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    • Selling RTX 2019 Plus Badge

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      Hi y'all. Long story short, I goofed up and no longer need my RTX 2019 Plus Badge. According to the RTX FAQ site, "All RTX badges are non-refundable, sorry. But, they are transferable! Check out forums on where many fans are willing to buy/trade badges. Once you find someone wanting to buy your badge, you MUST contact with your original name, email, order number, new name and new email address to notify them of the switch so they can accurately update the order information."
      So that is what I am doing. I am looking to sell it for $300 (it came to $319 after taxes and shipping, so once the badge is updated with your information, you can have it shipped right to your address if you want). So, if anyone wants it, I've set up a paypal account. First come, first serve, I'm not looking to start a bidding war. So please, let me know ASAP if you want to purchase it. 

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    • RWBY Volume 5 DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date?!

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      I've been scouring the Internet to try and find the date when RWBY Volume 5 will be released on DVD in the RT Store, but I've come up with nothing. This is the only way my Father will watch the series, and I'm excited to sit down and watch Volume 5 with him! Does anyone have any information on the topic? I didn't keep track of the time between Volume 4's season finale and it's DVD release date, but perhaps some others in the community did. Thanks guys! 

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    • 2019 years ago

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