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    • Old films

      6 years ago


      I'm doing a course on films during the war, and doing my dissertation on a similar thing, which is a fact that would have confused me completely a couple of years back because old films used to bore me to tears. However, I've concluded I must've been watching the wrong ones, because my god there are some absolute gems.

      I'm currently writing an essay on In Which We Serve. The hardest thing is understanding what they're saying.

    • Fit for RTX

      6 years ago


      I'm not going to RTX, but really like this idea, especially in such a supportive community, so I'm gonna give it a go!

      I tend to find that whenever I plan to go on a bit of a health kick I always injure myself, which stops it in its tracks. Last year I planned to start Dance until I fell down a set of stairs and sprained one ankle seriously, and at the start of this term I planned to start Zumba classes again (shout out to @goldilocks) but fell over last week and sprained it again. Which is, actually, one reason I think I should start exercising - I clearly have really weak ankles. This time, I'm not going to let it stop me, so part 1 of my action plan is to invest in some exercise DVDs. That way I can still do exercises while my ankle's recovering and take breaks if it feels like its going to do any damage. The next stages of my plan are undecided - probably, start going to some classes (bitches love classes) and going swimming weekly

      My goal is, rather ambiguously, to feel better about myself. That's all I really want to do, partially because I don't own scales that are consistent and also if I did, previous experience has taught me that my weight moves rather unpredictably and that that's demotivating for me. So I've decided as long as I feel alright about me and possibly get a bit fitter, I'm happy.

      I'll also try to eat healthier - I don't eat terribly in the first place, especially when I cook for myself, but I think there's things a can do better with my portions and probably get a better balance in my diet.

      High five RTCommunity! smiley9.gif

      Ps. If anyone uses myfitnesspal, my username is MissFrancesJ :)

    • Borderlands boots!

      6 years ago


      So I've finally coated my boots and they're totally ready to wear now! I put a picture in my images but I'm also making this journal post with a few more pictures showing every side of them :)


      They look super awesome on too, they feel proper heavy right now and are so stiff. There's a bit of an issue that as I wear them, they're creasing in certain places and this is annoying me probably just because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I've settled with the fact that no one's going to be able to see that unless they're next to my feet (so I'll just have to try not to kick people in the face or something smiley8.gif )

      All in all though I'm pretty happy with how they look. Next time, I'll definitely have to remember to a) not use plain paper and b) coat them in glue before spray lacquer (I think it'll help with the coverage, and perhaps remove the problem that some of the colours have faded slightly - which, again, only I can see) but they still look sick so yeah I'm proud!

    • 6 years ago

    • Existential crises are best not had in the middle of writing an essay

      6 years ago


      Writing my essay


      realise everything I'm writing actually only means something because my head tells me it does.
      break down

    • Stress!

      6 years ago


      I have an essay due in tomorrow and I've just decided to change my question because I couldn't find a single god damned thing on the previous one besides what my lecturer had wrote. Generally when I write an essay I'll start with a base of knowledge and look things up as I wrote about them, but literally anything I looked up came up with absolutely nothing. So I'm going for a last minute change of subject.

      And, naturally, blogging about it instead of actually doing it.

      On the bright side it's a super sunny day today which has been lovely, so here's a picture of my cat in my rabbit's hutch.


      Also my boots have just been lacquered so I should have pictures of them tomorrow too! If I survive the night ;)

    • Rooster Teeth and me

      6 years ago


      I didn't make one of these journals around the 10th anniversary because I didn't have a lot to say. I found Rooster Teeth around a year ago now, and I joined the site half a year ago. This community is absolutely lovely, and I'm enjoying being a part of it, but only recently I've learnt how rooster teeth is important to me.

      My best friend and I are best friends mostly because we are so very similar. This is great, because we get on so well, we're in to the same things, we act the same way. The biggest issue is that we're both shy to the extent of being incredibly socially awkward, which wasn't a problem until we went to university. Now when we come back, we don't really know what to say to each other to start off with, and its a horrible feeling. Especially because its not because we're different people to when we left, but simply because neither of us know how to deal with starting conversations. And that's why rooster teeth is important to me and why I'm making this journal now - I've realised this week that its the one thing we both really enjoy,and it sort of just breaks the ice for us in that awkward period and lets us get back to how we normally are at home.

      So cheers Rooster Teeth for keeping me close to my friends smiley11.gif

    • My First Minecraft Story

      6 years ago


      The first time I ever played Minecraft was on my boyfriends computer. It was in creative mode and I decided to build my house on top of a tree, simply because I could. About half way through building my ground floor, I turn around and see this little fella staring at me.


      And I was like awesome, wild house pet, because it kept following me around. Eventually, a second one turned up, and then a little one, and I assumed they'd had a cub, which was adorable at first.

      Except they never stopped multiplying


      Eventually, I couldn't move for ocelots. They were tumbling off the tree. I hit one every time I placed a block. So I put a glass roof on my house


      So now, somewhere in one of my boyfriends worlds, there's a house full of ocelots.

    • 6 years ago

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