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    • Re: WTF?

      10 years ago


      Not that I care or anything, but I just feel need to share the drama going on over at Craigslist [tv video radio jobs] here in Toronto. This one production company is getting ripped a new one one smiley4.gif . The production company in questions is Reingar Productions.

      Toronto Community members are absolutely having a field day with their postings. I present to you some of the juiciest and colourful reply postings:

      RE: Freelance EDITOR Needed (Toronto)
      Hilarious! That guy deserved to get ripped a new one. Dude, what are you thinking with that website. That is the single worst website I've ever seen. You should be begging people to work with you... I don't think you have a clue what you're doing.
      RE: RE: Freelance EDITOR Needed
      Wow, such a boastful website BUT NO CLIENTS, NO REAL WORK AND NO PORTFOLIO
      You need to write an ad with more humility...in keeping with your own status--learning and building a demo reel.
      RE: Freelance Editor (Toronto)
      Mr. Reingar,
      I suggest you take the $3,000 you would put towards your RED Scarlet and pay it to an editor on craiglist who would in turn supply you with a half-functioning demo reel. I don't know who in their right mind would work with you after viewing that travesty.
      Best of luck to you and Reingar Productions. Hope you come to your senses.

      This one probably isn't directed toward the production company mentioned. It seems some small production company bought a RED camera and forgot to budget VFX money smiley5.gif

      RE:Visual Effects Artists Required (toronto)
      VFX are always the first to get f'ed over.
      You should not of shot on red if you couldn't afford to pay us, VFX are a bigger part of production now, so it is time for this shit to end.
      Do you know what kind of hardware it takes to work with 4K footage????
      Nobody respond to this ad...If you are a student then there are a lot more acredited interships available, rather then working like a slave for assholes like this.
      get some textbooks, a computer, software and do the 3+ months work your fucking self.

      It's a vicious world out there alright. smiley5.gif

    • A Fresh Pair of New Underwear

      10 years ago


      Hey, that rhymes smiley1.gif

      New Site Layout
      I like the new layout and not because it's RT and everything they pull out of their butts is gold, but because in 2006 at RvBTO they showed a different beta model. I honestly thought the design they showed in 2006 was - for the lack of a better word - cumbersome. Too many widgets, move around fields, and mechanical looking. Event beta testing the 2006 model was just a drizzled fizzle. Read me loud and clear? Rizzle my Nizzle? This new layout is essentially like the classic, but coated in honey and nuts. if you're allergic to nuts, then... Ham? Honey'd Ham? smiley4.gif

      So bravo for RT keeping the unbroken things yet unbroken and making the place more clean and navigable. Yay!

      Hear me, Read me
      Speaking of rhyme I have some poetry to share. I'm mostly on and off with my poetry writing. The last thing I wrote was about a box that held my headset when I was working customer service. Unfortunately, that was when the RT website crashed and Gus was unable to recover a couple days worth of journals and information. My poetry journal about my headset box being one of the things lost forever smiley2.gif

      Fortunately, I drew some inspiration from the photographs I took this weekend. Some of these have no structure, but some with read with a rhythm:
      Constant Focus
      and one from work yesterday:
      I'm constantly changing these poems. For some reason it takes a couple of reads for me to get the a mental meter.
      I have an RvB:Rec inspired one in the works. I'll probably post that later on in the week. smiley0.gif

      Freelance work is srs bsns
      Unfortunately, I'm not seeing much bsns. The company I mainly freelance with hardly calls. I've been sending out CV's left and right, but no call backs or e-mails.

      At this point, I'm highly considering going back into acting, because I landed almost every gig I auditioned back when I was in High School, but the agency I worked with went bankrupt. Distraught and a quick distrust in agencies deflated my acting career then and there.

      I have a Dramatic Arts Major background, I might as well put that to use. All I need to do is find a headshot photographer and a legit agency. Let do it! smiley0.gif

    • Spoiled Generation

      10 years ago


      Yesterday, I went on a walk around my neighbourhood to find things of interest and to build my portfolio. The final tally count of pictures I took? Around 230 [TA-DA!]. From the 230 pictures I took I only kept seven pictures. Seven! Can you imagine what 230 images could relate to in terms of rolls of film? I really can't imagine how much money film photographers put into their trade on film alone. The camera is expensive enough! The one thing I can say about film I've done was print my own photographs. I took a class in high school, but that was a long time ago.

      I can probably say the same thing about DV. I never worked on a 35mm, Super8 and the such. I've only been trained in DV. I don't know what it's like to cut film and edit actual film. I've only been trained in DV.

      I guess I shouldn't complain much, because most jobs here in Toronto are in the digital realm. I just can't stop thinking about how much has lead up to this point. If it wasn't for digital media... Yeah, I don't even want to think about it. smiley8.gif

    • BedBugs

      10 years ago

      Make It Interesting: You can take anything you want, as long as it's one subject only. Could be a person, a thing, animal, tree, you name it.

      My niece has this little toy I just had to use for this project:
      Bedbugs MMI

    • Double Trouble

      10 years ago


      smiley9.gifFamily Daze(Full HD) smiley9.gif

      smiley9.gifScarborough Sounds (Full HD) smiley9.gif

      Whelp, I think that about does it for my tests. I love my new camera!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    • HDV20 - Take 2

      10 years ago


      Okay, they fixed the problem over at Vimeo.


      Check out the video here

    • HDV20 Test

      10 years ago


      Hung out with BNJ yesterday night. We played some Rock Band and went over to Harvey's. Poutine anyone? smiley4.gif

      I also had a chance to test out my new camera in Cinema/HDV mode. This is one awesome consumer product that allows me to play with shutter speed, iris, and even MF (manual focus). The only quip I have is that there's no dedicated button or switch for the SS and iris. Some of these functions need to be accessed through the joystick. Probably going to be a while before I master that, lol. The MF on the other hand has a wheel, but it's tiny. I sometimes fear ruining a shot when I turn the focus wheel, because I may be nudging the camera doing so. On the plus side, CMOS is a nice little substitute to 3CCD.

      I think it's safe to say my videos have finally gone HD. smiley0.gif If I could get a second one of these I would! Filming RvBTO2009 would be such a breeze and cost effective for me. smiley0.gif

      Check out the test footage here

      Dammit, I fix! I fix in a moment!

      Nvm! there is a problem with the Vimeo server. They say it'll be fixed by this afternoon smiley3.gif

    • Vegas Baby, Yeah!

      10 years ago


      Finally some power with use of little resources.

      It's going to be a while before I get my dream workstation and camera.

      I bought a Canon HV20 after watching this demo and another like it.

      For the past three years I was using Magix Deluxe 2.0 for most of the videos I made from home. Yesterday I bought Vegas Platinum 9.0. Today, I managed to test edit with some footage I've been meaning to edit.

      Back in August 2006, BNJ, Ele and I took cardboard Gene (thejewman) around the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). I had the footage on my computer, but never really had the chance to edit it, because Magix Deluxe 2.0 sucks major balls. It just ate up major resources on my current computer. Vegas just improved all the faults I had with Magix. I'm still learning the program, but I have to say it's is superior to what I was using smiley0.gif Vegas has a direct upload to Youtube program... I'm never using it again. Quality is horrible! smiley4.gif

      Without further ado I give you: Gene Having a Wonderful Time

    • PG Porn

      10 years ago


      What do Nathan Fillion and Aria Giovanni have in common?

      Nothing, but this is funny!

    • I loves me some Rock Band 2

      10 years ago


      Choppn' the chops

      Jeskid singing and I assure you the controller was on vibrate :P

      Drumming drumming drumming!

      Erica singing and the controller... is in a weird location again. smiley4.gif

      Gimmie somma dat bass!!

      Aaron's (Anomalous) first time playing Rock Band Drums. He had me on bass drum detail. (if you look closely, you can see the pedal rested against my thigh.. oh, and Casey [churcheswife] sneaking up behind me.)

      oh and DbP rocked!

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