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      Hello fellow guildmates and inebriates, Fortinbras here.

      Not sure if this is the best place to notify people of some pending time off, but I am (unwillingly) having to take some time off but hopefully I will be back on before the end of the weekend. Last night it seemed my PC was having trouble loading areas in the game; players, NPCs, interactive items, nothing was showing up on my screen. Textures were also not loading beyond the base level and my character couldn't move beyond where he was placed after I used a flashpoint shuttle and showed up on the Telos. I'm fairly certain all that has nothing to do with why my PC is dead right now, but that's where I was when everything locked up.

      I believe it's a hardware problem because I ran into the same thing, but not as bad, just before SWTOR came out. It started with my computer locking up at either shut down or when I would try to boot up a game after taking a break and logging out for a bit. But when I would go to restart, my computer would get stuck on the windows 7 "starting windows" screen and the Microsoft logo would never come up. I was able to troubleshoot and try some stuff I found online last time and it seemed to work but now when I try to boot up, I get stuck on a blank screen and can't even boot to safe mode.

      My guess, since I can still get to my bios screen/settings is that the problem is just with the harddrive. When I built the PC a few months ago, a coworker gave me his old PC he built that was several years old and he could never get to work. The only things I was able to salvage were his case and harddrive, so everything else is relatively new. Hopefully replacing the harddrive is all I will need to do and then I can enjoy sitting in front of my computer to wait for the 20+ gig download to finish so I can play SWTOR again. I'm slightly regretting buying the digital version right now. Luckily, I didn't have much besides a few games on the computer so I'll just need to download Steam and then the games again and I will be back to where I was before.

      If anyone has any advice that might solve this, then I would greatly appreciate it. And since I never had to spend the money on a case for the initial build I think I might replace that as well, since the current one is pretty cramped, so I'd love to hear what y'all would recommend.

      Hope to see y'all online soon and back to leveling towards 50 soon. (Especially since I was so close to hitting lvl 38 when this happened)

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    • Rise of the Rakghouls

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      Just saw this trailer for SWTOR's first major content update:

      Quite possibly my most hated enemy in both KOTOR and SWTOR, why did it have to be rakghouls? Also, anyone else get the feeling that they are trying to make rakghouls the Star Wars equivalent of zombies?

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    • 2019 years ago

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