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    • The Episode 10 Sarcastic Predictions Thread!!!

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      Considering RT has broken my trust by murdering my beloved along with destroying the most adorable android and the winner of the Most Useless Character Award, Amber, I thought it would be fun to poke at what RT might do to us next! So here's how it goes: We first state what we WANT to happen next episode, and what we pessimistically EXPECT to happen! Naturally, there will be spoilers for anyone who isn't caught up, so, there, I warned you. I'll go first!

      What I WANT to happen: Ruby and Jaune have a heart to heart about her Pyrrha dreams, and Qrow says something about her powers that might explain how Pyrrha might come back. They reach the village, find meds for Qrow, and he walks it off. Ren and Nora do whatever, maybe show some backstory, whatever. Weiss uses her summons to kick butt all the way out of her mansion, with Klein as her ally, and they run away from home. Maybe we see her Mom give a touching goodbye with a tear-jerky smile. and Yang mods her arm to include a built-in Ember Celica. Oh, and Sun walks it off and develops a crush for the girl who tased him, and Blake goes back to bonding with Daddy.

      What I EXPECT to happen: We continue to hear NOTHING about Pyrrha, Jaune and Ruby run into another disaster village, and find Jaune's murdered family, with each of his sister's heads on pikes. Qrow dies defending them from whatever attacked the village as they run away, and all the answers die with him. Renora gets lost, and start to starve to death. Weiss accidentally kills Klein in her ensuing rampage, and Yang continues to lounge around at home and watch the Bugs and Tweety Show, INSTEAD of getting back out there and being awesome. Blake falls hopelessly in love with Sun while he slowly dies from a mortal wound. Forget talking to Daddy again; she leaves home again with a vendetta.

      So, who's next?

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    • How much time has passed?

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      Im back, to cry mainly over the death of the one perfect character in RWBY. But, I'm late to the party, so, maybe I missed this:

      Just how much time has passed? Judging by the speech of the characters, it sounds like a few months. Judging by their sizes and shapes, it seems its been at least 1 year, if not 2 or 3.

      Ren grew his hair WAY out, Nora a bit too. Jaune is the only one with his original outfit, that he is outgrowing. Everyone is taller, and look like the are a few more levels through puberty. Emerald is even hotter with a more mature midriff. All the girls' busts seem a bit more grown in, and, again, everyone is taller.

      We know winter was starting when RNJR left, and assuming its spring now, thats still not much time. It just looks like they've been on the road for a couple years, but everyone talks like its been a few months. So, whats up?

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    • Ironwood's Hanconnon...

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      ...reminds me of a cross between Hawkmoon and The First Curse... Totally cool!

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    • Um... Can we talk about Zwei?

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      [at time of writing, Volume 3, Episode 9 is the most recent episode released, and it is possible a trailer for Episode 10 may release tomorrow. If it contains anything of importance, this post will be edited.]

      Ok, so, WHAT... IS... ZWEI??

      (if you're lazy, find TL;DR near the bottom, or actually READ my carefully written post...)

      I know, he's a little black and white Corgi dog, I know. He also breaks ALL the rules and is crazy OP! At first you'd think he's just a little comic relief, and maybe that really IS all he is, but there's a difference between Zwei's insanity, and the other forms of comic relief we see in RWBY. Let me explain:

      Because it's an anime cartoon, RWBY characters are capable of things that REALLY shouldn't be possible in their world. For example, EVERYONE is capable of super speed. No, really. Did you SEE how fast Neptune, the hydrophobe named after a sea god, could run up a small mountain? Did you notice that when Ruby returns from her meeting with Ozpin, Glynda, and Ironwood about the intruder (Cinder), that Yang, Blake, and Weiss all moved super fast to the door to ask how it went? Plus, Ruby has a secret power to her semblance that lets her turn into a tiny, super-deformed version of herself and levitate in the air... No really, it happened... Or did it?...

      See, this is an animation trope done just for the humor and comedy possible with characters that don't have to physically exist. We all knew that, and surely Ruby didn't ACTUALLY shrink down to a tiny form and hover, and Neptune didn't REALLY zip up that mountain as quickly as it seemed, right? Of course! It's just humor. The idea here is that their emotional state resembles this image, and because we CAN, we actually get see it for the sake of the lulz. IF, for some reason, the scene where Ruby shrinks into a cartoony-small form was somehow critical to a story point and was caught on a security camera, seeing that camera footage WOULD NOT show Ruby's comic form because it isn't really happening. In a serious part of the story, silliness like this just shouldn't happen, and we'd fully expect that seeing the same footage in a serious tone would have Ruby being totally realistic and just maybe jumping up and down. So, what does this have to do with Zwei?

      Well... Zwei can be crazy in ANY scene he's in... When we first meet him, he literally drops out of a package strongly resembling a Pringles can, and is 100% OK. That should literally KILL a dog, just shoving him in there, let alone requiring air-holes... Oh, and guess what? He was also in there with a MONTH'S SUPPLY OF CANNED DOG FOOD AND A CAN OPENER... Even Weiss and Blake are shocked by his method of arrival. Nobody bats an eye when some other physics-breaking action is performed elsewhere in the show, yet these two characters are SHOCKED by a dog arriving by MAIL, with a large supply of CANNED FOOD... Ok, sure, it's not a serious scene, it's all for the lolz, right? Well, that's pretty wacky, and I guess that's why it's funny, so I let that pass.

      BUT, next time Zwei plays a big role is in a BATTLE with an army of angry, unreasonable, half-furries, and their battlemech toys. With literally not a word spoken, SOMEHOW Doctor Oobleck decides to use is flamethrowing baseball bat (which is ALSO a thermos!), to smack Ruby's beloved little pet across a large stretch of train into an advancing mech and knock it off the train... Which works, and to which Zwei is TOTALLY compliant with! He actually jumps up into a summer-salt roll to give Oobleck a good shot. AND RUBY DOESN'T EVEN BAT AN EYE... There is no "Dr. Oobleck! What are you doing with my dog?!" As if this kinda thing happens all the time... And then, of course, Zwei wants to stay behind and "play" with the nice furry-men and Dr Oobleck, so he actually asks Ruby if he can stay behind and she agrees, without a worry for his safety... (9_9)

      The next time we see Zwei, is after the train crash and the Grimm invade the city. Right as the hilariously OP team CFVY shows up, a battlemech crawls out of the hole and Zwei jumps off, stupid tongue swinging, and headbutts the nearest Grimm and supposedly proceeds to kick more butt... Waitaminute... Why did the mech climb out of the hole? Nobody got out of it... Dr. Oobleck likely has no need to drive, since he's always hyped up on espresso anyways... Oh my... WAS ZWEI DRIVING IT?!?! No, really, WHO WAS DRIVING THE MECH?!?! Why would a WHITE FANG PILOT be so CORDIAL as to drive a LITTLE HYPER-DESTRUCTIVE CORGI up out of the hole and into his next battle scene?? We never see anyone get out of it, and Oobleck and his buddy Peter Port meet up shortly after to join the fray. Oobleck PROBABLY wasn't driving it... That only leaves... ZWEI!!!

      You see what I mean? Sure it's funny, and I'm not complaining. I'm not standing here saying "Oh please! You just ruined the immersion for me! Thanx RT!". No, not at all. I'm laughing my behind off. But still, this kinda thing... SHOULDN'T be happening. This isn't just humorous exaggeration of emotion, capable of existing because it's a cartoon. This HAS to be happening somehow... So...?

      The last we've seen of Zwei at this point, is him randomly showing up in Yang's room, when he has literally not made ANY other appearance the whole season, except for briefly standing next to Ruby's father in the beginning of Episode 1. That's all. And now he's back? How did he get into Yang's room? Did Tai-Yang mail him back again?

      [EDIT: He was actually sleeping on one of their beds in Episode 4, so, apparently, he's been with them all season... Go figure. I can't believe I didn't notice him!]


      So.... WHAT IS ZWEI??? Is he the most elite guard dog known to man? Has he received special training in manifesting his aura? Is he the "One Punch Man" of dogs? (The "One Punch Puppy", if you will?) There was an interview with Ruby and Yang themselves, where fans got to ask questions. Look here for the link, but to sum up, they both simply acknowledge Zwei as the most powerful force known to man, and that's about it... Riiiight.

      So, you know I've got a theory, right? (-_^) While I'd LOVE to hear everyone's input, I also gotta give my opinion on what Zwei is...

      So, my best guess, is that Zwei is actually, an insane, BUT benevolent, deity... yeah. And he decided, it would be REALLY fun, to be a dog!.. Yeah. And he thought it was SO MUCH fun, he kinda decided to just, STAY that way, forever!.... yeah. And got adopted by Tai-Yang, who is such a dunce that he thinks this is normal dog behavior... yeah. And Ruby and Yang don't know better because they grew up with him, and why they are completely unfazed when their beloved pet drops out of what should have been a death trap: the Pringles can.

      Kinda like THIS scrappy little fellow... (read the descriptions!)

      I can't wait for Ruby to try to shove someone else's dog into a Pringles can, and wonder what went wrong...

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    • Spam attacks...

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      This is getting pretty bad. I hope the mods are seeing this. I'm flagging my own thread to make sure they see this, although that might be pointless....

      EDIT... Ok, well, I somehow must have had the view scrolled a couple pages back, I thought there was a fresh new wave of spam. Ok, so, there still exists some spam,, but it's not new like I thought. Still could be a problem, tho.

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    • How long will RWBY last?

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      I don't mean to sound the pessimist; only the cautious one. How long will RWBY drag on? So far, I say it hasn't dragged on too long, not at all, but it has taken a long time to explain not-very-much plot.

      Just let me say a warning:

      I used to like the series Once Upon A Time. I thought the idea was genius, as I like the idea of merging fantasy with reality, since it leads to great comedy and endless possibilities. So the series was great, at first. Me and my sister loved it! I then started to say that, if they stretch on past 3 seasons,, they are going to run out of material.

      Season 1 was a great mystery, season 2 did excellent followup on what happens when the mystery is revealed to all, and added some great backstory. Season 3 dawdled a bit too much, but eventually it ended a climactic story arc of all 3 seasons.... and that was at the mid-season finale... The second half was a "out-of-the-bum" explanation to shove all the characters back into the predicament in the beginning of the show, and to shoehorn Queen Elsa into the mix... 9_9 eyeroll...

      After a few episodes of season 4, me and my sister quit watching, and I have no idea if it's still going, but I want to think there was a season 5, or something... and it just wasn't very good.

      Now, of course, Once is a professionally developed show, that must bring in money, of the producers won't pay to make more of it. Because of that, they often get forced to do things to add pointless drama and sometimes drag out the story for more episodes and seasons.

      RWBY is more like an "indie" project. And that's good. I just want to know that the writers actually PLAN on revealing some of these mysteries, instead of just forgetting about them and adding more mysteries to get more attention... Or because they just have ADD and needed to do more stuff to keep it interesting. I'd love to know that there is an "end" to the show planned, and that they know where they are going. Despite its cliche writing, RWBY is so darn endearing, I just have to love it. Nothing wrong with cliche, IMO, if you do it well. Most of the time people just do it because they do, and it just isn't handled properly. RWBY is doing fine, and I love it. But right now we are at the tip of an iceberg of underlying plot and story. Most of the time, when a series does this, the fanbase is excited to find out the answers, but... they never come... Other things enter the story, and pretty soon we're in a whole new place, and all the questions we had before get forgotten about.

      I want answers. I wanna see payoff. I was impressed with the dance in season 2 where Jaune and Pyrrha kinda get together (but not TOGETHER, together...lol), since usually it takes a whole darn season for such a small amount of plot to develop. THANK YOU. Please keep doing that, and don't make us hate you...


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    • Do Guns Actually WORK in this Universe?

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      When has any ranged weapon that fire plain bullets done ANY damage to ANYTHING? Besides Coco's "designer minigun", the only ranged weapons that seem to cause ANY damage are ones that shoot fireballs, or energy blasts, or grenades, or whatever.

      When JNPR fought BRNZ, Ren pumped BOTH his submachineguns into an enemy at very close range with no visible effect. Infact those things never seem to hurt anything. Are they Airsoft guns? And while Pyrrha rarely uses her rifle (even rarer her rocket-spear), her bullets also showed no effects. Yang's shotgun gauntlets should massacre things at the range she uses them at. No serious effects other than a hard punch. Ruby's sniper has more kickback than bite. Sun's gun-chucks should also murderize anyone he gets into melee with, but either he failed to land a hit on Torchwick, or they have very little effect. BRNZ's sniper is a lousy shot, the only target she actually bullseye'd being Pyrrha's shield. It DID send Pyrrha flying, but for all we know, the rock she blew apart earlier was made of Styrofoam...

      I do seem to think Qrow's "gun" had some serious damage potential, but he still didn't land a solid hit on Winter, I think.

      So... What gives?

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    • Is Emerald a Faunus?

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      ...and if so, what is she?

      Why do I think she's a faunus? Her eyes are colored a bit funny, and her hair has those two, long strands, that COULD just be hair, but might be something like long antennae or something. I've no idea what they would be, only that they are a strange choice of hairstyle, if hair is all they are. A grasshopper, maybe?

      If it's obvious, and I just am not getting it, please enlighten me.

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    • Neopolitan's Semblance

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      Is there a thread on this yet? I'm new to RWBY, got brought in by Death Battle...

      Ok, so, what is Neo's semblance? Many are saying Illusion. I disagree.

      We've seen her change her eye color at will, never EVER speak, replace herself and Roman with easily broken substitutes, and teleport. Also, be BOSS in melee combat. Also I want to point out that some say she "remains confident and always smiles in combat", as if she is pretty nice and just doesn't have to try. I want to clarify; She isn't "being nice" or being "confident"; she's being condescending! She smiles innocently to mock her opponents. She is evil; you see an evil grin in chapter one of season 3.

      So, what's her semblance? Illusion? Perhaps. Illusion is usually making all who can see you THINK they AREN'T seeing you, or are seeing what you want them to see. Some kind of either mind-control fakery, or maybe some kind of holographic projection. My hunch is that it's a bit deeper than that.

      How about "Alteration", to borrow from Skyrim? To warp the world to her will, in undefined, but limited, amounts. Before I realized her name was a reference to the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla combo ice cream, I thought of Neo, from the Matrix, and she seems to have similar powers. She no doubt has limits, but her actual abilities have not yet been defined, making her a wildcard. She does not talk. Why? She doesn't need to. She is a strangeling, either telepathic/clairvoyant and does not feel the NEED to ever speak; or somehow alien or supernatural, unfamiliar with normal human behavior, and thus never tries to speak. She's not normal, maybe she has "fantasy autism" or something. Regardless, she is dangerous, and could be part of a massive plot twist, or simply brushed aside and forgotten.

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