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      RWBY - Theories

      Before I start, I'm going to make it clear that these are evolving theories, as each decision creates a new potential outcome. Anything not clearly outlined below is a matter of speculation on my part based upon deductive reasoning and a thorough analysis of the various characters that are involved in these theories.

      Some of my theories are more in-depth than others, but that's the result of a greater deal of information to work with.

      Another thing to note, is a disregard of common perception of 'Good' and 'Evil'. The world of Remnant is NOT Black & White on this, much how our own world too, is more shades of grey. Such terms as Good and Evil are subjective, yet commonly accepted to have a certain meaning.

      Lastly, these theories are NOT meant to support ANY 'ships' as most of this fanbase call them. These theories are based on confirmed facts from the show [canon elements], and my own deductive reasoning. They ARE open to debate and discussion, but only to those who intend to engage in discussions relating to actual theories regarding the show.

      ------------------------------------THEORY 1--------------------------------

      ==Cinder Fall; Redemption==

      Cinder Fall will betray Salem, supported by Mercury and Emerald. She will take action to aid Team RWBY & Friends against Salem and will end up being instrumental to their success and survival.


      Even since the beginning of the show, it is clear that Cinder [who is not much older than most of team RWBY], is not a villain, even if her present role in the story is as an antagonist.

      If you take the time to look deeper you'll see this for yourself as well. Keep in mind though, we have discarded the concepts of 'Good' and 'Evil' for these theories, and they will only be used when describing actions.

      There is plenty of foreshadowing that points in this direction, as well; however the few key elements of this theory have yet to happen in the show, and they will not be happening for quite some time.

      The Fall Maiden is tied to the Gift of Choice. This was recently confirmed, and adds an extra layer to this theory, even though I'd already considered this 'Gift' as one of the keys, without tying it to Cinder herself. Specifically, how each character will end up being presented with a major choice that will influence the end result of this theory. For this theory, I am following the scenario that after the protagonists [Ruby and the others] 'defeat' the antagonist [Cinder, in this case] they choose the 'high-road' over pursuing vengeance.

      As Cinder continues to learn to use her powers as the Fall Maiden, she will also be honing her connection to Amber and the previous Fall Maidens. Their souls will merge with hers, much like what happened with Oscar Pine and Ozpin.

      The previous maiden's souls will be a more subtle influence on Cinder as she cultivates her connection to the Maiden's powers, as compared to the scenario of Ozpin and Oscar.

      There will be an altercation between Cinder and Watts that will spill over into the events going on in Haven. I suspect she'll take her own initiative and seek out Ruby to get her vengeance some point during this season, but will end up going on to help them because it is a chance for her to get rid of Watts.

      Cinder's confrontation with Ruby will involve the rest of team JNPR as well. Initially Cinder will have the upper hand, but she will end up losing [again], and they will have a choice to make, though it will be Jaune who makes it, as Cinder's situation is the inverse of her battle with Pyrrha, and this would be a sort of poetic justice.

      Jaune will more than likely show mercy under the premise that if he doesn't, he'll just be like the person who killed Pyrrha. That thought will eventually pull him out of his grief, he won't kill her, but they may take her prisoner.

      Cinder will see them as a way to get rid of Watts, and will cooperate with them, if for no other reason than to get rid of one of her tormentors, and take some measure of vengeance against him. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend).

      When that confrontation finally does occur, Cinder will end up helping Team RWBY+ Friends to deal with him. (End of the current season, or end of the following season).

      In the aftermath of that battle, everyone will find a way to make peace and reconcile what happened during the Fall of Beacon, and the recent events. They won't be friends, but Cinder will start to see a way out of her servitude to Salem, and will get to make a choice for herself.
      (I personally would really like to see how this would play out moving forward as well).

      Her deciding to ally with them against Salem, will open many new paths to her, and where things go from there...well I have my theories on that too, but its too soon to share them (Haven't taken the time to type them out yet).


      + Character Bases (The source of the specific character's inspiration)
      = Jaune Arc - Based off Joan of Arc, with several 'charming' traits as well.
      = Cinder Fall - Based off Cinderella

      + Statements Made In the Show:

      = Ozpin's explanation to Pyrrha about the Maiden's powers, and how they are bound to the person's aura, and that if she agrees to let him artificially transfer what remains of Amber's powers as a Maiden to Pyrrha, that she may not be the same person anymore.
      = Pyrrha's explanation to Jaune of what an Aura is. [The manifestation of the soul]
      = Ozpin's explanation of the Maidens, and how there must ALWAYS be Four Maidens, though no two are exactly the same. [This implies similarities between them]
      = Professor Lionheart and Qrow explained how the Four Maidens are connected to the Four Gifts, and specifically that theĀ Fall Maiden is connected to 'Choice'.

      + Events in the Show:
      = Ozpin's own transferrence to Oscar, and how Oscar could hear Ozpin in his mind.
      = Cinder Fall has become the Fall Maiden.

      = Cinder Fall has faced Pyrrha Nikos in single-combat bested her, and killed her.

      = Ruby Rose's unique power awakened when she witnessed Pyrrha's death and she ended up wounding Cinder badly.

      = Cinder Fall wants some form of vengeance on Ruby for her injuries.

      = Jaune wants some form of vengeance on Cinder for killing Pyrrha. [Indicated by his frustration at the dead end to the lead that Cinder and her team were from Haven].

      +Character Analysis:
      = Cinder Fall - We still don't have a clear explanation of why she's doing what she's doing, and perhaps she does not have a way out of her present situation, yet once one presents itself she will take it. -- She is smart, and quite capable of patient planning herself, and has people who are willing to help her, people who are loyal to her. - Right now she is consumed by anger over what happened to her, and wants vengeance.

      = Jaune - Right now, he is growing from being the lovable idiot into quite a competent young man. He is still burdened by the grief of Pyrrha's death, and is on a collision course with Cinder Fall. Their encounter is inevitable, and has been since the fall of Beacon. Jaune, though, is also based upon a saint of a faith that favors forgiveness and love over vengeance and anger. What will he choose, I wonder?

      = Emerald Sustrali - She is clearly loyal to Cinder, but her willingness to continue acting in favor of Salem is wavering. Her facial expression betrays her feelings. During the Fall of Beacon she started showing doubts about their path. Witnessing how Cinder is treated by her 'Evil Stepmother' and 'Three older siblings' makes things even more plainly apparent.

      = Mercury Black - This young man is also loyal to Cinder, but is much more difficult to read, but what he does show is a casual and indifferent mentality. His personality [as shown so far] would have him just 'going with the flow' on this.

      = Salem, Watts, and Tyrion - These three need no real in-depth analysis to see the dynamics of their relationship. It is plainly written over their faces (in the case of Tyrion and Watts), and Salem has been painted to be the show's 'villain'.

      =Hazel - He seems the most calm and level-headed of the entire group, but does still chastise Cinder for 'failure' after what happened at Beacon. We know very little about him right now, but it is clear where his loyalties lie.

    • Update

      1 year ago


      Most of my story content is no longer being uploaded to DeviantArt due to some of the terms of their usage agreement that essentially have me 'surrendering my rights' to my creations. Newer content has been uploaded to Wattpad, though I haven't uploaded everything there.

      The RWBY Fan-fiction that I've been working on has seen a number of changes and the original has been scrapped in favor of a new story-line.

      This new story-line's romance elements were decided by a popular vote, along with the major story-line elements. This new story pairs Cinder Fall and Schwarz Legyon in an...interesting...romance among other things.

      What I have for this story so far is just a collection of various scenes and different events. Not all of which will be included in the final product of course, but those who wish to read what is publicly available thus far can do so here:


    • RWBY Story & My Feelings (for what they may be worth to some of you)

      3 years ago


      I've been following RWBY since the initial trailers were first released (years ago). Recently I've also picked up working on a joint-project with some friends of mine for a fan-fiction that takes place chronologically after the end of season 3. There are several original characters, and all of them were created using the basic guidelines that all of the characters in the series follow. The controversy that I've been hearing about, is saddening, but I refuse to take a standpoint on it; neither for, nor against, either party. Always believed that there were three (or more as appropriate) sides in any argument. The people arguing and the truth. Without access to every little bit of information; there is no way to make a fair judgement, or to fairly choose where to stand.

      A community divided though, is no community. Yes, I can understand having a difference of opinion. I don't agree with everything that I've seen and read on here, and I'm certain that not everyone will agree with me. What matters though, is that we remain accountable to our actions, and that we try and show our respect for Monty in what way we can.

      My way of showing respect, is by taking on this fan-fiction project despite all the other projects that I've got on my plate, as well as the other shit I'm dealing with my in personal life. I know I'm not the best writer out there, and I know I don't know what Monty envisioned for his creation beyond what has been released. What I do know...is that I am going to do what I can to contribute to his legacy, in his memory.

      If anyone wants to read the fan-fiction that I'm talking about, it isn't hard to find. I've posted a fair portion to my DeviantArt page already and will be up most of the night writing more, so yeah. May you find peace in the next stage of your journey.

      [For interested parties: http://draconeregisnoctis.deviantart.com ]

      (This is the dedication that I've typed up for the fanfiction.)

      Monty Oum (1981-2015)

      Even though I have not been given the distinct pleasure of meeting you, he has most definitely influenced my life with his creation, RWBY. This show has provided a degree of inspiration to redesign several aspects of this novel that I have dedicated myself to writing for several years now. As a result of this inspiration, and out of respect for him, and his family, I have not changed these concepts, even if they are not portrayed in the exact way that they were originally intended to in RWBY. I do this, only with the intent of contributing to the legacy left in his wake. May he rest peacefully, and remain in all our hearts from now until all are reunited in spirit beyond this mortal coil.

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