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    • Remember America

      10 years ago


      You have a two party system.

      This or that.

      Black or white.

      God Bless, our two party system

      Sarcasm aside:
      After the events of a non-vote for the bailout it seems the two major candidates have something more in common.

      I was actually all for the bailout, because I wanted to purchase your money at a reasonable exchange rate before I go to NYC tomorrow. :P

      P.s. Thanks Gus for the sponsorship! You Rock!

    • No Bullshit

      10 years ago


      You Broke it
      You Brought it
      No Bailout!

      Possibly the most catchy protest chant ever

    • K...

      10 years ago


      1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
      2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture of you in the moment... that means now or at least immediately following the closing of this journal entry.
      3. Post that picture with absolutely NO editing.
      4. Post these exact instructions with your picture should you choose to take part in this particular photo journal "trend"... seriously, get to it; no excuses. Let's have fun with this. Jim smells bad. And Moe has bad breath. Ed needs to go on the Subway diet.


    • Smudge

      10 years ago


      I picked up my passport today. I look like shit in the picture. I shrugged when I got the pictures from Black's and said, "Meh, it's a passport" *Sigh* But, why did the passport workers use the smudged one? I was hoping they weren't going to use that one, but, yeah, now I look like I have teal eyeshadow around my eyes. Instead of looking plainly like shit. I look Fabulously shit.

      Change of plans with travel
      I'm taking the train to NYC and then taking a plane back from NYC to Toronto. I read Google News everyday and when I read Air Canada dropped their fuel charges for the Fall/Winter season I thought I'd check it out. A flight back to Toronto from NYC is $135 (taxes and surcharges included)? W00t! It's $34 more than if I went back to Toronto by train, but if I can get home in an hour and a half as opposed to a 13h train ride, then heck yeah I'll pay the extra $34!

      A Virgin Airline Passenger
      I've never traveled by plane before. I checked the seating layout of the plane and it's much smaller than a normal commercial plane. There's no middle row and only nine seats in the executive section at the front of the plane. Thankfully, I had the chance to choose my seat. I'm one row behind the seats in front of the exits. When shit goes down, I'll either be sucked out first or be one of the first ones to evacuate.

    • Downtime

      10 years ago


      Worked a good solid four weeks :). I have nothing scheduled this week. Trying to find more work with other networks or internally.

      I found a couple of cassette tapes and cds of mine in the crawl space of my house. It's almost as if I just cracked open a 90s time capsule. I looked at the small collection and tried to remember back which albums I could listen through from beginning to end:

      Nirvana - Nevermind (1991) CD bought it in 1997
      (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995) Cassette
      Foo Fighters - The Colour and The Shape (1997) Cassette
      Weird Al - Bad Hair Day (1996) CD
      Our Lady Peace - Clumsy (1997) Cassette
      Garbage - Version 2.0 (1998) Cassette
      Finger Eleven - Tip (1998) CD

      Post-90s albums I would add to my list:
      Queens of the Stone Age - Song for the Deaf (2002) CD
      White Stripes - Elephant (2003) CD
      Wolfmother (2006) CD
      Flight of the Conchords (2008) iTunes

      I wonder what next decade will bring!

    • Heroes!

      10 years ago


      Two hours of awesomeness!

      Sylar is Peter and Nathan's Brother!? FTW!?

      Off to watch last week's episode of House :)

    • DX...URGHH!!

      11 years ago


      I dunno why I didn't make a journal about this earlier, but here goes.

      Back in the day - late 90s to be exact (the 56k era) - when I was a young lad, I had a severe crush on Lacey Chabert. I think it was the only reason I watched Party of Five (Yeah! I know... don't remind me... Neve Campbell was the reason to watch the show ;P).

      So what does this have to do with anything? Well, I bought some DVDs when I went to the Canadian National Exhibition in August:

      Gangster No.1
      Quiz Show
      Raging Bull
      The Producers
      and Bubba Ho Tep

      $20 for five DVDs? How could I resist!? The added bonus was that the purchase of five DVDs granted me a copy of Lost in Space for free. Just imagine my glee for a moment. I remember enjoying the film as a young lad when it came out in the cinema, but probably for the reason that Lacey was in the film.

      I come home from a nice day at The Exhibition and decided to crack into the DVDs.

      'What to watch?' I ask myself.

      My sister, with child in arm, looks through what I bought and she takes a look at the DVDs and she belts out, "Ohh! Lost in Space."

      "I know! Remember when we used to watch this ten years ago?" I said.

      "Let's watch it!" she said gleefully as she held her daughter in one hand and handed me the DVD with the other.

      Obviously I complied, because I wanted to relive that day I enjoyed the movie. I popped the DVD into my 360 and waited for the menu screen to pop up so I can play the movie.

      My sister knew too well of my Lacey Chabert crush she poked fun at me each time she was on screen saying things like 'Hey Joe, look who it is' or 'Man, her voice is too annoying' or 'she looks weird how could you like her'.

      My response was, 'I was young [14 to be exact]! She's gotten a lot hotter now... Shut up!"

      Five minutes into the film I sat there in disgust. I think to myself, 'This is not the movie I remembered back in the day... WTF happened?'

      I remember at the time I got the DVDs I talked with BNJ about how I liked the film as a youngn' and how bad the film did at the box office when it was released. We both agreed prior to watching it again that we liked the film. Now, about ten minutes into the film, I wanted to gouge my eyeballs with a blunt, rusty object. It was horrible! The beginning action scene was so dead-pan that you could fry an egg on Matt LeBlanc's face. Don't even get me started with the dialogue! Let's just say that my cat can write better material. The action sequence in the abandoned ship with all the spiders? HA! My sister left at this point, because she was bored out of her mind! Like a trooper I trudged on, but I it didn't last long. I stopped the movie when Penny named the weird alien creature 'Blaarp'.

      I got up, walked away, burned all my clothes and took a cold shower because I felt dirty.

      Hah, well I did everything, but the burning of clothes and cold shower. I just wanted to add some drama to this horrifying scene. The only thing I could think of now is, 'What other movies I watched in my early teens will I hate now as much as I do with Lost in Space?'

      What's yours?

    • Tina Fey = Hot

      11 years ago


      Therefore, Sarah Palin = Hot

      The math adds up: Tina Fey as Palin

      Now, I'm not American, but if I were I would vote for neither the Democrats nor the Republicans. Your two party system confuses me [It's a black and white debate - I don't mean in terms of race, but in terms of a metaphorical Good vs Evil battle]. I have to deal with five major parties here in Canada (Bloc Quebecois, New Democrat Party, Liberal, Progressive Conservative and Green Party) for our coming election. smiley4.gif Our political system isn't really simplified like the USA. We have a bit of gray within the black and white, but even the addition of these grays don't amount to anything. You can say that it's been more of a black and white debate between the Liberals and the PC, while the NDP is like the sideline contender. The Green Party and The Bloc just watch.

      I guess my support will be for the other political parties:
      Marijuana Party
      Canadian Clean Start Party
      Libertarian Party of Canada
      Communist Party of Canada
      Western Canada Concept Party
      Marxist - Lenninist Party of Canada
      Canadian Action Party
      Rhinoceros Party of Canada
      Canadian Confederation of Regions Party
      Socialist Party of Canada
      Christian Heritage Party of Canada, Homepage

      Dude, the Rhinoceros Party sound fucking kick ass! smiley8.gif Imagine their campaign event where everyone wears a rhinoceros horn smiley4.gif Fucking Awesome!

    • LHC could be disasterous...

      11 years ago


      If dipshit hackers are stupid enough to mess with LHC systems.

      Protest is one thing, but to mess with CERN's systems controlling the LHC doesn't help your cause! A lack of common sense can kill. Idiots!

    • Passport'd

      11 years ago


      So I finally mustered all the energy I had to fill out all the fucking passport forms, get my photos [I look horrible in them btw] and to top it all off go to the passport office. And to think, in five years, I'll have to do this shit again, lol. I chose to pick up my passport on Sept 25th, because mail would mean a 50/50 chance of me getting it before I go to NYC. The one thing I didn't get was why they charge $10 extra for me to pick up. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Wtf, am I paying for the person to be there at pick-up counter? What about the dude or gal that has to mail passports out to people? What do they get? A pat on the back... I guess.

      So now that I have a passport, I can finally get off this lonely continent. Yeah I know there are other countries in N.A., but Canada, USA and Mexico are the biggest with opens spaces. It's easy to feel lonely. I want to experience and freak out like a fish out of water. Seriously, I'll go to France if I have to smiley6.gif . Oh well, I hope I'll be able travel in the near future - hopefully soon.

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