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    • w00t!!

      10 years ago


      I GOT MYSELF A JOB!!! I IS NOT WORTHLESS NO MORE!! I start on the 7th and get average 4 days a week paying $6.50/hour(which will be going up to $7 something soon). This is really awesome because last night Mum just told me she lost her job!


    • LOX

      10 years ago


      Sarah and I are going to TRY and make a business. We wanna call it LOX. It'll be an online business until we are able to get enough money to start one in LA.


      Right now I'm helping!! * ish be lackey *

      See Sarah's(FuckedUpCat) journal for more details.


      Colors - Two or more. Max of 10 unless you want a heavy one.

      Size - Short, Long, Medium, Waist Length

      Style - One piece, Pigtail set, Three Set

      There are more requirements, but that is the basics. If it's a "hit" we will tell you more info.

    • Well...

      10 years ago


      I moved back with mah mum. So, thats why I haven't been on lately. Sorry guys.OH OH and mah mum loves mah mohawk!!

      I HATE THIS MONTH THO!! EVERYTHING BAD HAPPENS ON THIS MONTH!!... * tilts head * yet there is really awesome food because of the holiday.



      * needs to get shit faced *

    • ...

      10 years ago


      Got a new msn. Ask for it if "you" want to chat.

    • >.<

      10 years ago


      K, yesterday Sarah(FuckedUpCat), Ticket(mah bf), and I(MissJaded) tried to get mah hawk up!! Yes, I do have pics and I'll show 'em off whenever I get to it. IT TOOK 2 HOURS WITH KNOUX GEL(known as that gelatin shit) TO FINALLY GET IT UP!! MAH HAIR GOT LIKE A FUCKING MIND OF ITS OWN!! I SWEAR!! WE COULDN'T EVEN GET IT TO FAN OUT!! ONLY ALMOST GOING ON THREE HOURS DID WE GET IT TO SPIKE!! Then we had lunch!! Which is a dangerous thing in Ticket's house(somehow everything Ticket cooks/bakes gives ppl gas). But what is really weird is this time, eating his lunch, didn't give us gas! ^O^ After the lunch I let Sarah have some fun time taking photos of mah hawk at a park with Ticket. Fun times fun times! * winks * What happens in the park, stays in the park!! OH OH and that Knoux gel felt/looked like really thick semen!! EWWWWWW!! >.<

      I'm a manican!! * giggles and dances around *

    • Cuz I'm bored

      10 years ago


      Post your name and I will do each of the following:

      1. I'll respond with something random about you.
      2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
      3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
      4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me, if possible.
      5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
      6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
      7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
      8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
      9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.
      10. If you play, you MUST post this on yours

      Yes, for all of you that didn't hear yet, I did get a Mohawk! I will post pics whenever I can!

    • Rawr!

      10 years ago


      Well my life is looking up. I have a great new bf, Ticket(yes its a nickname and not his real name)(yes he is also a rl guy not a net guy). He is a musician/poet from L.A.

      On another note I'm sick cuz of the cold weather. Oh, and I'm going to change mah hair again. I'm thinking Mohawk. I'LL BE A WOLF PUP WITH A MOHAWK!! I think mah Mohawk will be either green/blue or pink/blond. I'm not sure.

      Other than that nothing much has been happening. I did get a letter from mah Dad(biological). It was.. >.>.. interesting.

    • ^O^

      10 years ago


      Time for a random journal... Cuz I feel like it. So, Sarah and I were at Walmart... and when we were like getting some "meat"... I decided to ask some random question...

      Here is the question I randomly asked out of no where:

      Would you hump a apple pie(this was in the middle of getting "meat", also in front of the workers)?

      So, would "you"?

    • -_-

      10 years ago


      Real name â€" Alicia Marie Hinzmann(Birth name)
      2. like it â€" NU!
      3. single or taken â€" Taken!
      4. zodiac sign - Pisces!
      5. male or female - Female!
      6. elementary - Eh...
      8. middle school â€" Eh...
      9. college - Most likely nu!
      10. hair color â€" Eh.. naturally its shades of blond, brown, red!
      11. eye color - Brown!
      12. hair length - Short-ish!
      13. current worry - Nothing!
      14. Heritage - Italian, German!
      15. are you a health freak - Nu!
      16. height â€" 5'2"
      17. do you have a crush on someone â€" Yep!
      18. do you like yourself - Yes!
      19. piercings â€" Yes!
      20. tattoos - Nu!
      21. righty or lefty - Righty!

      22. first surgery - Nu!
      23. first piercings â€" Ears.. did myself!
      24. first best friend â€" Eh!... O.o... Never really had one!
      25. first award â€" Never had one!
      26. first sport - Soccer!
      27. first pet - Hamster!(hated it)
      28. first vacation - New York!
      29. first teacher - How the flying fuck am I suppose to remember that?!?!?!?
      30. first crush - O.O... Don't remember!

      31. orange or apple juice â€" Orange!
      32. rock or rap - Rock!
      33. country or screamo â€" Country!
      35. britney spears or christina aguliera - None!
      36. night or day - Night!
      37. sun or moon - Moon!
      34. n'sync or backsteet boys - None!
      38. tv or internet - Net!
      39. playstation or xbox - XBOX!
      40. kiss or hug - Both!
      41. iguana or turtle - Iguana!
      42. spider or bee? - Spider!
      43. fall or spring - Fall!
      44. Limewire or iTunes - Limewire!
      45. chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate!
      46. soccer or baseball - Soccer!
      47. love or money â€" Love!

      48. eating - Nothing!
      49. thinking â€" Ticket!(and only Sarah would understand this!)
      50. drinking - Water!
      51. im about to - Going to see a friend!
      52. hating - Humanity and always will!
      53. singing - "Inside The Fire" by Disturbed!!!

      55. want kids - Yes!
      56. when - Uh, whenever I'm ready!
      57. want to get married - One day!
      58. when - Eh!
      59. where do you want to live - Anywhere that is either southern or out of the US!
      61. anyones names on the mind â€" Ticket!
      62. what did you want to be when you were little â€" Kill my mom!
      63. what do you think you'll really be doing - * shrugs *
      64. mellow future or wild - Wild!
      65.college degree or not - * shrugs *
      66. something you would never try - Fuck Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(only Sarah will understand this)
      67. when do you wanna die - NAO!! FUCKING NAO!!

      68. lips or eyes - Eyes!
      69. hugging or kissing - Either!
      70. shorter or taller - taller!!
      71. tan skinned or light â€" PALE BITCH!!
      72. romantic or spontaneous - Both!!
      73. dark or light hair - Eh!
      74. muscular or regular - A little of both!
      75. hook-up or relationship - Relationship!!!!!!
      76. similar to you or different - A little bit of both!

      77. gotten arrested â€" YES AND I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!!
      78. kissed a stranger - YES!! it was really fun and tasted good!!
      79. finished a game of monopoly - Fuck no!! I end up throwing everything or purposely die so I can stop playing!! Fucking hate that game!!
      80. broken a bone - Yes: My hand 3 times and my foot 2 times!!
      81. climbed up a tree - Yes!!
      82. broken someones heart â€" Yes!!* whispers * >.>.. it was funneh!!
      83. turned someone down â€" Yes!! * coughs * Rob! * coughs *
      84. had your heart broken - I was born with a broken heart!
      85. liked a friend as more than a friend - Eh!! not really!!

      86. yourself - Yep!
      87. miracles - Yep!
      88. love at first sight - Nu!!
      89. santa clause - NU!!
      90. kiss on first date - Nu!
      91. angels - Yep!

      92. is there one or more people you want to be with right now â€" Just one!!
      93. like someone â€" Yes!!

      94. thing you ate - Yogurt and cookies!!
      95. text message â€" NU one!
      97. call made - Steph!
      98. message on myspace â€" Eh! forgot her name!
      99. missed call â€" Nu one!
      100. last person you hungout with â€" Ticket!

    • Odd...

      10 years ago


      My roommates fish is a Zombie!!

      It attacked me today! Tried to eat me!! IT HAS THE TASTE FOR BLOOD!!! * hyperventilates *

      ILY Mah Gay Lover! <3

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