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    • Stress Anxiety

      5 years ago


      Sorry I'm not about much these days, I'm really overwhelmed by the work I have. It feels awful, because I have so much less to do than so many other people, my housemates included, but they just deal with it whereas I just sit here staring at it and feeling like I'm drowning.

      Every time I feel like working I can't because I end up panicking about all the other stuff I have to do. Every time I feel like I've made progress, I realise how much more I have to do, and how little I've done in comparison. And then I panic about how I'm ever going to deal next term, or when exams come, and that I'm never going to get anything done. Anxiety sucks balls.

    • 5 years ago


      Someone (cough @CapnBiscuit) keeps bugging me to update my blog, so I've done it two days in a row. I don't know if I'm grateful or if I hate him.

      Read it here if any of you stop playing GTA long enough to have a moment.

      Thanks! smiley12.gif

    • 5 years ago

    • My First Derby Bruise :')

      5 years ago


      So on Sunday, I got my first derby bruise - distinctively different from your average non-sport bruise because they're bigger and lumpy and disgusting. I wish I had a good story about it, but in truth, I started falling backwards, steadied myself, and then collapsed in a heap on the ground anyway. And at some point in all of that I either kicked myself with my own wheel or fell on top of it.

      It started bruising instantly and looked all red and angry at me. My team demanded I posted a picture of it on facebook ("It's basically a rule!" they all said) Seeing as I have the pictures anyway, I might as well put them on here. I'm amazed at how perfectly round it's become:')

      So this is what it looked like yesterday morning:

      And this it what it looked like about 10 minutes ago in what I expect is it's final, true form:

      For size reference I'd predict it has the same area of about four pound coins :') I'm almost proud, it's like the sport has finally accepted me smiley6.gif

    • 5 years ago


      TMNT had to be called Hero Turtles because ninja was too violent, says Gavin,

      That's ridiculous, says Americans,

      Lets not tell them about how we had to ban things like yoyos, pogs and those weird squishy balls because British kids used them as weapons against each other. Or about conkers. Or that game Knuckles where you pelt a penny at each others knuckles until you wuss out or start bleeding too much.

      Never underestimate the average British child's capacity for violence

    • 5 years ago


      I think I'm going to go bald some time soon

    • Life update

      5 years ago


      Nothing has changed except my thighs are almost made of stone and I'm a bit more tanned.

      Still have not started my dissertation. It's due in February ):

      Edit: I am also in dire need of a belt.

    • Follow my blog!

      6 years ago


      Click here

      So I'm hoping to go into either publishing or journalism after university and one step I'm taking towards that is attempting to start a regular, proper blog where I write thought out things about stuff. I find my biggest issue is I tend to argue with myself and ramble whenever I try to write a piece on anything, and that's simply no good.

      At the moment, and for the next few days, it's derby related. That's not my intention, I really intend to write about anything I can find words for and hopefully that'll mean a good variety of topics. It's just that recently I've not had time to research or think of anything interesting, and without that, derby is the most interesting thing going on in my life. Plus it's made me really think about a few things in my life and that's what the next two pieces are going to be on - what I've been made to think about as a result of my new found hobby.

      Anyway, it would really mean a lot to me if you guys would follow my blog and give me feedback where you think necessary, I know you're all good at that!

      Thank you so much smiley12.gif

    • Actual real life doing things

      6 years ago


      What things, you may ask?

      I'm not actually certain. Other than my weekends (work and derby), my weeks are pretty empty. Yet I feel rushed off my feet.

      I'm going to France on Friday so this week I'm actually pretty busy and have a genuine reason to feel rushed :')

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