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    • RTX is nearly here

      7 years ago


      RTX Nearly here, the packing has begun and i would be checked into my flight already if American airlines had a website that worked properly!

      See you all tomorrow in the US of A!

    • Not enough money,too many things to get!

      7 years ago


      Ok my sidequest tickets are bought. So thats a few more nights staying in to pay for them :P

      Now to work out how the RvB:UK Trip since I can't get that sodding friday off!

    • Best Hotel for SideQuesters

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      Hi all, been looking through the hotels and it seems that as soon as you book for longer than the weekend the price SHOOTS up.

      So far tho the best hotel for people who want to do the sidequest as well as RTX (Advise you do, last year was awesome) is currently looking like the Hampton Inn (, 3 blocks from the convention BUT you can use the RTX code to get a discount for most of the days, whereas the others seem to just completly invalidate the reduced price as soon as you book for longer than the 4 days.

      Not booking yet (in the UK and need to book the time off work tomorrow before I do that) but anyone else seen anything good?

      [EDIT] Some of the hotels do let you book from thursday, but as the events start on thursday anyone from out of town who want to arrive on wednesday night might be out of luck. Also they tend to not let you stay till tuesday so will miss out on mondays final activities.

      If you don't mind missing out on the first couple or last couple of things you might be ok, depending on numbers it might be worth checking out the room sharing thread (, might get a kind soul who will let you kip on there floor for those days.

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    • Austin here I come!

      7 years ago


      So I have my RTX ticket for this year, so next thing to do is to sort out hotel and flights, but it looks like i will be seeing everyone again in july.

      Already looking forward to it!

    • Rough estimate for days of sidequest

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      Hi all

      Assuming I can get a ticket when they are released later I fully plan on hopping the pond to come to RTX again, but i have a quick question that will help me plan/budget.

      Do you have a estimated starting/end day for the sidequest events? I think last time the stuff started a day before RTX and finished a day after so will that be about the same again or is that still up in the air? (from the look of it the event is shorter this time only being the weekend, I guess you guys know more about the dates :P).

      Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone again in a few months (ticket dependent of course! )

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    • MCM Expo

      7 years ago


      Just got back from the final day of the MCM expo in london, was a hell of a lot of fun meeting the RT guys (thanks again to you guys from being funny and chatty and signing my dvd!) and meeting up with the RvB:UK guys as well. Was a not bad turnout really considering the planning was basically jamilo and his mobile phone :P

      Had a lot fo fun meeting up with the guys and some cool discussions (with a rather lively discussion at the end of the day about mass effect 2!) and a couple more quotes that i will get round to adding soon, not as many as from rtx but thres a couple of winners in there (or should it be losers?)

      However the MCM expo party was awful, just awful. If you going to sell tickets to a party MCM porganisers you might want to actually hire the entire bar next time , not just half the bar...... and maybe provide some decent entertainment.... and resonably priced drinks!

      Roll on the proper RvB:UK event!

    • 7 years ago

    • 7 years ago

    • London NFL Game

      7 years ago


      So all of my american friends might like this bit of news , just got back from watching a NFL game, one a year is hosted in wembley in London and just got back from seeing it! Was a hell of a lot of fun. I now understand more about hte game and found myself chearing a lot more than i expected.

      Buccaneers vs Bears. I am now a Buccaner btw , they won me over when I found out that they have a pirate ship that fires cannons in their home stadium which is just the best idea ever (and yes i am that shallow), that and its the "home" team due to the way the deal works so i should support them. They debuted their quarterback at wembley 2 years ago i beleive so thats another thumbs up!

      Was a fun day and won't spoil the score cause i have no idea how its syndicated but was an great 4th quarter!

      I have to say tho, i'm not sure thye quite get how the british crowds work (and we don't get some of what we are suppposed to do as a crowd). They kept on putting my messages saying effectivly "be louder", so we were, we were all sarcastically louder, which is an odd thing to hear! We are loud and chearing when stuff happens and generally when our team is doing well (in this case most of the statidum seemed ot be rooting for the home team) but if you specifcally ask us to be loud it won't happen for some reason. If you want us to be loud, play a cheesy song, we will sing along and clap to that till hte ceiling falls down, or ask us to wave the flags around that you give us, we are easily distracted and stuff like that gets us every time!

      Oh, we were also loud when the streaker got on the pitch and all laughed when the buccaneer players hi fived him, and booed when the secuyrity got him (but not after he dodged a few of them, could be a good hire for the team).

    • Do sony ever learn?

      7 years ago


      So I was browsing the gaming news sites today when i came onto an interesting little article.

      I presume most people know about the little issue Sony had a while ago, when they lost a couple (of million) of peoples user details and possibly (but they still can't say for sure) said peoples card details to hackers. People were angry about about this and so they used the powers in there disposial to band together and attempt to hit sony where it would hurt them the most.

      The wallet!

      Now i'm not an american so we don't have the same sort of thing here in the UK but they are trying to do it with a class action lawsuit, now as far as i can see this basically lets people band together to take on a big business when you as a sinlge person would never have the resources to be able to take them on. This means you can hold them accountable for there actions

      So its been a good few months and sony have been busy rebuilding, they have given out free games to appease people, done a complete security audit to plug the gaps, dedicated a good 5 minutes of there E3 time to saying sorry and generally built there image back up, and good on em for that.

      So i'm reading through the news and I see an article about sony updated there EULA, updates to EULA's have not been good recently, with Origin out there asking for all info about your computer and things like that but this is just funny:

      Basically to play your games you will have to sign away a legal right. Now in the EU I think (am not a lawyer but some lawyers seem to be posting and saying this) that this clause and the second "if the first clause is thrown out" clause would be thrown out as an unfair contract quicker than you could say "You stupid bastards" under the Unfair contract laws.

      These changes to me sounds like a really stupid idea, class action suits seem to be the only way to bring some companies to heal, and making you sign something basically saying "you will never ever sue us unless we agree to be sued" is just stupid,Ii would suggest anyone sends a letter to sony detailing the clause and why they don't like and why it will make them think twice about buying sony stuff again

      Aternativly you could just link to the article and send them 3 very simple words "Go fuck yourselfs"

      Both will have the same effect of showing you are displeased!

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