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    • First session!

      6 years ago


      So I had my first roller derby training session ever and I absolutely loved it but


      Everything hurts. I hurt in places I didn't even know existed. And I sweated (sweat?) so much there wasn't a single damn dry part on me. Thankfully, I wasn't alone. Some people cried, I'm not sure whether out of frustration or pain.

      Discovered, not to any surprise to me (as someone who has done little exercise for the past two years smiley8.gif ) that my leg muscles are next to non existant. Found this out when I stopped being able to get back p off the floor when we were practicing falls :') I kept going though for the whole two hours even though I completely lost feeling in my feet and by the end could barely move my legs.

      It was great fun though. Both the people from the team and the people just starting were so supportive of everyone. They made sure to tell people when they were doing well, to try and help people when they weren't doing something right and they gave a lot of help to the people who'd never skated before. It was an absolutely wonderful atmosphere and even though I'm questioning if I'll be able to use my legs for the next week I'm definitely going to keep it up :)

    • 6 years ago


      So there's not a single thing I don't like about RWBY right now, that was excellent.

      Sign me up as a fan

    • 6 years ago

    • 6 years ago


      Who invented push ups and why do they hate the human race so much

    • Sexual Harassment

      6 years ago


      I went out for a skate today with my friend and it was all nice and good until 5 big-ass burly men decided to start yelling abuse at us as we skated past them. We had to pass them twice because of the nature of the place we skate - its impossible to loop around, and I was absolutely terrified. It threw me enough that I ripped a big hole in my tights trying to get my knee pads off in a rush. Even though they were miles away, I just wanted to get out of there.

      I'm kind of really sick of not being able to go anywhere without being shouted at or feeling threatened by men around me. I'd love to be able to go out skating on my own but this sort of thing is so common, I'm too scared to. I'd never go to this place on my own because its so secluded, but its a real shitter I even have to think that way.

      It's such a disappointment as well, because normally we'll pass strangers and stop for a bit of a conversation with them. We had a chat with a cyclist about the route and the dangers of our sports shortly before this. It's so nasty to have an otherwise pleasant day out ruined because people think that kind of thing's alright.

      The worst past is my friend said she'd skated past them twice with her fella and they hadn't said a word. It's just such disgusting behaviour.

    • 6 years ago


      I went to a taster session for Kent Roller Girls' rec league today and I am so excited to start derby like crazy

    • Injuries!

      6 years ago


      I need a bit of advice and I'm betting there's someone on here that can give it to me!

      I fell roller skating and pulled my hamstring in a pretty minor way a couple of weeks back. It felt completely fine, which was when I was told I could start doing things again, so I went out again and fell in the exact same way.

      Now I've got a pain slightly higher up in my thigh and like an ache down the back of my thigh to my knee. Moving around makes the pain go away, but that ache is present fairly frequently present in varying degrees of painfulness that doesn't see to depend on anything. I'm not having trouble walking, running gets a bit painful/awkward because the ache makes my muscles feel like they're tensing. I popped my skates on to see how I do on them and its slightly painful but not hindering

      And basically all I want to know is do I keep moving it or do I rest it because I'm not sure what this is or what I should do with it. I'm currently doing a bit of both and sticking ice on it three times a day because I can't really think what else I should do?

      In other news, I also burnt my hand :') my sister says she's going to get a tshirt printed with "danger zone" on the front and "approach with caution" on the back smiley6.gif

      Cheers guys! smiley9.gif

    • Happy results day for me!

      6 years ago


      Got my second year results back and I got a high 2:1, I'm so happy about this.

      I got 68 overall, which means that if I work bloody hard next year I might actually be able to boost myself up to a first which would be wonderful. I don't think it's very likely because I've been really consistent in my marks so far but it'd be great if I do and its slightly more achievable with that mark.

      What I'm most amazed at is the fact I got 69 and 70 in my exams. I was absolutely dreading these exams, I didn't feel nearly prepared enough, especially in comparison to other people, so this is an absolute result and I'm proper happy with it,

      Today's a good day!

    • Adventures in Tumblr

      6 years ago


      Michael said something funny to a guy on Twitter earlier so I screencapped it and made a tumblr post out of it and since then I've been documenting the dumb shit people reblogging it are adding on to it.

      My favourite is something I've titled "the mug saga" in which people feel the need to repeatedly exclaim about the fact he has a Team Nice Dynamite mug. Sometimes they seem to forget people have eyes and think no one's noticed. Sometimes they feel the need to repeat the fact that there is indeed a mug just in case the person missed it the last two times. Sometimes they apparently have never seen a mug before and die of excitement.

      This person seems to be perplexed by the concept of a mug

      yes thank you there is a mug there I'm so glad you told me a third time I didn't quite get it on the first two tries

      You're about the 60th person to say that trust me no one is ignoring the mug for some reason they've found it the most interesting thing about this entire series of tweets

      I wish I could be as excited about sweet wrappers in a cup as this person

      In conclusion, Tumblr is most likely going to be the site of the traumatic death of Rational Thought.

      If any of these people read this thank you for amusing me all day and it really goes without saying this isn't meant in a malicious way at all.

      If any of you for some reason feel like following me on tumblr I'd strongly advise against it because it's basically things I post on here and pictures of food.

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