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    • What Time Is It? Time To Make Some 2019 RTX Austin-Bound Friends!

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      Mousebrat Bring me to your coffee.

      Going to RTX Austin 2019 alone? Nervous about going solo? First time? Is this starting to sound awkward yet? Do none of those apply but you're just up for making some new RTX-bound friends? Well...

      Austin's hottest club is... The B.U.S.. 


      Located in a back-alley box fort made of cardboard and bad decisions, The B.U.S. is the best place to find all the coolest nerds from places so exotic they've never even made it on the map. Places like Canada, a frozen wasteland north of The Wall, or California, a tropical paradise minutes away from breaking off from the mainland and becoming the next, more convenient island getaway, or even Colorado, a place where cowboys and covered wagons still roam the prairie looking for gold nuggets and moonshine. 

      But enough about The B.U.S., let's talk about why you should check us out. Which is just us talking about The B.U.S.. We've created a Discord server for anyone heading to Austin this year wanting to get to know new people and  make new friends that can experience what RTX and Austin have to offer together. Is this your first time stepping foot in Austin? We have members that have been to RTX for multiple years that can not only help you navigate the convention, but the beautiful city of Austin itself. If this isn't your first rodeo (haha, see what I did there?) but you are looking for people to hang out with this year, feel free to stop on by and we'll swap some stories. We don't bite. Hard. 

      Look at all these nerds having fun irl:




      This is a server for making RTX friends and getting to know people who all found each other through a love of, or even mild fascination with, Rooster Teeth. RT brings us together, but it's all of our shared experiences and dank meme game that makes RTX more exciting and memorable. Off the main chat, we talk about movies, shows, science, news, and how we are totally not a cult. There's something for everyone here. 

      If you're ready to join, here's the link:

      If not, I understand. Meeting new people is tricky sometimes, but I promise we'll try our best to make you feel at home.

      HEADS UP: The chat is excitable and rowdy when new people join. We have safe spaces for people that want to just chill out, but the main chat is all about getting to know everyone at a crazy speed, if you dare. Just remember: Have fun!

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    • 2018 and the Year of RTX

      1 year ago

      Mousebrat Bring me to your coffee.

      My RTX buddies have been doing a lot of reminiscing this week and it's made me reflect on what a weird and awesome year 2018 has been so far. 

      I started it off unemployed, depressed, and unhealthy. Since January, I've:

      - found a new group of friends and a community of nerds who are part of a bigger community of fellow nerds

      - started working out again and actually stuck with it and am seeing progress for the first time in ten years

      - started a new job that ended up being better than I thought it could be

      - celebrated Pride in NYC with new friends

      - revived an old photography hobby

      - and celebrated turning 33 (I only have to last one more year to beat Jesus)

      This is also the year that I'm finally going to RTX after failing to plan appropriately the last 4-5 years. After having been a fan of RT for 15 years, this is big for me. Fan status started with downloading new RvB videos in my dorm in college whenever someone sent an email around with a link and building. RT stuff was banned, so it was a secret thrill every time a new episode went out. Looking at how much content is out there today and how much of my life I happily spend consuming it and cheering RT on with each win, it's a good time to be a fan. 

      Less than a month to go! 

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