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    • Website Trouble

      8 years ago


      I'm glad to see the website back online after the bugs from previous weeks but I have a question to throw out to the community. Does Internet Explorer seem to lock up for anyone else when browsing the comments section? Almost everytime I view a comment thread for more than a min, my CPU usage goes through the roof and IE starts gobbling up memory like it's going out of style. Firefox and Chrome don't have this problem. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Farewell CoCo

      9 years ago


      I just watched the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. I was wonderfully sad. I loved his closing speech thanking NBC for his 20 years and thanking the fans for their love and adoration. You are a class act Mr. O'Brien and I hope you are happy with whatever you do.

    • Gutters

      9 years ago


      I had the gutters taken off my house a few years back because they were rusted very badly and VERY high up (30 feet or so) so they were impossible to clean. One of the downsides I've noticed is that in the winter I get HUGE icicles that hang down almost to where I could touch them. I hate winter.

      P.S. I'm not sure if I could touch the icicles because I'm not THAT stupid. I live alone and would prefer that the mailman not find my corpse halfway up the driveway with a big hunk of ice sticking out of my head.

    • Conan

      9 years ago


      Go Team CoCo!

    • McRib

      9 years ago


      The McRib is back in Chicagoland! Time to celebrate and rejoice and clog them arteries people!

    • Snow

      9 years ago


      I just spent the last hour using the snow blower to get a foot of snow off my driveway. Sigh... I hate winter. I wonder how expensive a heated driveway would cost.

    • Retail during the holidays.

      9 years ago


      Why does everyone think that when a store has an ad that comes out on Sunday morning and there are great deals that say "While Supplies Last", and "Quantities Limited", and "No Rain Checks", they get upset when they come in on Saturday night and the store is out. "What do you mean you're out? Can I get a rain check?" NO!!!! Go to HELL!!!

    • Winter

      9 years ago


      Man I hate the cold. I swore I'd never buy a Snuggie but with every degree it drops, that damn thing gets more and more awesome. Always wanted a robe I can wear backwards.

    • God is Dead

      9 years ago


      NOTICE: This is a story of how I stopped believing in God and became an Atheist. The opinions expressed in this story are mine and mine alone. I am NOT trying to tell anyone what to believe. Believe what you want. If you think the world was created by God, Buddha, an alien named Xenu, or a guy named Steve that lives in Topeka Kansas... good for you.

      So anyway... God is Dead...

      There… I said it. God is dead. Deal with it.

      I remember from a rather young age being dragged to church every single Sunday. I was never sure why we had to go there every week. I was convinced I was being punished for something, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Every week it was the same thing. Get up early, dress up nice, comb my hair, then go off to church and sit on a wood bench for a small eternity and listen to some guy I couldn’t actually see, due to my lack of height and bad eyesight, talk about some dude named God, or Jesus, or something. And to top it off, it wasn’t just sitting. It was sit…. kneel… stand… kneel…. stand… sit. Over and over again. What’s going on? Pick one and stick with it!

      What was really confusing was that my mom would drag me and my sisters to church every week but my dad was spared this punishment. Why did I have to go but dad didn’t? I DO remember asking my mom once why dad never went with. She replied, “Your father works very hard during the week and he needs his rest.†Surely she was joking. I mean yeah… my dad works hard. Harder than anyone I knew in my 7 or 8 years of existence. But seriously…. I was tired too dammit. I worked hard in school. Those dodge balls weren’t going to get thrown themselves you know. Hell…. I went to a catholic school for the first few years. We went to mass once a week already. Why was I made to go twice?

      I remember sitting in the pew….. hee hee…. pew… that’s funny… anyway, I remember sitting in the pew thinking, “what am I supposed to be doing here? Who is he talking about now? I’ve never heard that name before. What does ‘smote’ mean? Why are we standing again? Ooooo time to sing. I hope we sing the wheels on the bus song. I know that one. Oh… another song I don’t know the words to. Why is everyone going up front? Are they eating? I’m starving… when’s it my turn? Why is everyone holding their hands and looking at the ground? Is everyone sleeping? Better have a look around. Uh oh…. Mom looks mad. Better sit back down. I wonder what we’re having for dinner….

      Needless to say I was never really moved by church and Christianity. I could never understand what the priest was talking about. I remember him telling stories about some group of guys called the apostles going off and doing heroic things and saving the day. Or was that Batman? I know that each week it was a different adventure for these guys and that I could never remember what happened last week or if it was even important to remember. Can I get a recap here? Last week on Jerusalem 90210… Maybe next week will be more interesting. Same god time, same god channel.

      Like I said before, I was sent to Catholic school for the first few years of elementary school. We even had a nun for 1st grade. Apparently nuns and priests worked for this god person which was good because I had questions about god. Surely they would know. Anytime I asked a question, I either never got a straight answer or was told to go stand in the corner for disrupting the class. I had come to the conclusion that she was not the one to ask.

      One day back in 1st or 2nd grade our teacher told us we would be going to confession. For those of you who aren’t Catholics let me tell you about it. It’s just like they show it on the TV. You walk into a booth and kneel down and tell some guy in another booth right next to you all the bad things you’ve done. There’s a little screen that is supposed to block the priests view of seeing you, even though you can see right through it. So you tell him all the bad stuff you’ve done and he gives you a homework assignment of prayers you have to say and all is well. I remember thinking several things when the teacher told me this.

      1. I have to tell him all the bad stuff I’ve done? Why? I wouldn’t tell my parents what I did wrong, why would I tell this guy?

      2. We have to say prayers afterward to be forgiven? Why do we say prayers throughout the day then? Did I do something wrong in class and not know it?

      3. If god knows all and sees all, why do I have to say it out loud? Shouldn’t god already know the bad stuff I’ve done?

      Well I asked the teacher the last one and she told me to go stand in the corner. She obviously didn’t know. I’ll ask the priest when I do this confession thingy. If anyone would know the answer, it would be gods helper elf.

      So I went to confession and I made up some bad things I probably did. (Hitting my sister, not eating my vegetables etc…) The priest then asked if there was anything else I had done wrong. I told him that was all. He assigned me some prayers and told me I was forgiven. I told him I had some questions for him about god and he told me to go ahead and ask. I asked him all sorts of questions about god. Why do people die? How did Noah get all the animals on the ark and why did he leave off the dinosaurs? Why doesn’t god answer my prayers for a million dollars? If Jesus was put on the cross, why didn’t his brother Hercules come save him? If god loves us, why would he send us to hell? Why would he make hell in the first place? If god only created Adam and Eve, how did we get all these people on the planet and where did black people come from? (Yeah I know that last one was racist, but I was 7 and didn’t know it was racist. It was a legitimate question) The priest then gave me extra prayers to do for all my questions. Not one of my questions went answered.

      Part 2 to come later. Apparently I've reached a character limit because it won't let me type anymore and the text box here keeps skipping up and down in my post.

    • 2019 years ago

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