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    • On Wednesdays we tell stories: Everything in general

      5 years ago


      As tradition, to improve my writing, I'll post a story every Wednesday, and it's all romance shit whoops
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      People seem to think that a relationship is emotionally debilitating. In a way, yes it is, but it's so much more than that. If emotions are thought of as an energy, the emotional response you get in return is so fulfilling that your body doesn't even register the loss of emotional energy. A relationship is a beautiful thing. Especially if it's one that's loving, it's more emotionally rewarding than anything.

      In your current relationship, things couldn't be better. It was like dating your best friend, only there's sex, and the emotional aspect is a bit more intimate.

      Everything was so special. The way your name just rolls off his tongue, they way he'll kiss you when people are looking, the way he'll kiss you when people aren't looking. The way he holds your hand in public, and how he looks at you like you're the only person he'll ever see. The way he looks at you when he thinks you can't see, and how he'll come up and hug you from behind. How his arms wrap around your waist and he'll start swaying to an unheard rhythm. And when your at your desk, he'll come from behind and loosely wrap his arms around your shoulders, and he kisses your neck, trying to get your attention, even though he can tell by the ever present smile that you've now just put off whatever you were just doing to give him your full attention. He does all these things, all these little things that make him the best person ever, all these things that make you feel loved. All these perfect little things.

      You two were perfect together. The both of you had so much in common that you genuinely thought that you were born for each other. Though that being said, you and he did disagree. But everyone disagrees, and with you two, it never develops into something serious. Things usually get resolved within the same day.

      There was only one big argument, which lasted for a week. The fight took place on a Monday, and by Saturday the both of you had missed each other so much that neither of you had remembered what the argument was about in the first place. Granted, that's probably not good, but you were both happy.

      He was warm. Like teddy bear. The best hugs came from him, he'd wrap his arms around you and hold you close, and he'd bury his face in your neck, or he'd kiss your forehead, or kiss the crown of your head. Perfect for cuddling. When the both of you curled up together, it was as if your bodies melted into one. You were like puzzle pieces, you fit together so perfectly.

      When you'd sleep, there was a bunch of ways that the two of you would be comfortable. Sometimes, you'd just lay on your designated sides of the bed, facing each other with your fingers intertwined. Other times, you'd both face the same way, he'd be behind you, arms wrapped around your waist, face buried in your hair. But most times, you'd sleep in your favourite position. The one where you're cuddling up next to him, head resting in the crook of his neck, had
      wrapped around each other lazily.

      Sometimes, he'd fall asleep before you. He has a light snore, you thought it adorable. Sometimes, he'd mumble. He'd say things that made absolutely no sense, but that was the best part. Though, sometimes, he'd say your name. He'd say your name and exhale at the same time, so it sounds more like a breath rather than speaking, but he'd turn to you, bring you closer, and smile.

      Sometimes, when going to sleep, you'd fall out of consciousness but you were still awake, and you'd hear him talking to you. Small one sides conversations that you could barely remember in the morning. He'd stroke your hair too, and place butterfly kisses on your nose and the crown of your head. He'd trace random patterns along your arms, and brush his hands across your cheeks. Other times, he'd hum softly. They weren't defined tunes, just meaningless melodies that he'd make up on the spot. You'd lie in that area between awake and asleep just listening to him until sleep took its hold.

      It was in these moments that you felt the best, where you felt truly loved.

      You had a special type of relationship. You acted more like best friends rather than lovers, and you both preferred it that way. It made things more special, it felt more real, the fact that you could be a hundred percent comfortable with each other. One of you would have a problem and the other would reciprocate with their care and help. You could play video games all day, and watch movies , and spend the whole day in bed.

      The best thing was how real with each other you could be. Neither of you felt the need to 'look good' when around the other. He was perfectly comfortable with having his hobbit hair with you, and you were perfectly comfortable with wearing sweatpants and no makeup with him.

      That's the best part of you two, you're like one in the same person. Everything was so simple, it all worked out so well. Everything was bliss, and there was never a problem. You got along with his friends, and he got along with yours. You both understand that the other needs their personal space every once in a while, but you both also love to revel in the moments that you spend alone.

      Not every relationship is perfect, but this one damn near was. A relationship is a beautiful thing, but love is so much greater.

      Love is everything beautiful and perfect in this world. Love is being comfortable with each other. Love is spending nights up just talking. Love is the little things said between the edge of sleep. It's the stolen kisses, and the after fight misses. If this is love, than this is perfection. You and he are perfection. You and he are love.

      People say relationships are emotionally exhausting, they couldn't be more wrong.

    • On Wednesdays we tell stories: It's All Fun and Games

      5 years ago


      A tradition I have here to improve my writing is to post a short story I wrote every Wednesday!
      Previous Wednesdays: [x]

      It's all fun and games they say. It's all fun and games "until someone gets hurt" is how it usually ends, but I think it should be "It's all fun and games until someone falls in love" or "It's all fun and games until you share a bed", but that second one really wouldn't be relatable to most people. So I guess the first one will do.

      It all started when we were dared to share a bed for a night, that's when it all went downhill. It was just a little dare between friends. Nothing would happen, we just had to share a bed for a night. But then one night turned into every night.

      I'm not sure if you could say we were romantically involved, we didn't kiss, or hold hands, or make love, we only slept in the same bed. And I like it, I think he likes it too. I like sliding beneath his covers. I like when he pulls me close and wraps his arms around me. I like how he'll nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck so that his chin would be resting at the crown of my head. I like breathing in his warmth. I like sleeping pressed up against his warm skin. I like it when he runs his hands through my hair, and I like waking up next to him.

      Sometimes, when my back is pressed flush against his chest, it's almost as if our bodies were puzzle pieces, destined to fit together every time. He'd press his face to the back of my head and he'd smile into my hair. He made me so happy.

      I guess I lied about not holding hands, that does happen from time to time, when things are getting emotionally intimate. His hand would cup my face, then he'd trail it down my neck, then to my shoulder, tracing his fingers lightly along my skin, smiling softly. He'd drag his hands along my clavicle, then he'd dip down and before he'd get too far, I'd take up his hand. I'd hold his fingers, then I'd open his hand and place a kiss on his palm. He liked those the most I think, he always gets this content smile and an expression in his eyes that I can't fully understand, but I'd reciprocate, so I guess deep down I understood. After I kiss his palm, his hand would close around mine until I opened up my hand in such a way that his was opening as well, our hands would be pressed together until our fingers folded together. He'd keep our hands like that, but he'd rest the back of his hand on my cheek.

      I liked those moments the most. It was always so peaceful and relaxed, and I always felt something welling up inside me when I was with him like this.

      Sometimes, when I have my back to him, I'd be on the edge of consciousness and I could feel him placing small kisses along my neck and shoulders. His hand either draped around me and resting at my navel, or it would be running softly down my arm and side, finding a stopping point at my hips every so often. I'd never let on that I was awake when he does this, but sometimes, I pretend that I'm shifting in the bed to move my head and give him more skin. He'd always chuckle when I do this, I think he knows that I'm not really asleep when I do this, but he never speaks, or mentions it, so I guess he knows why I pretend to sleep. He's my best friend after all, how would I reciprocate to that? It's not normal platonic behavior, but I like it.

      Sometimes I wonder if all this qualifies as romantic behavior because I find myself having fallen in love with him and his sweet night time tendencies. So yeah, it was all fun and games until I dove head first into loving him.

    • On Wednesdays we tell stories: Run On Sentence

      5 years ago


      A couple weeks ago I made a journal playing around with the idea of posting a short story every Wednesday once school starts being as I have a creative writing class. Well today is a Wednesday and it's the first day of school, so I guess this is where we start!

      He was just my friend, I was staying with him while I studied abroad. He quickly became my best friend, so I felt comfortable with him. Though for the longest time nightmares plagued me, and one of the most terrible ones I had came in the form of him. Because I was too terrified to go back to sleep and I knew he would be awake, I went to his room. I lightly knocked on his door, "Dan? You up?' I said softly as to not wake up his roommate in the next room over. He called me in, though he was already in bed.

      "Everything okay?' He asked me. Softly, I told him that I just wanted to make sure he was alright, and when he asked what I meant, he soon learned of my terrors. I was sitting next to him explaining my dream. During the story I found him easing me under his blankets and wrapping his arms around me hushing the tears that I hadn't realised I was making. When he invited me to spend the night with him and I didn't turn him down.

      After that night, he got me into the habit of going to his room after a nightmare, but only if he was awake. If he wasn't awake, I'd go back to the pullout sofa that I was living on. On nights that I didn't go to him though, I was a walking shell. I was tired but alert, and I'd stay silent, reflecting on the previous night. Soon we agreed that for the sake of the mood of the household that I should climb into bed with him whether or not he was conscious. I had no objections.

      I guess that's where we went wrong because it became a nightly occurrence. I went to bed with him regardless of nightmares. I don't even go to the pull out bed anymore, we both just retire to his room. Though I can assure you that we're just friends. Just friends that happen to share a bed.

      When one of our friends posted a picture of us together for laughs, everyone assumed that we were together. I mean, they already thought that there was something there, but there wasn't any "proof" if that's what you want to call it. No one can grasp the concept that just because we share a bed doesn't mean that we're fucking. Because we're not. I simply like his warmth and he likes how I fit perfectly into his embrace. Still, no one will believe us when we tell them. I've stopped caring what everyone else assumes, as long as I'm happy, that's all that matters.

      When he's tired and on the brink of sleep, he'll say whatever is on his mind, and 9 out of 10 times, it's the sweetest things that I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, and I have to stop myself from tilting my head up the extra two inches to kiss him. Because we're not dating.

      Recently, we've been going out just the two of us. When unwanted attention comes to either of us, the other will claim them as their own. So in the event of a guy trying to hook up with me, Dan would step in and tell him to back off, and I with him. Though sometimes, he pushes away guys that I wouldn't mind paying attention to me, and for some reason, I'm not angry or upset about it. Instead I'm full of a kind of warmth and happiness, and when they guy leaves and Dan flashes his "see I got your back are you proud of me grin' something wells up inside of me and again, I have to stop myself from kissing him.

      Even more recently, we've taken to cuddling up on the sofa in the lounge and watching movies in the dark. I even like being close to him in my waking hours, I love my back being pressed against him and I like how he'll rest his head in my hair and comment on how I smell like fruit. Sometimes he'll even take my hand in these moments. And now I'm confused as to what our label is because I've finally accepted the fact that I've fallen for him and more and more I have to stop myself from kissing him because he deserves it so much and when I think of all these things that he does to make me happy my brain works on run on sentences because that's what we are right now. We're just a run on sentence because I don't know where I'm going with him and I don't really mind and I just don't know where to finish the sentence because as soon as I try to label what we are: friends that cuddle, "my boyfriend that's not my boyfriend' I just don't know. We're a run on sentence because I just don't know where to put the period. I think the sentence will be finished when we finally get together or have a moment of clarity that this isn't what normal friends do. And I'm just fine with that.

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    • General Update

      5 years ago


      Hi guys! I figured that it was about time for a general update of the happenings in my life.
      I got a job at GameStop, I start officially working on Wednesday. I also have a college interview on Thursday with the Arts Institute in Austin. If everything goes according to plan, I'll be accepted to college during the first few weeks of the school year. I plan on majoring in Animation, and the admissions officer said that she actually has heard of RT before, and that if they're accepting interns in my field at the time, I would be able to intern with them without a problem.
      Speaking of school, my final year at High School starts on the first. Most of my classes will be art and computer based, which is pretty cool, in my opinion. Marching Band is going pretty well this year as well, we've got the first two numbers done, and I get to choreograph the weapons number this year as well. Sure there is drama already starting up, but I've been having a lot of fun spending time with my friends.
      In other news, My youtube channel has passed the 150 subscriber mark, and I'm very proud of myself, and I hope to continue growing my audience in the future.
      I've also begun writing a novel, the only issue is that I have a theme that I want to work off of, but I have no plot to go with it.

    • Back to school ideas

      6 years ago


      This year, I'll finally be taking the creative writing class that my school offers. In hopes of improving my writing, I want to post short stories as journal posts. I want to start when I start school (the 1st), but I wasn't sure if I should do it a few times a week or on every one day a week (I'm thinking wednesday)? What do you guys think?

    • Getting back into the creative flow

      6 years ago


      Every so often I get struck with creative motivation. It's usually in this period where I stay up all hours of the night writing or drawing, and it's a really good thing. In this sudden burst of motivation, I've started work on improving my style of art, drawing out the tattoos I plan on getting.

      I've also recently found my old writing journal, it was fun finding the old things I've written, seeing how my writing has improved. But more importantly, with my recent find, I'm going to begin work on my novel soon.

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    • New Leaf QR Codes

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      Due to the lack of QR Codes I've been finding, I'll share some of mine!

      Code 1


      Code 2


      Code 3


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      Nice to meet you new friend!

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      Hello fellow Jerseyian :)

      • sneedse

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        Oh yes. Relaxing is awesome!

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        it's really good you should totally get it! you might have to check around for a few days, my friend ordered it and it was a few days late because amazon actually ran out. relaxing is always good!

      • sneedse

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        That's all I've been hearing about recently on TS. I'm gonna have to pick that up.
        My day has been alright so far. Getting back to reality after my weekend and just relaxing lol

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        i'm pretty good, i've been playing a lot of New Leaf, and i watched the storm roll in a few minutes ago. how was your day so far?

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        How are you this fine day?

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      Thanks for joining The Latecomers! :D

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      Welcome to Red Vs. Blue!

      ......I hope you enjoy it here & have a remarkable time. If you have any questions, and I mean, ANY questions just message by chick on this link, or You can apply this link for amazing things and actioner stuff. You can go to the Community Stats, or you could visit the forums if you just want to find everything out by yourself. Either way, if you got questions, feel free to ask about anything you need help with.


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