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    • Mjolnir73

      No More RvB

      8 years ago

      Well, I'm going to delete my RvB page soon. Why?

      Ever since the series ended this place has gotten pretty boring and pointless. Plus I've been more involved in other things so, yeah. The forums are boring and really thats basically all thats left to do around here. Might as well get rid of it. You all have my AIM so just talk to me through that from now on.

      Later people.

    • Mjolnir73

      Tired? Damn!

      8 years ago

      Well, I'm pretty fucking tired. Been working round the house like crazy to get it ready. We finally sold the thing and I'll be hitting the road in 2 months. Where? Not sure, most likely in town as I found out from my mother. I was hoping otherwise, but it's nothing too bad. I'll be moving myself in a few years anyway.

      I just got home from playing Gears of War after finishing up some yard work. Me and my friend beat the entire shabang on Insane difficulty, which is the hardest. I'll tell you at some points I wanted to throw a small moon in to the 360 at how hard it was, but we fucking did it.

      Once I got my hands on the crossbow, well, everything in my way died. That thing is so cool! Rambo-ish, but cool. My friend would be sniping away, and I'd be blowing people up with that thing. After countless curb stompings, chainsaw slashes and grenade shenanigans we eventually reached the boss, General Raam, whom was dubbed 'General Raman Noodle' by us. Why? Well, it's a long story and even I don't quite understand it. Basically this big dude with a machine gun. After a few tries I finally shot him in the eye with an explosive arrow and...


      Sorry, had to be dramatic. But it was such a good stress reliever to play that and kick complete ass after a long, long, long week. I needed it bad. Especially with ancient drama resurfacing out of the blue that needed to be beaten down with a blunt object, such as a 9-iron. That situation is...well, we shall see. I just wish Halo 3 will have a chainsaw mounted on the assault rifle. Later peoples.

    • Mjolnir73


      8 years ago

      I just found out one of my favorite epics is slated to pop out in theaters this November, Beowulf.

      If you don't know the whole story, you should shoot yourself in the face. Well, maybe not...but I wouldn't care either way. It looks pretty good but...well, I'll have to see to believe. It has some well known faces like Anthony Hopkins and Angelina Jolie. If they fuck it up I will rant until the dawn of time.

      Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

    • Mjolnir73


      8 years ago

      I decided to pick up another martial arts program, which should be started up in mid-Augest. It'll be Tai Chi which I took a few lessons years ago before doing other programs. This time I'm going to stick with it, since I really want to expand my knowledge of fighting skills. There is a little shop down town that teaches it for 30 bucks an hour so I'll be hitting that place soon. Should be good stuff. I've found someone else to teach some self defense skills to, also.

      I should really start charging but, it's illegal to do that without a license. Not that the law could really stop me, it's just you can never be too careful. Some jackass decides to use his skills and kills somebody. Cops investigate and they eventually swing my way.

      I'm also drawing up some tattoos, like I mentioned earlier this summer. I'm going to get a shit load by December. It'll be a lot of cash out of my pocket, but I've been planning on this for a long time. I may have a choice between this and a 360, but obviously I'm going for the tattoos.

      I want to get some really ornate and detailed designs along my body. Mainly sleeves, chest, shoulder and back if I want. I may just get a sleeve first. Nothing really specific will be in it, other than a few things here and there. It should look good though, something that people will notice something new every time they look at it and that it would be different from the regular bunch of random tattoos people throw on their bodies. I want it all to flow together like everything in it belongs there.

      Should be fucking awesome. Now if you will excuse me, there is some easy mac with my name on it.

    • Mjolnir73

      Yeah, bitch!

      8 years ago

      So far things are...well, going along.

      I played Gears of War for the second time today. I love that game. I'm getting a 360 around September/Decemberish. By then I'll have Halo, Gears and I'll probably lock myself away for a few months. But It was cool. We had a 2 on 2 game going on, which is always pretty intense.

      It was kickass. I had some moments of glory...taking out both of them with a single hand grenade, running in with a shotgun blasting both of them away, pulling great cover fire so my friend would swoop in for the kill...so much carnage. The other team was generally as balanced as ours. Me and the kid on my team are pretty average/consistant players while the enemy team had a really crappy dude with a really good dude. In the end, we won 10-8 after finishing our last kill Boondock Saint style.

      The last enemy was incapacitated on the ground, so we could execute him to take the win or let him bleed out. We walked up with our pistols and at the same time and blasted him in the head. Classic, messed up, but still classic.

      Yeah, not much else is worth mentioning, really. I've been busy with my book, the fire department and all that stuff. It's been on the boring side lately but I do what I can to keep things interesting.

    • Mjolnir73


      8 years ago

      Well I'm going to start a new martial arts soon. I'm just wondering what to choose. I already know a good amount of different forms. Kali knife fighting, MCMAP and bayonet fighting, Some Tai Chi and a bunch of others. I even taught stuff for a while which I stopped doing so I could learn more.

      Uhuh. Well, I shown off my craftiness today when my friend came around with some people. He has a few training/practice bows and brought some with him. No arrows, of course. So I took someone and went in to the woods to find a plant good enough to make a decent arrow. Which can be hard...but heres a crash course.

      Boring Starts Here

      Unless you know what to look for, you need a plant that is alive, not dead. Otherwise it would be too brittle and break when you try to fire it. It also has to be somewhat flexible, again to prevent breaking. But not too flexible, because it wouldn't be sturdy enough to be fired. It also has to be as straight as possible. Any deviations in the shaft can cause the arrow to be stupidly innacurate. (Yes, stupidly!) So you get that, cut it down to about 1-2 feet, slice all the bark off with a knife, notch out the rear for the bowstring to catch on and whittle down the point. This set up is good for fishing and not much else since it won't go more than 20ft accurately.

      Boring Ends Here

      Anyway...I made the arrow, came over and started messing around with the bows. I tried out the longbow first but it was too powerful for the ghetto rigged arrow I made. It would just shoot off at a 45 degree angle or whatever, so I brought out the smaller compound bow. It worked well with that, so I started shooting cans or whatever. Then someone bet me I couldn't hit this kid Matt who was riding his bike around.

      At this point the point on the arrow was basically gone from hitting things, so it would sting at most. So I take off running along side him about 30ft away while he was peddling, trying to get away. The first shot nails him right in the hand and he dropped his cig. I thought that was good shit since I used a home made bolt and got a good hit. $20 for me!

      Another awesome thing was I was out drinking with some people outside. The one dude is going around on a razor scooter, then grabs a bike to try and show us this 180 thing. It couldn't of been more perfect. He goes at top speed in front of his house, tries to make the jump but hits a pothole or something, causing him to fly over the handlebars and he lands a direct hit in to his garbage cans.

      Yeah not much has been going on lately. I've been hard at work on my book Acturus which is coming along fucktacularly. I'm only on the third chapter with the page count standing at 36 pages, after encountering some serious writers block. But at this point the action is really going. Plenty of people already have been killed, lots of explosions and other crazy happenings like that. Minus the last couple days, I have been drawn away from it because I've been working on my house.

      We should be out of the house in two months if all goes as planned, most likely heading either to a place on the other side of town or some place else. Hopefully some place else because I like moving around.

      Once I get my hair cut I'll show off the hat me mother got me. Heres a hint about it. USMC.

    • Mjolnir73

      The Big House

      8 years ago

      Well, I told you I would get some pictures of my fire department. Unfortunately only a handfull of images survived the transfer to my PC. Why? Fuck if I know...My camera sometimes 'looses' pictures. But I still have some to show you.

      Enjoy or do not. Thats up to you.

      This is our fireboat. It's probably my favorite peice of apparatus we have. It goes something like 60mph in the water, which is fast. It's deck gun packs some punch too. It's so powerful it actually pushes the boat around in the water. She doesn't see much use, unfortunately, but the times we had been called out with her it's done its job pretty well.

      Here is our utility vehicle. We use it to haul extra equipment, personnel and the fireboat around.

      This is our rescue/pumper. It's the newest addition to the firehouse and has served its purpose pretty well. Unlike the other two trucks, this one has cupholders and even a cd player. Do we need those? Probably not...but what the hell? It's pretty cool. This truck is mainly used for motor vehicle crashes or other rescue assignments (duh), but also can serve as an engine on the fire scene.

      (Engines are vehicles that pump water from hydrants or other trucks to firefighters and other trucks.)

      Heres an image showing the three main trucks we have. From right to left, we have our engine 731, the center is the ladder 736 and the furthest is the already mentioned 738. We also have a squad (ambulance) numbered 739. I don't have a picture of it.

      Here is a picture of my gear locker. Yep...that's about it.

      Here is a close up of my helmet. Not much to say about it other than I have a Marine Corp sticker melted on to it. You can kinda see it. The front piece belonged to a friend of mine and it's obviously seen a lot of punishment even without the stuff I've put it through. I'm just waiting on a newer replacement that I should of gotten a couple months ago. Also my brother Matt is a Lieutenant at the same fire department. It's cool working with him. Mainly because unlike other officers he screws around to some extent.

      Thats about it for now. I will try to get more pictures up in another journal to show the rest of the firehouse. Hopefully the camera won't crap out on me but...well, what can you do? Later fools.

      Also if anyone is interested in becoming a firefighter, obviously I'd be one to talk to. Just ask away. It's a job I've always enjoyed. It's hard work both physically and mentally, but it's pretty damn rewarding. New stuff every day and you really get to see life as it really is. Which may or may not be a good thing.

      ALSO. (If you aren't a firefighter or whatever, ignore this.) I'm not a wacker. I actually get pretty bored talking about fire trucks and crap unless it grabs my attention, so quit while you're ahead. Yeah, I love the job but nothing too hardcore.

    • Mjolnir73


      8 years ago

      I've forgotten how much I like Smashing Pumpkins. I haven't really listened to them in forever, it seems. Plus I just picked up their new album and it's some good stuff. Brings back some memories all right of the old days. My uncle got me in to them when I was young. He's pretty cool.

      Um, yeah not much is really up. Same old garbage. We're finally getting close to getting the house sold so, that's a plus. I still don't know where we are going, but to be honest I don't care at all. It will be great to get out of town hopefully. It's too quiet and...familiar here. Yeah, it won't be much different where I move anyway but it's always a good change.

      So all I have to do now is wait...damn I hate waiting. It really isn't my thing at all. And my ex girl friend from a couple months ago just decided to try and talk to me. Man, I hate that bitch...She really knows how to piss me off.

      Later people.

    • Mjolnir73


      in Forums > Karma | Follow this topic

      No, I'm not talking about the kind here on Rooster Teeth. I'm talking about the real deal.

      I had a talk with someone I know today about karma. She wondered if it really does exist because of all the crappy things going on in her life when she has always been a really good and caring person. I won't go in to details but she has been going through A LOT of bad shit lately, and she really is a good person. It really had me thinking about it too.

      But do you believe in Karma in your every day life? Do you think that through your actions it will influence good times or bad arriving in the future? I know a few firm believers in karma and just as many who don't think about the topic.

      I'm not too defined on the subject either. I suppose it could be true. I've been through a lot of crap, especially during the time following my discharge. But I always pulled through and to this day I stand with what I believe to be the honorable thing to do.

      (Yes, I searched the archives and there is no other thread about this subject in this forum.)

      49 replies

    • Mjolnir73

      Explosion Time

      8 years ago

      Fireworks are fun, I'll tell you that much. When 4 bored people have a box of explosives...you know somethings gonna go down. Especially with me involved. We headed out down to an underpass over a waterway in town to set a bunch of them off. We did a lot of stupid crap like sending a bottle rocket powered boat out to sea to launching cherry bombs at each other with a shovel catapult. Dodging roman candle rounds can get pretty interesting too.

      I had about two holes burnt through my t-shirt and a bunch of other dirt/burn marks. When I came home my brother just looks at me and just says. "You know, a normal day for you would scare the living shit out of everyone else I know in this world."


      Fortunately no beer was involved or things probably would of...well, I think you can figure that one out. But still...no beer =(.

      I also played Gears of War for the first time the other day. It was kickass. I'm not too in to games other than halo 2 multiplayer but...wow. Just...wow. It's so brutal, and the story is pretty cool. Even though I don't understand half of it. You can do crazy stuff like chainsaw people with your assault rifle to curb-stomping enemies you incapacitate. So much more crazy crap too...

      I wish I had a 360. Somebody steal me one. I'll give you $2 and maybe some pocket lint....oh, shit! A paper clip too!

      I'm also completely back in the firefighting scene. (I'll have pictures for you all in a few days, so stay tuned.) For those who don't know I entered in to the fire academy during high school and graduated with a firefighter certification for New Jersey. Running in to burning buildings should tie me over while I work to get my ass over to England in a two years probably. Why the fuck am I going to England? See my last journal entry, biotches.

      Also, incase you didn't know. (You should, damnit!). There are two new Halo 3 related videos that came out of E3. Check'm out.

      Halo 3 Campeign

      Arms Race (Live Action)

      Now I have some shtuff to take care of. Yes, shtuff. So fuck off why don't you?

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    • CaptCheeto


      8 years ago

      busy lately. i updated the website some. i went out to find a job and unfortunately found one. Dave had to go on some trip for his church for a week but he's supposed to be back today. hopefully we can start filming again soon.

    • swede


      8 years ago

      it's okay
      basically I'm just lazy and doing nothing right now
      it's all good


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      8 years ago

      nothing much just got mi permit

    • Godley


      8 years ago

      I hear you.

    • Godley


      8 years ago

      How is it going?

    • Christi


      8 years ago

      of course i'm gonna try again.
      but first i'm trying to make an elite costume.

    • Christi


      8 years ago

      oh snap, i have an adversary.. a rival if you will.

      Christi will now refer to herself in third person. Christi might have to fight someone. Don't make Christi take off her earrings.
      I'm finished with my helmet. it didn't turn out so great. smiley4.gif

    • Christi


      8 years ago

      *judo kicks* smiley0.gif

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      8 years ago

      lol....kill a pro pb player and take his spot....jkjk....im eithere gonna be a vet or a physical theripist....

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      8 years ago

      yea yea that's why i decided i want to play...guys look :) lol just kiddin....hey i don't need volleyball that's what swimming is for! lol