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    • I stole this from my LJ, its fun..!

      13 years ago


      If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

      When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you. Heh heh.

    • Things To Be Thankful For...

      13 years ago


      A safe landing, early, which was fantastic since there was a screaming baby kicking the back of my seat. In both instances I was all the way in the back end of the plane. Its all well and good being at the tail, but being on a 717, the butt has the engine attached. I like the window seat, when I'm looking at a wing or air. There's something neat about seeing clouds below you, likewise when they're beside you.

      Rob's moving out here within three weeks. In traditional overzealous flair, I managed to quite nearly injure myself by picking through my roommate's Maxim books and find the Stacey Kiebler exercise segments. I worked on my inner thighs. I don't think I've been in such agony in my life. Comparing it to getting my wisdom teeth out, I'd be preferential to the teeth thing. So.. its official that I'm exercising.

      Another thing of interest, I'm joining MIT's Women's Ice Hockey Team. The humor of that is I got an email back just after I'd visited the dentist. I have perfect teeth---for now. Rob was pretty hyped about that, saying that I'm going to sound a lot less like Jessica Rabbit and a lot more like Uncle Cleatus.

      He says he has a hard time with the idea of getting off to a girl with a lisp.

      I suppose that's a valid concern? Snicker. Giggle.

      My brother's car is hot, its a 1973 Datsun 240, I think. And I can never remember if its an X or a Z. Reguardless, dad's realized he needs to start getting rid of shit. He says when he fixes up the Porsche its mine. Nice that, but neither Geoff nor I have the slightest idea how to drive. Might be the task for the new year.

      So.. things are good, even with an empty pantry. Speaking of, I need to go grocery shopping like woah.

      Hope your holiday was guud!

    • Happy Turkey Day~!

      13 years ago


      And greetings from Philadelphia! <3

    • I return.

      13 years ago


      OH WHY OH WHY DID I LEAVE?~!?!?!?!

    • A Taste Of Philadelphia

      13 years ago


      Headded home come odd hours of tomorrow morning. I can say with a certain authority that I am every shade of stoked. It'll be the first time in a good long while I had a real cheesesteak. I have in my head laid out clearly where and when I'll eat, what'll be delivery, who I hope to see and where I need to go. I'll see my brother for the first time since his incident. I'm hoping to get a peek at his car.

      So.. beyond that there's family. I do miss my family, and I like seeing them on the rare occasion that there's not a holiday or obligation tied to it.

      I'll take a peek at the jobs and apartments in the area. Its not to say I don't enjoy the area here, or the people, by far I like the people I've met. But.. 7 out of 10 aren't locals. I'm not so sure many of them intend to stay forever. I think I can count myself in that department as well. Its just an idea I'm kicking around, there are things about Philly that could take an example from up here. The prime example is SEPTA needs to take a good, hard look at MBTA. The accessability of things in Philly are limited, unless you're in the Old City, or South Philly sections. So much of this area is right here, just a quick hop away. Its a seamless system, at least in this immediate area.

      If anyone wants a Tastycake delivery, I'll be your runner. Just gimme the head's up and a mailing address. I may not be on LJ till after I get home, so be good to yourselves, and each other.

      First order of business: Kansas Steaks.

      Much love!

    • There is no "we" in this! :o

      13 years ago


      So I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and do the NaNoWriMo thing all the cool kids are doing. It is not to say that I consider myself profoundly tallented, or even remotely entertaining, but in preparations for things I'd probablty be better off not doing, I thought it'd be good and fun to give myself carpal tunnel. Just for S&G's, you know? I actually think it will be an exercise good and beneficial for me, in that I usually stress and try and be perfectionate, and this is a case where quantity would be the main goal, not quality.

      I discovered reason number 12 I need to lose weight in a dire way, and those who are not already enlightened, there is good and strong reason for that.

      I had tactfully avoided bringing up ( untill just now ) the subject of my brother's assault and battery, the basic jist of it is as follows: Foxy was attacked.. what, at 130 pounds, by a flying fist from effin nowhere. Geoff went after the attacker, then four people piled on him. The whole event hits its creschendo when Donna, a friend of theirs, unleashed a can of mace and sprayed down the assailants. My brother came away mostly unscathed and well humored, with a cracked nose and a shiner. His take was, they couldn't successfully break his nose, betwixt the five of them, so they were a bundle of lamers.

      In retalliation to that, my folks have procured Geoff a car. A two-seater '73 Datsun. Its red. I'm seething with hatred between that and the Alienware computer, but its only something surface-area. I was sweet enough, after I got out my loud and abrupt "ARGH!!" out. At work. I offered Geoff my hand in airbrushing the hood, or doing pinstripes. Perhaps column A and B. Though my love for him as the kind and considerate sister-figure-what-is-a-sister-to-him wobbled some in him throwing out the idea of "Mookie" sketching on his first vehicle. Not that I don't love Mike's work and Mike in that he's my roommie.. but its the principle of family and the like.

      Still waiting to hear about that four hours of oral sex, perhaps I put a little too much stock in a bluff. But at the time, it sounded every shade a good idea.

      I'll still, come hell or high water, be down in PA next weekend. Ultimately it cost more to switch the tickets over than it did to procure them in the first place. This is the part where I grunt and apply my palm evenly to my forehead. Reguardless, its for the better I refused to diet, in that as soon as I get down there, there's a Kansas Steaks' Chicken Parm with Jumbo Ravioli just a-waiting for me.

      Thankfully I unloaded my Spamalot tickets to an ex. Its funny how that seemed to pan out, and I'm every shade of appreciative that the tickets will not go to waste.

      Beyond that, what to say? I have this itching burning desire to see Jarhead, and no love for the idea of seeing it--and subsequently crying--all by my lonesome. An encouraging thing I found out earlier in the week, the Second Run Theater down the street from my apartment's showing 40 Year Old Virgin and The Aristocrats. I smell a double feature coming on LIKE THE VENGANCE!!

      Now that I've recovered from Halloween, its suffice to say I don't get hung over well. Proven Saturday when I woke up at 1pm, to snow outside my window. I yelled and stumbled around the apartment as the brightest shade of white seemed to sear clean through my pupils and into the very depths of my skull.

      Then I went into the livingroom, turned some of the brightness and sound down, and attacked Soul Calibur 3, which has become my anti-drug of choice. Till Karaoke Revolution Party comes out, at least... though if binge drinking is involved, one must ask, can it truly be an anti-drug?

      Tonight, new Zorro movie with Phil. I'm looking foward to the buckling of swash. Hopefully the kid doesn't ruin it, but it could be like the second mummy movie which still retained the cool even with the anklebiter.

    • The Icing on the Proverbial Cake...

      13 years ago


      So first Nick can't make the Spamalot thing. No biggie, whatever, etc.
      Then Drea can't go as she's got an exam to worry about.

      I can't have issue with these things because Nick's obligations are defined and decided by the Air Force. Likewise I can't get peeved with Drea because education is paramount, or whatever the old psa's said. But it goes the further...

      I had this planned to the letter, that I would arrive Thursday, I'd go see the show, head back to a hotel or to a friend's house, and then idle in NYC a couple days to get a much-earned vacation. Because the 10th is my mother's birthday as well, initially I made the offer she come with us. It didn't pan out as at the time dad was on Active Duty and had exhausted his leave. Fine, but it goes the further, my mother offers up that she's "only" my mother and its okay if I don't see her for her birthday.

      Being the child that'd step on the snake trying to bite it, her attempts at guilting me was responded to with a, "Wow, that's a sign of you getting old, ain't it?" I'd pretty much cemented that I had to come see her. So I book a bus to NYC, a couple days later I book a bus to PA. Then I reserved my flight back from Philly that sunday, after spending a night and most of the day with my folks.

      I should've seen the domino's fall in that everything in the meantime went kaboom. Expenses mounted with the death of my fridge. My illpreparedness for last year's winter had me a little apprehensive for this year, so I got gear that'd be better fit for the conditions approaching. But its alright, I can at worst case scenario extend my credit limit and hold my breath till January.

      I just hung up with my mother, after buying tickets for show, plane and train, she's going to New Orleans with dad for her birthday.

      All that fucking planning for naught.


    • Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman...

      13 years ago


      My refridgerator, as you may recall, is deceased. Deeply so. There's no reanimating this sunnovabitch. We're supposed to get the compressor replaced--supposed to as in well, god only knows. To say the situation has been exhasperating is the understatement of the year. While I live and breathe hyperbole, what I'm about to tell you has minimal embelishment, in that I do not think my story needs umph nor cajones more than it already has. I'm at a loss for build up and anticipation---so now I'll give it to you straight.

      It has been a solid two weeks and two days since we'd had a working fridge. In the confusion, confoundment and complication of it all my Irish got up good and high and my temper flared. To offset this development--and to add to my debt incurred by all this kentucky-fried bullshit, I purchased a pair of betta fish, appropriately enough named after some characters in a story Rob compiled. I figured if it worked for Sims anxiety, it'd probably work real well for me.

      So let me backtrack some to the angst and annoyance part. While I've had no access to fresh foods, or a place in which to hold my leftovers I'd been indulging hard and heavy on the Super Sized lifestyle. Expensive as it is, its inexpensive when put against places like Whole Foods and Au Bon Pain. And believe me when I say there's only so much ramen one can consume, and that'd been exhausted the second or third time the fridge crapped out with the vengance.

      It'd been a song and dance number, coming to full fruition when I shut the door not so subtilly when my landlord offered a fidgety and half-hearted appology for digging his heels in and taking so long to repair his obligation.

      It becomes embarassingly apparent this man can't manage his money. And to be frank, a lot of men I find cannot.

      And that is a character flaw that would be acceptable.. if $300 wouldn't break him. Reading into that, him offering an aside that he'd blown up a radiator last year, and his general inaccessability when the shit hits the fan, its something I can't tolerate or shrug off.

      I have this nagging feeling in my expanding gut that when something severe goes wrong, we're up a creek. And since I barely had fundage enough to cover the added expenses of food, I can safely say a hotel room because the roof caved in during a blizzard is not any shade of affordable.

      In the middle of all this brewing bull, I purchased the necessities for surviving in the wilds up here. Or rather, to survive a Boston-area rainstorm. I went to Burlington Coat Factory which may well becalled "The only place Meil shops" in that its cheap, easily accessable.. and did I mention cheap? I'd call it my happy place were it not for the fact I grabbed a pair Large Ladies' Snowpants.. and could not stuff myself into them.

      A lifetime of being medium, and I was now too large for large.

      Internally, I cry. A lot.

      In my hunt for a new apartment I stumble across this:

    • I'm doing it too! SO THERE!!

      13 years ago


      1.Your Full Name:

      2. Age:

      3. Fave Color:

      4. Fave Movie:

      5. Fave Song:

      6. Fave Band:

      7. Most Embarassing Moment:

      8. Are you a virgin?

      HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...

      1. Are we friends?

      2. Do you have a crush/attracted to me?

      3. Would you kiss me?

      4. ...with tongue?

      5. Would you enjoy it?

      6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I ask you out?

      7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater?

      8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:

      9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?

      10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?

      11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?

      12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?

      13. Do you think I'm a good person?

      14. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)?

      15.Do you think I'm Hot?

      16. Would you call me just because?

      17. Would you ever listen to my problems even if they dont involve you?

      18. If you could change anything about me, would you?

      19.Would you have sex with me?

      20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?

      21. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?

    • Musings and ramblings.

      13 years ago


      I sort of have to recind a little on my last entry. I'm not happy that Tessa is miserable, or rather I wish I wasn't. She seems like a nice enough person, but as I told Rob when I got in my very deranged head that I wanted to appologize to her, she's not my favorite person but that doesn't mean she ain't a human and that she don't have feelings. So I'm feeling like a heel that it's done, but I'm really happy that Rob gets to keep her as a friend. that ment a lot to him. They're going to the movies so its all good.

      I don't really know where my head's at right now. I get a bit of PMS, I won't lie, and its usually in the form of a big ball of self-loathing, followed by the need to be held, cuddled, and a few gallons of obscenely expensive ice cream.

      Point of interest, I'm screwed out of the ice cream due to the fourth death of my refridgerator-freezer combo.

      I am a woman on edge.

      There are other things that factor into my state of awkward "eeeeEEEEEeeeehhh"-ness, a heavy contribution could be dedicated to the weight I've juggled quite sloppily, one handed, since I'd arrived here. Clothes don't fit as they should, my skin is horrid--and that is a sure sign the crimson wave approaches--I'm no further in the red, but that means I am no closer to the black. Inevitable as it is, it looks probable I'll hike my credit limit in the near future, just to make sure that X-Mas doesn't kill me.

      I've got a little orange book I keep in my pocket now, and I fill it full of ideas to make me a less self-defacing person. The things I would want to do, things I would need to do and all the things that get me to the points in between. Obligations, aspirations and things that come to mind every so often.

      And there are common sense things: To beautify myself, I ought to take care of my skin, eat right, brush my teeth at least twice a day, wash my face at least twice a day. Maybe a little less beer would help. Maybe a little less misdirected anger would help.

      So there are other avenues I'm considering taking on this self-improvement kick. For one, I think I can get out a lot more frustrations with a heavy-duty inflatable punching bag. And honestly, I believe I would do even better if I have a sturdy, imported Wu Shu doll, and perhaps a little instruction behind it. As such, with the Wu Shu dummy, I can not only channel out my negative energy, but scare the everlovin' crap out of everyone I know in one foul swoop!

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