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    • Things to know before traveling to Austin

      2 years ago


      RTX is fast approaching, and I feel like I should share some of what I know about Austin, Texas. 

      1) Plastic Bags are not allowed. Unless you're eating at a non chain restaurant, you won't find plastic bags. Most stores sell their paper, so it's easier (in most cases) to purchase one or two reusable bags during your stay. HEB has cute Austin themed ones, so it's serving a purpose, AND it's a souvenir. 

      2) If you stay within the city limits, something is always open. Bars, breakfast diners, dining restaurants, something is always open. I remember last year we were walking back to the hotel from 6th street at maybe 2:30 am, and we stopped for donuts. Something is always open. 

      3) Get a good burger at least once. This still applies if you are a non meat eater. Austin has some amazing vegetarian/vegan friendly places. My personal favorites are P.Terry's, which you can only get in Austin, and What-a-burger, which you can (mostly) only get in Texas. Last year, I had an amazing black bean burger at a bbq place near the convention center, though I can't remember the name. 

      4) There's always food within walking distance, but leave with a plan or you will be walking for hours. From the ACC I've walked and had Phở, sushi, Tex-Mex, straight up Mexican, Wings, Asian, and burgers. 

      5) REMEMBER WHERE YOU PARKED. Two years ago, @swirlfire and I took a fellow guardian all over Austin to try and find her car, and unfortunately, we ended up dropping her off at her hostel. Drop a pin, take a picture, keep the parking ticket, something. I have never wanted to help someone so much with no power to do so. Don't lose your car to Austin, know where it is. 

      6) It's pretty hot here. Make sure you wear sunscreen, take advantage of shade, and drink plenty of water. Please drink water. If you're out drinking, please drink water. If you're walking from the ACC to the JW, please drink water. If you are standing outside in the sun, please drink water. In the past years, the swag bags have the perfect room to carry a snack and drink. Please do so.

      7) Some people think all of Texas is cows, horseback riding, and cowboy hats. This is not true. Texas is just like a lot of other places. If you travel outside the city, you will most likely see cattle, horses, and cowboys. You're also likely to see hogs, deer, rabbits, and random drive thru zoos with all sorts of animals. You'll see cops on horseback, specifically at 2 am on 6th street, when they clear the streets and let cars use it again. It's normal. They have those in New York, too. 

      8) This is a personal preference of @swirlfire and I, but we never eat anywhere that is also in our home town. Specifically, fast food. If we have it at home, we're not exploring a new city through food. Even though we live in Texas, we've been to Austin numerous times, and even lived there for a time, you can always find somewhere new. (I realize a lot of my numbers are about food. Dude, the food tho.)

      9) The weekly Austin Chronicle (found online or at the door of most stores) is the best paper to pick up for a listing of current events and show listings. Chances are, you’ll find at least several shows that are of interest to you-- this is the “capital of live music.” Last year we randomly found out about a Drive In 80's Theater that way. There's also coupons once in a while, which I (a terrible coupon clipper) find invaluable. I like saving 10$ on Tacos, ok?

      10) This one's a little ugly, but it needs to be said, As a brown person who experiences it on an almost daily basis, I feel I can talk about it. Austin is honestly one of the best places in Texas. You are accepted as one of their own (Unless you're from Southern California) and shown a wonderful friendliness. Breast feeding is protected by law. Anywhere a man can go topless, a female can, too. (In my experience) the police are friendly, and will even laugh at you if you ask a really stupid question. However, if you travel further outside of Austin, into the smaller towns of Texas, racism and sexism still very much exist. I live in a small Texas town, and have to constantly defend where I was born. I have black friends who are greeted with hostility, one who was told he wasn't allowed into another person's house. If you are traveling outside the city, be prepared. Hopefully, no one encounters any. RTX is a great fun place, and I hope everyone is safe while there. 

      11) Have someone know where you're going/Know where you are. Have a meet up place. Nothing is scarier than losing your friend in a bar and not being able to contact them because WIFI was shut off because it's closing time and you can't use your phone in America. (Actually happened, and we reunited her and her friend.) Even if it's something as simple as screenshot the Uber page and send it to your mom. Even if 's something that seems as stupid as the group meets in front of the Shark Robot Booth at 4pm to break for dinner. It helps keep everyone safe, accounted for, and together. It can be very scary in a city you don't know, country you don't know, by yourself. It can also be very scary to lose your friend. Keep in contact! GroupMe, What'sApp, Discord, even Facebook Messenger is a great way to keep in contact with your group. Worst case scenario, you get lost and have to find the police to get you back. WORST worst case scenario, they all go to P.Terry's without you because they couldn't find you.

      12) The slogan of the city is "Keep Austin Weird." If you see anything crazy, it's totally normal here. If you see a mostly naked pedicabber, or a group of bar hoppers at 10am, or a man stapling money to himself, don't be surprised. However, if a Street Performer grabs your attention and makes you stop, you totally owe him a dollar.  

      This is by far a definitive list, but thing's I've learned from experience either in my travels to new cities, or by meeting other Guardians and attendees that have never really traveled before. I want to be the old lady and share my knowledge. If you have any more, feel free to comment them below!

    • Happy Lunar New Year!

      2 years ago


      So, I think I can officially pick up the status of Lurker. I'm on here a bit, but I never post, never chat, or anything. I just love reading everyone's journal entries and posts. Everyone is so exciting, and it makes me feel so boring, but in the best way. 

      Ruby Rose and Belladonna Blake are doing wonderfully. Belladonna has started a new thing... eating food off the counter. She's tall enough that she can do it. Also, things that should kill dogs do not kill her. She's eaten a whole box of Raisin Bran (raisins and grapes are deadly) and a whole bar of baker's chocolate (also deadly) but her latest things she's gotten are most of a brand new cake I made @swirlfire and a whole raw chicken breast. She's terrible sometimes, but we love her. Now if only she'd eat her food in her bowl with such gusto. 

      This year, to celebrate the year of the Rooster, I didn't make my usual dumplings, as they contain chicken. I made a Mongolian Beef dish over white rice, and I made a vegetarian garlic and ginger ramen. Both were delicious, and I think next year I'll have to make the dumplings and the beef, I might have started a new tradition. 

      Unfortunately, I spent this new years away from all my family. Which saved me money, as I am the oldest child. I didn't have to give money to my siblings! 

      Last update, I am officially a guardian of RTX 2017. Both Swirlfire and I, which means this will be our first RTX as a married couple! No one can call me my old last name anymore! It feels so weird to say that. 

      Oh, and I am completely obsessed with Overwatch and I want to cosplay as Mercy but Mei is my perfect body type but I want to also be gremlin gamer D.Va, so I have to make decisions. And if my male friends do what they want to do (gender bend) I guess I'll have to be McCree. 

      Ok, last last update. I did not attend PAX South, and I will not be attending Anime Matsuri or Comicpalooza. Unless someone calls me and asks me to work it, I'm not doing it. My job isn't very convention friendly, but RTX will be after my six month mark, so they're more understanding. If you were expecting me to be directing lines or holding up microphones for people at Anime Matsuri, I'm sorry. And if you were expecting me to be at PAX, same reasons. The good news is, there's always next year. 

      Have a safe and happy Lunar New Year!

    • Better Late than Never

      2 years ago


      I've officially sent in my Guardian application. Nothing is ever set in stone, but I hope to be returning as Co-Team Lead of the Registration Team with my partner. I love watching over everyone, and not just my team! I love looking after all the attendees. 

      Why did I wait so long? Well, I wanted to wait until after my name changed. Why did my name change? I'm Finally Mrs. Swirlfire. That's right, @swirlfire and I finally, after an almost three year engagement, finally tied the knot. No pomp and circumstance, we got married in an incredibly small ceremony, including both our mothers. Neither of our fathers were able to attend, if that will let you know how small it was. It was also very quick. We decided in the car on the way home "Wanna get our marriage license tomorrow and get married on Monday?" It was quick, magical, and I wouldn't have changed it for anything in the world. 

    • News to me!

      2 years ago


      Last week, during my birthday, my wedding, and my husband's birthday, I was featured user of the week. What an honor! Too bad I was off internet during that time, lol. I'm a little late, but thank you, everyone!  purple_heart

    • RWBY and Pokemon?

      3 years ago


      Penelope from Pokemon (Kindergarten Chaos!) sounds exactly like Pyrrha from RWBY. Are Dani Marcus and Jen Brown long lost twins?!

      On a side note, what Pokemon do you think the RWBY cast would choose? There's not really a corgi Pokemon, but Weiss would totally have Glaceon. I would like to think Belladonna would have Litten, but she's gotta wait until November to get it.

    • International Sailor Moon Day

      3 years ago


      International Sailor Moon Day is August 6th, and there's lots of one day conventions all over. You should check to see if there are any near you here. It's lots of fun, and I know lots of people that are attending the event nearest them.

      If you are in Houston on the 6th and for some reason ever wanted to see my sister or me dressed up as a Nekomimi (Catgirls), go and check it out! Tickets at the door are 20$ (don't quote me. I bought mine for 10$ months ago) and can be bought there with cash.

      I am making two mixed medium costumes, one in black and one white. A crochet bodice halter dress with an empire waist and fabric skirt, and one white strap crochet bodice fabric skirt with empire waist. Both have a gold ribbon for cinching, and so far look great. Alexis, my sister, will have a test fit Friday, the day before the convention. I know, I'm crazy. But her body isn't nearly as lumpy as mine, so the only issue is length. Too short, cut and roll hem. Too long, add some thick black lace. I also crocheted the tail, and I'm still deciding if I want to crochet the ears or go with felt. I will most likely take minimal to no pictures, as my personal photographer, @swirlfire, has lost use of his only camera. One of those "It'd be cheaper to buy a new one" deals.

      If you are a fan of Sailor Moon, I would definitely suggest checking it out. This is the second year, but the first for a lot of places. If you just want to see what the fuss is about, tickets, in the places they are even charging, are pretty cheap. Gotta cover the venue and all that jazz.

    • Sorry, I'm actually boring

      3 years ago


      To all of my new friends on here, I'm going to go ahead and apologize. I'm actually very boring. My biggest activities are crochet and taking care of animals. Now that Pokemon Go! is out, my walks have a couple more stops. I have yet to play that and Zombies, Run!, but I think I could do it if there are no dogs. Ruby doesn't mind the stop and go, but Belladonna loves to run with no stop.

      Oh yeah, I have two dogs. Belladonna Blake is our black lab. She's amazingly sweet and dumb. She was a puppy with daschunds, so she thinks she's tiny, and apparently skipped the day she was supposed to learn situational awareness. Ruby is a Australian Shepherd that came from a bad home, but that's in the past! She's just a huge baby with tiny legs and a wiggly butt. I'm teaching her things like opening doors in hopes one day she will be a registered service animal. If I can teach her, I can teach for others, and maybe one day have an endless supply of puppies going to people in need. But that's just wishful thinking. We have no other RWBY pets, but Alex wants a pig in the future. He would like to name her Weiss and treat her like a princess.

      I'm currently crocheting a lot of stuff, but mostly Christmas presents. I'm also doing 100 children's hats for the Texas Children's hospital by December. My next crochet cosplay is either F!Link or a matching dress for my Pikachu and I. Contest Cosplays are always adorable, and don't have to have a stitch of cannon.

    • I am an old lady

      3 years ago


      Next week! I can't wait! Next Saturday is a convention I've been looking forward to for a while! Too early for RTX you say? Because it's not RTX!
      Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about RTX. The last eight conventions I've been to I've worked. This is not only the first convention I've been to in a while that I haven't worked, I'll be going with my mom, who I usually can't share my interests with, as we are just so different.
      What convention is it? The HOUSTON FIBER FEST! No, not a health food convention, a YARN CONVENTION! If you know me, you know I have three loves. Animals, Video Games, and Crafting. My favorite medium by far is yarn, and I'd like to think of myself as an avid hooker. Hooker is the colloquial term for a person who crochets, because we don't want to be known as crochety/crotchety.
      I have been crocheting little things recently, like 3DS cases, scarves, hair bunnies, amigurumi, and my convention lanyards. I even entered a Pokemon art swap where I did three different pokemon DS cases of my trade partner's favourite pokemon. They've been fun, but the thing I've been the most proud of is my HUGE White Mage cloak and cowl from Final Fantasy 1. I got so many compliments, and so many questions on how long it took. Aspiring hookers smiles would fade into looks of admiration when I told them it took me over two years with an L hook. My next big thing is I want to do a F!Link (Not Linkle, although she's awesome, too) in mostly crochet. My goal is a crochet tunic, crochet hat, crochet boot cuffs, bags, rupies, and (I might be too ambitious here) a tunisan crochet shield. The shield would be plush, but I might just go wood or fiberglass. My sword is totally going to be nerf with crochet hilt, but I plan to metal crochet for that. But that's in the far future, as I have Christmas gifts to do now.

      After that, RTX!

    • Sorry, everyone! Stuff happens.

      3 years ago


      The time has come that I start looking for another job. I gave up my job five months ago to take care of a family member in the middle of nowhere. She's no longer with us, and I've had to deal with that. Now, I've got to do something with my time. Pokemon and dogs just don't fill up every hour of the day. I really want to do something.

      I've also been promoted to judge in a Pokemon Art contest. I don't know if my previous entry was so bad they don't want to see anymore, or that I was honest with everyone else's work that they thought two judges would be better than one.

      I have bought my tickets to Sailor Moon day in downtown Houston. It's a one day convention in August, and my sister and I will make sure to enjoy ourselves. We're super excited, and I'm thinking about crocheting us matching beanies. Artemis and Luna. We'll have to fight over Luna.

      I'm ready for RTX! I'm so excited to see all my once a year friends. I'm ready to see all the guardians I've come to love and cherish. I'm ready for the food! I'm ready to work hard and have fun.

      I've designed three Pokemon dresses/outfits that I need to go ahead and jump on. I think they look cute, and would be super adorable at a convention. I have a little Chespin dress, a Froakie dress with a cinch, and a Vaporeon evening gown. I've also got to grab some thread for a crochet dress. Time will tell if I actually finish it or not.

      How's everyone doing? How are my south Texas friends? Is everyone dry?

    • Anime Matsuri 10!

      3 years ago


      This year is the 10th anniversary of the Houston (now Hawaii as well) Anime Convention. Last year, it was in the top 10 biggest anime convention in America. I'm super excited to be a part of it again! This year I'm again on programming staff. We are dedicated staff, so were basically really powerful volunteers. This year actually get a chance to dress up! If you happen to be coming to AMX, go to the formal dance on Friday! I'll be dressed up as a White Mage from Final Fantasy. It will be my own interpretation, and I've hand crocheted the cloak. I'll do my best to take pictures, but most likely will have to take a nice picture in the field before even departing. Due to negative comments about my body build, I usually don't cosplay when I attend conventions for fun. When I work conventions, I usually only have time for a silly hat. This year, I can abuse my power (he he) and scare those young negative attendees that would dare insult a staff member. I jest. Kinda. My one abuse of power this year, my convention boss encouraged me to do, switch a pre purchased Sunday badge for a Saturday one, so @swirlfire and my brother can both go on Saturday. Is it really an abuse of power if my boss said "do it?" I'm going to say yes so this White Mage can feel like a rebel.

      Let me know if you're going to AMX! I would love to take a picture with you, costume or no costume.

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      Grats on FU.

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      Happpy FU Day!!! :D

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      Happy FU day!

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      How are we not friends on here! I had to see you on featured user day to find out we needed to be friends.  open_mouth

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      Is that a familiar face I see? Congrats on being the Featured User today :D

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      Congratulations for unlocking the Achievement: "Featured User!" Enjoy your 100 gamerscores!

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      Congrats on being a Reg team lead!!

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      I'm excited to be a guardian with you again! It was awesome being on the Registration team with you last year!! :D

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        4 years ago

        I actually put PA as first choice, but since so many people do that I'm expecting to be put on Reg again since it was my second choice, which is totally fine with me because it was a blast last year!

      • MissMegumi White Mage

        4 years ago

        Yeah! Just to let you know, though I did put down Reg Team as my number one choice, I did put down store as number 2. If all goes well, we'll take awesome selfies with eachother's scan phones again! ^_^

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