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    • Shoes!

      6 years ago


      So, I'm a stereotypical girl in that I really like shoes. I compulsively buy shoes even though I don't particularly need them, and I have perhaps 35 differents pairs. I discovered about half a year ago that I also really like customising shoes, and I thought I'd share my latest project.


      I'm quite pleased with how they're looking so far, it's obviously a WIP but I think they're coming on quite well smiley1.gif
      I might put up some pictures of the others I've done a bit later.

    • Feeling sorry for myself today!

      6 years ago


      I'm not generally a miserable person but I am feeling right sorry for myself today because:
      It seems like I haven't got any of the work experience placements I wanted, which really sucks but I sort of expected it. Perhaps I'll try again and make use of Essex' wonderfully long holidays to get one when everyone else is busy :')
      My boyfriends gone back to uni because he has ridiculous terms and doesn't actually finish his spring term until the exact day when I have to go back. You'd think after five years I wouldn't be so soppy about this smiley6.gif
      I've had a headache 5 out of 7 days for the past month or so and it's starting to piss me right off
      It's bloody snowing again. We talked about this, snow. I told you if you ever showed your face again there'd be serious consequences. Unfortunately, you're significantly lacking in substance, so there's not much I can do to you. But one day I will have my revenge.

      So apologies to anyone if I'm moody or somewhat soppy today, its definitely "one of those days" :')

    • 6 years ago


      Oh god well @Karl bought me a sponsorship, which is absolutely bloody insane of him, but this is a quick journal post to say a massive thanks to him :)

      Guess who won't be embarrassing herself with broken links and poor embeds anymore?
      (Irony is I was going to put a Scrubs gif here but I genuinely still can't work out how to make my image embeds work on my ipad :') perhaps I'll edit it in the morning!)

      I'm ending this one with a gratuitous icon spam

    • Game prices

      6 years ago


      Looked in Game for games (surprising!) yesterday, I've been trying to find Portal 2 for Xbox for the past two months or so because I refuse to believe that the £20 Marketplace one is the best value.

      I found it in Game yesterday. Pre owned. For £25.
      They also had Tomb Raider on sale for the same amount.

      How can you justify selling a two year old pre owned game for the same amount as a brand new new one someone please give me these reasons

    • Weather!

      6 years ago


      So Britain's failed to have any sign of a spring so far and it's having a real effect on me in two ways:
      1) I want to sleep constantly
      2) I've somehow managed to get paler.
      This is bad news, because I'm already on the palest colour of my foundation. Sort yourself out British weather!

      In other news, I've had pancakes for breakfast and I'm going to TGI Friday for the first time for lunch, so today's looking to be a good day!

    • Neopets

      6 years ago


      I haven't played neopets since I was like 15? So about 5 pr so years now.

      For the past two years I've been getting two or lost password requests a week which I haven't sent for and it's driving me insane. 1) who wants my old account that much, 2) why do they think sending lost password requests will help them get it and 3) why the hell hasn't that account been deleted yet I've been inactive for the past five years.

      Leave me alone neopets.

    • Brighton, homelessness and things

      6 years ago


      Again, I am pictureless, except for this photo of cupcakes, which is actually relevant
      (I don't tend to take pictures of my food and put them on the Internet but i told my mum about these amazing cupcakes and she wanted to see)

      So I was in Brighton over the weekend visiting my boyfriend and abusing his access to the Mass Obs archive so I could do research for my dissertation. I love Brighton, but my trip was rather unexceptional except for this one thing.

      On our way back from a pub a guy stopped us and asked if we wouldn't mind giving him some money because he'd been wondering around for the past four days trying to find somewhere to sleep and now he's trying to raise £17 to stay in a shelter for the night, but everyone else on the street kept looking at him like he's scum (his words), and my boyfriend and I gave him some money.

      According to my boyf, this happens all the time, and sometimes you can just tell they're lying and they're just going to go buy alcohol or drugs, but this guy looked genuinely broken and horrified at his situation and I really felt for him. And I came to the conclusion that I really am too soft but also I don't understand why people are so negative towards the homeless, when it really could happen to anyone.

      And then we both came to conclusion that we didn't really care whether the money we gave him actually went to getting him into a shelter or just on alcohol or drugs because we probably would have only spent it on beer anyway and god damn I'd probably turn to drugs if I was on the streets in this weather too.

      Anyway, human compassion. It's a lovely thing. I thonk perhaps we need more of it. And that cupcake I had really was amazing, it was chocolate orange and the store had a window where you could see into the kitchen and all the people making them, which was nice.

      I'm on my Easter break now (4 weeks!) and I've got Live for that time but I've also got essays and revising to do so hopefully I'll get a good balance going there :')

      If anyone's interested in what my dissertation is on, it's the People's War in British World War Two Films, which should be interesting. If anyone's an expert in those films and can recommend one I should watch it'd be much appreciated because I haven't a clue where to start! As I mentioned above, I was looking through the Mass Observations archives - which is basically an archive of all kinds of self-report accounts of history, so like diaries, questionnaires, interviews, if anyones aware of Nella Last's diary, thats where it came from - and there are some right gems in there. In an interview with one man, every question is followed by "failed to answer the question" from the transcriber and a typically British comment on the war from the guy being interviewed.

      I'm always told by my friends to tell less of these stories because they're only amusing to me as a historian.

      But I also pre-enrolled for one of my modules next year and I'm hopefully doing one on the history of China from Mao onwards which will be interesting.

      And I think I'm out of things to report so add me on Live: MissFrancesJ and that's it from me really. Much love.

    • I'm getting Gold tonight

      6 years ago


      So add me MissFrancesJ and witness how dreadful I am at multiplayer ;)

    • Gavin Questions

      6 years ago


      Last night, I asked my housemates whether or not using gradual tanning moisturiser twice in a day would work, and her response was
      "Yeah because how would it know it's not been 24 hours? Like, I always wonder, how does food know it's out of date?"

      ....wot if?

      ps. using gradual tanning moisturiser twice in a day does work, but not well. Results are hilarious.

    • Facebook just announced my engagement to my boyfriend

      6 years ago


      Which hasn't happened
      This is what he had to say about the whole affair

      Nothing decent ever comes of being a chartist

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