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    • On learning tact...

      14 years ago


      So its become apparent to me that I am a raging bunghole. Well.. let me backtrack. I've never claimed to be a saint nor a particularly kind individual. I have an Irish temper and am not so gifted with their tolerance. So.. long story short, the spats that ended my most recent relationship keep on keeping on, and its really me that's pushing it.

      So.. because he still very much matters to me. So, because I'm still very fond of him.. y'see, most people have this safety. Or, at least, this voice in the back of their head, or even a cricket that sits on their shoulder. At any length, this little voice becomes the sound of common sense. To put it lightly and glaze it over, I have an exceedingly masculine, short and rough temper. Couple that with a female's expectations and I'm deciding I should remove myself from the dating population at large for a little while.

      I'm trying to be nice, but a lot of the damage is done. Which is icky, to say the least. He wants to be friends. Because ages ago we were. So.. why should it be hard to revert now? Well.. where do you want me to start. Suddenly I feel I've gotten the bronze medal--granted, its mostly somewhat my fault but.. He told me its on me now. I'm supposed to earn back the trust and respect, etc etc.

      So.. first lesson of learning patience and what to and not to say seems to involve a lot of biting on your knuckles. Litterally. Its the only way to still myself other than maybe sewing hand and mouth shut. There was a point where my blunt nature was attractive. Now its outlived its welcome.

      I'm writing him a letter, snail-mail style.. no more appologies because that gets tired. Just.. honest to god trying.

    • Done and Over With...

      14 years ago


      If you haven't seen Batman then you're a stinky, stinky poo head. So.. go see a great film and we can still be friends!

      Kinda want to see the new George Romero movies, but I don't do horror flicks without a man to cling to. Kinda hard to do that now. But other than that.. It'll be September before another movie I HAVE TO SEE comes out.

      And that movie.. 's called Serenity.

    • Home Away From Home..

      14 years ago


      I arrived in one piece, for the most part. Got to love it, the day after graduation a buddy of mine got kicked out of his house. In the same sitting just.. there was a ration of crap all around. Including that I think I got dumped but I'm not quite sure.

      It makes less sense to explain than is worth.

      However on the plus, mom was ever so kind as to give me dinner for when I get home. I was worried TSA would pull me off the plane and grill me for answers about the insulated foil bag I was carrying my grub in ( one of those hot/cold bags y'know? ). Let it be known, nothing is quite so wonderful as mom's potato salad. Nothing quite like a taste of home.

      There's a greatness to being home.. and not having a holiday or some ridiculious obligation hanging over one's head. And more.. THERE ARE KITTENS! EVERYWHERE! I love kittens!

      Back to the grind.. if I had two braincells to rub together, I'd take an extra day off to shake off the airport ick from myself. The ride to was delayed, the ride home was fabulous. Till I got the train to go home, which stopped at Maverick and was boarded by the transportation cops. They yanked this poor Asian kid sitting next to me out of the train and yanked his passport before we were allowed to move.. It was bizarre.

      Then tomorrow.. back to MIT.

    • Another Break In The Pattern.

      14 years ago


      Its not usual of me to spit and hiss about my personal life here, that's the purpose of MySpace and LiveJournal respectively but.. this afternoon I'm boarding a plane bound for Philadelphia. The cheesesteaks won't taste as.. ah.. stakey. The tastykakes will be less.. tasty? I had the be-all-end-all of spats with the man and I can safely say I really do have an Irish temper.

      And its childish.

      Er...but that's not me saying I'm sorry. Directly. Well.. he ain't gunna read this anyway.

      God, I can't wait to eat meat again. This poverty thing is better for the socially and economically considerate. People of principle. People who don't WANT to eat meat.

    • At your behest...

      14 years ago


      Geting to know me


      Name: Amelia Bain Miller
      Birth date: September 19th, 1982.
      Birth place: Sharon Hill, PA.
      Current Location: Somerville, MA.
      Hair Color: Copper-brown.
      Righty or Lefty: Righty.


      Your heritage: Welsh, Canadian-Indian, French, German, Scottish, English...
      Shoes you wore today: Ain't put nothing on my feet yet.
      Your weakness: Thinking too damned much.
      Your fears: Dying without accomplishing the things I feel are necessary to me.
      Your perfect pizza: Hmn.. its a mood thing, but the last best pizza I had was a New Orleans one with sausages.
      Goal you'd like to achieve: Get an education paying the minimal amount feasible.


      Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN: "Que pasa?"
      Your thoughts first waking up: Grunt. I litterally think grunt.
      Your best physical feature: I like my back.
      Your bedtime: Usually at 9.
      Your most missed memory: having someone to wake up to, even if he doesn't say nothin' at all..


      Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
      McDonald's or Burger King: Its kind of a tie.. I like both their chicken sandwiches, BK has superior fries to go with theirs.
      Single or group dates: Single, I guess. I don't really group date.
      Adidas or Nike: Adidas. I fucking love my sneaks. The arch support is superior.
      Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea, you can get it unsweetened.
      Chocolate or vanilla: If its ice cream, vanilla. Otherwise the point goes to chocolate.
      Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino.


      Smoke: I smoke but I don't inhale. Litterally, I'll treat a cigarette like a cigar. I only do it if I'm super stressed.
      Cuss: Constantly.
      Single: Do I single..? I guess technically...?
      Take a shower: Absolutely, its what wakes me up in the morning.
      Have a crush: Yeah.
      Think you've been in love: Yeah, I know I am.. and it bites.
      Liked high school: Oh god no. It was hell. Pure unadulterated hell.
      Want to get married: In eventuality.
      Believe in yourself: Once in a while.
      Get motion sickness: Not usually.
      Think you're attractive: I guess I'm aaite.
      Think you're a health freak: Sweet Jesus no. I'd be doing my homestate a disservice.
      Get along with your parents: When I'm not near them...
      Like thunderstorms: They're nicer back in PA, this apartment's window is on the street so all I see is the lightening, hard to sleep with blue-white piercing through my blinds.


      Drank alcohol: Yup.
      Gone on a date: Nope.
      Gone to the mall: Nope.
      Been on stage: No.
      Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No.
      Eaten sushi: Yeah.
      Been dumped: Not in so many words..
      Gone skating: No.
      Gone skinny dipping: Nope, though it sounds right tempting.
      Stolen anything: Noper.

      (Keep in mind that’s only in the past month)


      Played a game that required removal of clothing: Noper.
      Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Oh god yes.
      Been caught "doing something": Yeah. My ex's best friend kind of invited himself over his house, ran down the stairs and caught the withdrawl. So we weren't in the act, but I didn't have a stitch of clothes on.
      Been called a tease: Naturally.
      Gotten beaten up: No, not really.


      Age you hope to be married: It'd be stupid to have a set age but.. Maybe in five, six years.
      Number of Children: No more than three.
      How do you want to die: Either in a blaze of glory, protecting someone.. or in my sleep, peacably so noone worries.
      What do you want to be when you grow up: Well paid, with minimal work involved, doing something I'm good at and enjoy.


      Best eye color?: Don't matter.. but hazel or green are nice.
      Best hair color?: Doesn't even matter if they have hair.
      Short or long hair: See above.
      Height: I'm not adverse to shorter guys. So.. anywhere from 5'2" to say 6'6", I had a crush on a guy that was 6'8" but we just looked odd together.
      Best first date location: I'm always up for dinner and a movie.
      Best first kiss location: As in where on the body...? Oh ho ho!


      Number of people I could trust with my life: Hmn.. 9.
      Number of CD's I own: Dunno, I don't really buy cds because I never like a whole album. Maybe 24.
      Number of piercings: Two. Each ear.
      Number of tattoos: None.
      Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper? Hmn.. there was.. maybe two or three times. All when I was younger.

    • If You Can't Take The Heat...!

      14 years ago


      Its not quite sweltering but its about gettin' there. Its nice in its own right, or would be, if my summer time clothes weren't still in good ol' PA. I went so far as to get the summertime essentials; sunglasses, flip-flops and sunblock.

      Its much to my chagrin that I inherited more the white genes than the alternative. My mother's side of the family is largely Native American, she herself is on the darker side of the skintone spectrum, my brother a close second and capable of getting one hell of a bronze tan. Me? I burn to the third degree in what has to be Guinness Records' time, and all too recently I got sunburnt sitting in my cubicle.

      In. My. Cubicle.

      That I even ventured out today speaks mountains, and I think since my little brother's graduation is coming up ( it is, quite naturally, outdoors and will take about as long as major surgery ) I should get a good burn and peel out of the way and avoid agony in Philadelphia. That.. would be the smart thing to do... The sad part is I really love this weather.

    • Hi, Remember Me..?

      14 years ago


      I have to admit, I've been shying away from this site far too much for comfort. Now I've decided to do the juggling act of your average run-of-the-mill camwhore, MySpace, Friendster, Live Journal and more.

      Suddenly RvB takes the backburner.

      But actually, y'all are more entertaining than the usual suspects elsewhere. And suddenly it also dawns upon me that, particularly of Friendster and MySpace, these are schmucks I already know.

      I'll get working on hilarious misadventures, those are always good.

    • I Have A Cunning Plan...!

      14 years ago


      Anyone in the Boston area looking to go see Sin City as soon as humanly possible!?

      Yeah. I'm among that group. Which means one of two things: I either, desperately need to get laid, or am that much of an energetic comic-to-film fan doe-eyed and hopeful this is going ot be every bit as cool as I anticipate.


      Noone's getting together with me to see it. I don't want to be the last person in the theater and I run with a crowd known for their spoilers ( not that I haven't read at least one of the novels but still! ) Soooo....

      Anyone feel like doing a Thursday Midnight showing of Sin City?

      If it helps the cause, I am willing to wear something small. Anything further requests I may negotiate.

    • She lives on..

      14 years ago


      Believe it or not ( and my spelling errors to come may sound it for you ), I'm good and buzzed right now. If anything, I qualify for the world's weakest lightweight, clocking in at over a buck-and-a-half, for the love of god I should be able to finish at least a beer without falling into a hysterical fit of giggles and gushing my childhood as though it were a fashionable accessory to drinking conversation.

      Still, I think Ben Franklin was half right with a former statement, he just was missing one piece of the puzzle. If there is a god, he loves us. Otherwise how would one explain pizza and beer? They go together so naturally, carbs and more carbs, lacking in any solid nutritional value yet tasting so sinful.. I'm going off on a rant from which I'm not sure I'll sensibly return.

      I procured a job at the very infamous M.I.T. Ironically its not that infamous because in my gloating, half my former cohorts from places afar had no idea of the existance of the school let alone understand the signifigance of it. Call me superficial, but being a high school graduate with some position of authority in a collegic environment grants me a lot of dick-wagging rights, even if I lack a unit of which to do so. I'm fully prepared to take advantage of the education benefits, thus thereafter I plan to study to become a professor at Sloan.

      The intention in full is as follows. When I'm in a position of authority I will screw big business before it has ample opportunity to do so to me. I'll date my students, wear power suits and heels that'll put the fear of god in the eighteen-to-twenty crowd of future. Then, after practicing and cultivating only the best specimines will I finally settle down with the impending ruler of the new world. Or rather, the figurehead I pick best for the role.

      But, till then, I've got to send in my check so I can learn trapeze next month sometime. I'm more than a little stoked about that even if I lack sufficient armstrength.

    • Grunt and grunt s'more...

      14 years ago


      This weather is on the sunny side of ridiculous.. I mean I know I'm a New England resident now but still! The best part is I gotta garb up and go to work because if I don't show, I don't at all get paid. Joy. Who on EARTH would but art supplies today in like 2 feet of snow?!

      ( That's an invite for someone to come in and entertain me... )

      In other news this is quite fitting, I scored a job at MIT which I won't start till the 7th, still contemplating the proper way to celebrate.. any suggestions to the residential types would be greatly appreciated!

      ...I need a new picture, I have so much more hair than that now, just a casual random third-thing-in-the-morning observation.

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