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      Namely, me. :D Iol I LOVE Halo, I play it all the time with my sisters, but none of us really know what we're doing. So I figure I'd ask some more experienced players. I got a couple questions; if you can answer them, please do!

      1. My stepdad says we can't play on XboxLive with an original Xbox, only a 360. I'm pretty sure he's wrong, but I don't know how to prove me right. How can I get my Xbox on Live, if at all?

      2. I see pics and videos of people playing the games all the time. How can I take shots of me and my sisters playing?

      I'm sure I'll come up with more as I go. But if you can help me with any of my problems, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

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    • Character Profile

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      So I was working on one of my novels and got sidetracked by the fact that one of my side characters could be a main character in his own book. I never realized how interesting he really was and now I wonder if I should scrap the first draft and start a new story. Here's my character profile; I'd love to hear what you think and any good ideas for a book about him.

      Name: T.O.G.S. (pr. Tah-gz; The Obligato Security)
      Age: N/A
      Behind the Name: Obligato means indespensible, irreplacable. T.O.G.S. is a master defense strategist, thus security.
      What You See: T.O.G.S. appears as an eleven-year-old boy; blonde, blue-eyed, small build, glasses.
      What He Is: The boy you see is T.O.G.S.' 'host' so to speak. T.O.G.S. himself is a miniscule computer chip implanted in the boy's brain when he was very near death. It saved the boy and gave T.O.G.S. a physical outlet. He is now a super computer in a human body; smarter, faster, and better than before.
      Role: In the book I'm working on now, he is in fact a very minor character. You learn his background from Sam (my protagonist) and meet him once close to the end of the book. They were both held prisoner by the men who created them before Sam escaped.
      Ideas: The only thing I can think now is maybe I should exclude Sam altogether and tell the story of T.O.G.S.' creation, enslavement, and escape instead.

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    • Best Assassinations (and Attempts)

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      OK, so I wanna hear about all the cool ways you've killed people and all the hilarious FAIL moments you had. I'll go first.

      This one isn't so great, anyone could do it, but it was awesome at the time.
      I was in Acre, looking for flags. Found one on the rim of a parapet. There were two guards standing there, and they hadn't seen me yet. So I walk up to the first guy and stab him in the back. The second guard is actually staring off in the other direction, so I stab him too. They're both dead by the time the first one hits the ground. A two for one. lol

      I also loved my version of the Doctor's assassination.
      I walk through the whole place with a group of Scholars. I get to the table where the Doctor is working on some guy and just stop. The Scholars walk on. The Doctor turns. Sees me. I walk up. Stab him in the neck. It was EPIC. In my opinion. lol

      OK, you go. :D

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    • Best PS2 Game Ever

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      OK, so we all know the PS2 is the best gaming system ever (that's why we're here). So what's your favorite GAME ever?

      I love the Ratchet and Clank and the Jak and Daxter series, even the ones that spilled over to PSP and PS3. Kingdom Hearts is cool too, and I totally just reserved a copy of 358/2 Days. But for me, the best game ever has to be Okami.

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    • Favorite Quotes

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      What's your favorite line(s) from YGOTAS? Here's some of mine. I'd post whole scenes if I didn't think it'd take too long. lol

      Screw the rules.
      The cake is a lie.
      Holy s**t on a f**k sandwich.
      IGNORE ME!
      In America.

      And of course:
      My voice gives me super strength!

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    • eLeMeNTaL4

      9 years ago

      Saw you in "Calling All Writers" and "Christianity"; trying to meet some writers and Christians of the world; two birds with one stone with you, yay. Where do you go to school? Your intro was pretty cool, all the neat interesting facts and such. Good luck with your endeavors; I'll pray for you. PS: LOVE JEFF DUNHAM!!

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      Welcome to rooster teeth. You will find many friendly people around the site.

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