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    • Star Trek in a Year

      5 years ago


      So to jot down the result of a conversation with my flatmate from the other night - I have just finished a 3 week binge watching the first 8 seasons of Criminal Minds, and it's left a bit of a hole in my life. She's a big Trekkie and has been watching it for about 20 years, but I'd never seen an episode growing up and watched the most recent film last year with little context/knowledge.

      I thought, why not try to watch every episode of every season in a year?

      We did some rough calculations and it works out at about 750 episodes, plus 13 films. This would mean two or three episodes a day, with some time off if I did any more than that, and hopefully the films would slot in at the end (or whenever they fit in the order).

      She was slightly afraid for me when I suggested this, as it would require devoting a full year of my life to it. And it might mean sacrificing my schedule of RT/AH viewing, although I'm sure there would still be room to fit in the shorter videos, maybe just not the podcasts/Full Plays.

      My other problem is that on Amazon Instant only Voyager is free, and to buy all of the seasons would cost in the region of £500. But there's always Ebay, charity shops and loans from people.

      I've not made any decisions about it yet, what do you think?

    • 3 Years Too Late...

      5 years ago


      I had to hold off on buying a PS3 until I was out of uni because I never had enough money to justify buying one until I was working full time. Of course now I'm working full time I don't feel like I have nearly enough time to game!

      As I bought it just before Christmas (with GTAV and Splinter Cell Blacklist) I got lots of PS3 presents so now I have...

      GTAV (completed)
      Assassin's Creed 4 (In progress)
      Splinter Cell Blacklist
      Lego Marvel
      ...and I really want to buy Minecraft so I can join some of the guys on here playing but again - how can I justify it until I've played all my other games?

      Ultimate 1st world problems.

    • 1st Post

      5 years ago


      So I pick today to finally sign up to the website and it turns out to be community day! Nice.

    • 2019 years ago

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