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      9 years ago


      Okay so I'm never on...

      I'm working a lot... New amazing ass boyfriend... Shit ton of friends...

      Good news is I'll try to get on more... Um... Got me some ink on my hip! Planning on getting my full back ink soon!! :D
      Got new glasses and shit!! SO SO HAPPPY!! I'll have to post pics when I'm not too biz! :P
      I also make my own gauges now... Plan on selling a few to make extra cash.

      Yep life is so fucking peachy keen!!!
      Okay... I'm bored with this... uh...

      do it YOU WONT!!(words of moses)

    • Input?

      10 years ago


      A friend said something and I want to know your guys honest opinions?

      Her comment:
      Love does not exist. There is such thing. There is lust and the unquenchable urge to not be alone. We fear being alone for we can't relate to ourselves.

    • Milwaukee!

      10 years ago


      All I gotta say is there was plenty of amazing hawt chicks there... Oh and a lot of gingers...

      I went to amazing coffee shop ... It had a up stairs with graffiti and crap... Smokers and eccentric poets. Also, went to a good restaurant called Bella's Fat Cat. DO NOT EAT THE BUFFALO CHICKEN SAMMICH!! XP

      Oh, and I finally do have an engagement ring(I was unofficially engaged).


      I might be getting a puppy too. A pit shepherd mix...
      * happy dances *

    • Update...

      10 years ago


      Scratch the married this year...
      We decide next year Halloween.

    • Really nao...

      10 years ago


      So, it's been quite a while....

      Yes, tis true, Sarah and I got into another fight. Tho, this time I don't plan on getting over this fight. I lost the net like a day after she took her monitor back... Lucky, aye?


      I don't care either if you believe her or me... I won't explain my side either... That is how much I could care less...

      ON a more happier note...
      My life is amazing... Never ending fun and a AMAZING fiance. Gonna get married this year... Of course there isn't a date tho... We are way too um how do you put it?... Spontaneous for that! :D

      I got a cell... unlimited txt and free nights/weekends... PM me if you want the #!!!

      I cough at you!!(my new insult)...

    • You

      10 years ago


      You my peeps... ARE A GUPPY SUCKER!

      And I want just to give a quick heads up....



    • Bummed...

      10 years ago


      It's official...
      By May 15th I need to find a new place to live. Also, at the same time my fiance is needing to find a place too...

      Peachy fucking keen...

    • Complaint!

      10 years ago


      Hey, um, I'd like to return this....

      I seriously think you sold me damaged goods.... Ya know... Like is there suppose to be a crack in this?!

      No, seriously!

      Fucking A, there is a crack in my ass!! I'd like to return it!!

      Erm.... Anywhoooo!
      I got like this grape NOS and I think it's dangerous for me to have this.

      * farts *

      Ya know, walls get very annoying. I mean they never shut up with their chitter chatter!! Also, they really hurt when ya run into 'em. It's like some kinda of gravity pull, I swear!
      Walls speak to me! No joke!

      I tried to climb in the dishwasher at work...
      Bad idea...

      * burps *
      OOO, grape!

      Ya know for some reason today....
      I was at the gas station getting some shit when all of a sudden it hit me...
      I don't understand bewbs.
      I'm not joking.
      One second they are perky and the next they can be like all "ehh".
      Do bewbs have a mind of their own like penises?

      Do mental farts smell?!

    • Listerine...

      10 years ago


      Okay so like I hate surveys and there dumb questions. So, Imma gonna make my own really retarded survey(not sure if it'll actually turn out to be a survey really).

      1. Does the monkey moo pink?
      2. What's your favorite letter in the alphabet? FYI Sarah's is purple.
      3. Bewbs or B00bs?
      4. Can your pussy do the dog?
      5. thepenisinhermouth! What is on your mind?
      6. Do you honestly believe Redbull has bull sperm in it? Honestly.
      7. I like butt seckz! Do you?!
      8. Chinese, Japanese,___________, __________?(Oh, btw, only Sarah gets this one.)
      9. I believe in Santa yet, I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy?
      10. Do you make like a lemon and squeeze?
      11. Penis or male appendage?
      12. Do you prefer your companion to be Big, Healthy , Husky, Fluffeh, or DAAMMNNN!!???
      13. Hemorrhoids? Joo haz Hemorrhoids?
      14. Tard rolls in tarder sauce?
      15. Do mangoes equal papaya?
      16. Pussy or wieners? Sick bastards!
      17. Uh... Sorry Folks ... My brain leaked out at this very moment and there will be a slight intermission....


      18. I has noodles, nu?
      19. How many round shiny things do you has in said house?
      20. Que que es qua?
      21. What are you the Lord and Ruler of? Right now at this very moment I'm the Lord and Ruler of my panties!
      22. For all the girls out there pad or tampon?
      23. Whats your favorite method of hair removal?
      24. What breed are you?
      25. Squeal or scream?
      26. Favorite energy drink?
      27. What food/drink gives you a orgasmic face?
      28. What's your favorite scent?
      29. Does pussy actually smell like tuna?
      30. Why the flying hell do guppies have to breed so damn much?
      31. Did you know that planet earth has a beard?
      32. What color was your recent poo?
      33. What's more annoying dealing with a crazy person or a boring person?
      34. Honestly, why do men where sandals? It's so unattractive.
      35. Or why do some wear socks and sandals? Damn jock preppies...
      36. Rawr or Roar?
      37. How come people use y for why? Y means and in Spanish dips!
      38. Toilet set down or up and why?
      39. If farting is okay then why is quiffing not?
      40. Do you know how to sneeze bananas?
      41. Sarah and I were wondering how many people kill them selves cuz there life was that boring?
      42. What? 42 what?.... Don't ask Sarah lost it again.
      43. Salmon... Why the hell is the L silent? DAMN IT! Can you imagine how badly that word fucks with foreigners.

      K, I'm done with this cuz I am so goddamn bored of making this.

    • Bewbs for Sale!

      10 years ago


      Boredom + Highly brain damaged spethul kid = Survey Journal

      Do you have the following in your bedroom?

      Condoms: Ja, flavored ones! Tho, to me they smelled more than tasted like banana... Haven't tried the other two flavors yet.

      Cell phone: Ja, stupid cheap piece of shit.

      Book shelf: I use my top shelf of my closet...

      Couch: Nah... But, I do have a really comfy medicine ball... :D

      Futon: Nah.

      Computer/laptop: Ha! Nu, sorry, I'm not that special or rich.

      Pictures: Nah.

      Mirror: In my closet where it belongs!

      Skateboard: Nah.

      Bed: NO SHIT!

      Clothes on the floor: Ja, of course.

      Surfboard: Nah.

      Smoke detector: Ja.

      Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass/drums: Nah.

      Locking door: Ja.

      Bottle of water: Nah.

      Blacklight: Nah.

      Lava Lamp: Nah.

      Medals/ribbons: Nah.

      CDs: HA! waste. NU!

      Flag: O.o... Why would I have a flag?!

      Stop sign/any sign: Nah.

      Paintball gun: Nah.

      Real Gun: Nah.

      Cigarettes: Uh, nu... Icky... XP

      Pot: Nu.

      Any drugs: Unless you count cold medicine(the type you can't get high off of).

      Alcohol: Nu.

      Books: Duh.

      ps2: Don't work anymore.

      Xbox: Nah.

      Gamecube: Nah.

      Stereo: Nah.

      Gum: Ja.

      How many windows do you have in ur room: One.

      What is the color of your walls? White.

      Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom? Wherever my things I need are.

      What's on your walls? Uh... Nothing.

      Has the opposite sex been in your room before? Ja. Many times.

      Has the opposite sex been on your bed? Uh ya...

      Has the opposite sex slept in your bed? YES!

      Ever had sex in your bed? It's me we are talking about! JEEZ!

      Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you? My fiance.

      Do you like your bedroom: For the most part yes.

      Why did I decide to waste my time on this?!
      Horrible boring questions....

      Mission: I'm so gonna make my on fucking survey!! Someday......

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    • jaybattler

      9 years ago

      yeah same point either way I don't think I want to know and I doubt I need to know anyway

    • jonundead

      9 years ago

      Ummmmm...work...work...and more work


    • jonundead

      9 years ago

      True ture...YAY FOR BEING UNDEAD!!!

    • gravemynd

      9 years ago

      It stands tall behind the curtain.

      Idk about on stage yet, haven't tried again.

    • jaybattler

      9 years ago

      yep yep
      and nah I mean the most embaressing thing you ever do will always be caught on camera so you'll never live it down
      so far there arn't any videos of me

    • polarbearzip

      9 years ago

      Last log in 2 months ago??? WTF!?

    • Green_knight

      10 years ago


      I had no idea you liked to make mustard!

      "Ginger" Garlic mustard, at that!
      I have been enjoying this mustard a great deal, too. Its "Zesty"


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