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    • O.o

      10 years ago


      Okay... I'm not sure if this is stupid or... If I'm the only one that thinks this... But, doesn't a vibrating shaving razor sound like some "emo" sex toy?


      Sorry Pink Nike I had to make this into a journal.

    • Journal.

      10 years ago


      Eh, I just needed something to post.

      Took this from Sarah(FuckedUpCat), Which in return stole it from Pink Nike(MJbigbro).

      1 Question, 1 Honest answer.
      I Promise to answer it honestly!! * raises right hand for this oath thingy * ^O^

      That's all "you" get. So, "you" better make it good.

      "You" get to ask me 1 question. (To my inbox, or if "you" have the guts "you" can leave it in a comment.)

      Any 1 question, anything, no matter how crazy it is, and I promise to answer it honestly...

      No catch.
      But I dare "you" to re-post this and see what people ask you!

    • Confession..

      10 years ago


      I have a confession... Every night before I go to sleep... I... Uh... I'm not sure exactly how to say this..but, I...


      Really, I'm not sure exactly why I said that... I'm sure it has to do with my withdrawals from Saltines. :P

      Anyway, I went to Wal-mart to spend my $25 from Christmas. After 4 hours of searching for something to spend $25 on I decided I need a new pet. So, I bought a Red Thai Crab. The only problem is I'm not sure if it is a female or a male. XP

      I NEEDZ HELP NAMING THE NEW PET!!! Suggestions please?

    • Ja, Boredom!

      10 years ago


      Me is gonna make journal of random facts about me...

      1. I over think things and usually get nervous about things easily.
      2. I have phobia of phones yet I love to text.
      3. I, for some reason, like to smell my hands.
      4. I really don't like wearing pants(jeans). Well, actually, I barely like wearing clothes in general. >.>
      5. Uh, very forgetful!!! SO I'M SORRY IF I FORGET SOMETHING!! KILL ME WHY DON'T JOO!! >.<
      6. If I had to choose a favorite color... It would be Grey! Yep I said it GREY!!
      7. It's weird but it seems I'm not able to keep friends. Humans just tend to annoy me too much. SO, if I actually refer to you as a friend or bro that means a lot.
      8. Somehow I find my one friend, Pinky, very funny for no apparent reason. We have still yet to figure out why he can make me laugh so much.

      * skipping nine * Ask me why if "you" want?

      10. I love body paint. Kinda like an inside joke with Pinky and I.
      11. "I made peanut butter in the bathroom!" is my little joke. If "you" figure it out tell me.
      12. "Orgies" are my things... That is why Sarah is "Prego"!
      13. I'm cold and I have juice! * orgasmic face *
      14. Fuzzy Lumpkins are my friends. ^O^
      15. Bunnies scare the flying fuck out of me(Truly I didn't know fucks could fly or swim for that matter but they do!)! * eye twitches *
      16. For being a girl I like to oddly thrust and hump everything in site.
      17. The only way I'll eat popcorn is if peanut butter is melted for dipping the popcorn.
      18. Being on the comp is so addicting that I do literally get withdrawals from not being on enough. Odd I know.

      * skipping nineteen * Again, ask why if "you" want?

      20. I eat Saltines like they are crack. Just ask Sarah.

      Oh, and this one is just for Pinky...

      21. * burps and farts * :3

    • NEEDZ HELP!!

      10 years ago


      I need help spending my first paycheck. My problem is I can't seem to decide which pants to get.




      SO, just tell me in a comment what y'all think!!

    • XP

      10 years ago


      I burned my mother fucking finger on corn dogs!! WTF!!




      * Pinky found it!! <3 *

    • TREND!!

      10 years ago


      The Rules:
      Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
      Step 2: Post the first line from the first 37 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
      Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both ARTIST and TRACK correctly.
      Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
      Step 5: If you like the game post your own

      1. Holy man get you hands down out of 25 (some strange yelling type thing) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
      2. She says "wake up, it's no use pretending"
      3. I'm curious to know exactly how you are
      4. I been thinking through the night everybody's so uptight people hurt and thats their right cut em all loose
      5. Girls from seven-eleven stay up all night
      6. Love me cancerously
      7. She's got a taste for innocence
      8. Long long ago, In China I'm told
      9. People think when you don’t understand, What it takes to outta be a man
      10. Marky got with Sharon, And Sharon got Cherese
      11. I wouldn't be a liar
      12. In some forgettable rhyme, We crawled across the border line
      13. I hope you like it in your little hotel
      14. I can't see the me, that everyone can see
      15. You came to me within a dream
      16. Soft kiss and wine
      17. i saw you walking in the street
      18. Sucker love is heaven sent
      19. I'm seeing red
      20. Why you always want to get the best of me
      21. Made the toast, burnt the eggs
      22. Since were feeling so anesthetized
      23. Ancient wall of flowers tumblin' down
      24. Daddy's ghost behind you
      25. It's a great big world, There's a million other guys, I feel so lucky when I look, In those green eyes
      26. I used to know a girl...She had two pierced nipples, And a black tattoo
      27. She lost her focus yesterday
      28. What is it? Who is it? Where is it?
      29. I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis was missing again
      30. Can you make it real, Make it more than will, More than just feel
      31. Sad suffering, I knew you when, Fairwell thee friend of mine
      32. Grandfather watches the grandfather clock, And the phone hasn't rang for so long
      33. I'm not coming back, I'm not gonna react, I'm not doing shit for you
      34. (Ooooh) Stop! With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
      35. However you feel, whatever it takes, whenever it's real, whatever awaits, whatever you need, however so slight, whenever it's real, whenever it's right.
      36. Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair
      37. Well, it would've been, could've been worse than you would ever know.

      Good luck!! :P

    • ADD FRIEND!!

      10 years ago



    • Friend Journal!

      10 years ago


      I stole this from atlus0016. Anyway, here are my top friends. If you are not mentioned, you don't talk to me enough or we just never hit a personally friendship kind of level.

      (This is in sort of a random order)

      555666777(Pinky) -Your an awesome friend. Most ppl find you boring but somehow your hilarious to me and you really brighten up my day. Thanks for everything. <3

      Fox_Knight(WIfey) - YOUR utterly amazing. Every time we talk it seems like we have our own little world and we get each other. It's great that we are friends even tho I wish we were more at times. I LOVE YOU MAH WIFEY!! <3

      ARM(Cookie) - You are the best bro I ever had. Thanks for being there when I need you. I love you. <3

      RenIkuhara - I know your going through some horrible times lately, but I want you to know I will always be there for you. <3

      Lyzi_Kira(Panda) - I miss you horribly. Wish we could talk more because your so fun to have around. <3

      Green_knight - Thanks for being there when I need to better understand religion. Your faith has helped me a lot. <3

      jaybattler(Batters) - Thank you for always helping me with anything. <3

      atlus0016 - You always make me smile and when ever I need to get something off my chest your there to talk. Thank you. <3

      WolfBites - It's nice to have you around and play with(non-sexual). Also we have some things in common and that's great to know you'll understand. <3

      XxCrushedxX - Thanks for being a great friend.

      FuckedUpCat(Preggers) - I don't think I need to really say anything! * laughs * <3

    • Thanksgiving!

      10 years ago



      Sorry, a line from House.

      Okay. So, since the thing is to make a Thanksgiving journal today...

      What I'm thankful for:

      If it wasnt for this fucking show I think I would have gone crazy!! Anyway, I have a dilemma. I hate ppl yet I love ppl. Also, I hate being alone yet I love it. So, how would "you" fix this? Advice needed and I'm dead serious.

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