmed eyes give him the once-over and how.. in time for Queen's Somebody To Love to start playing overhead. Glances were exchanged and laughter insued propperly. A good time was had by all, Rob's ego was stroked among friends and family, the grill chef was all sorts of friendly to Jake and he got to eat well, Mr. Bell got to see Junior for the first time in almost two years and meet the first girl Rob'd ever want to bring home... and I got to prove I'm not crazy and that Rob is attractive, weither he likes it or not.

      And when I got home, I spoiled him. He's been damned some patient and helpful so.. what the hell, right? A man could always use a little pampering. So.. I assaulted him. Frequently. He's still good and knocked out, so when he comes to I'll start getting together breakfast for him and Jake and me. After that is hockey practice, I'll probably bring home edibles and get to the laundry thing thereafter. In the meantime while I'm waiting for them all to stir, I'll clean up more so my roommate doesn't have a bird.

      Life rolls on in a positive way, believe it or not. Even if my computer's dying, my iPod bit it, I've got no personal space.. its all about attitude. And the fact that when Rob starts working, he's going to be putting money towards the cable bill so we can watch TV Japan.

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