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    • Time To Move On

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Audio production/imaging/talking was a big chunk of my life.  I spent years in the radio and TV industries, then when that went south, I would continue to do side work, eventually making my way onto friends' podcasts then a few of my own (TFT and recently Cap Casualties).

      Cap Casualties had a bitter sweet origin story.  Years ago it was an idea my late best friend Brad Petras threw out to me.  We were both living in Houston, while our friend Rod lived in Arizona.   It was gonna be a way for all three of us to chat on a regular basis with the mutual love of sports being the backdrop.

      A few years after Brad passed, I was in the TFT crew and felt I wanted to do something a little different.  I reached out to Rod and tossed the idea around.  He had be ready and waiting for some time.

      So in 2015 we kicked this bad boy off.  It was fun.  Downloads/listeners increased and things were great.

      Then, a few months ago I noticed something.  My passion for sports wasn't what it used to be.  I found myself struggling to put together thoughts on topics involving games and related stories.

      The last few weeks I've been stuck at home, with a horrible case of the flu, a nasty cold that became bronchitis, etc.  During that time I did develop a case of depression, but I also spent a lot of time thinking about my life and about things.  I came to the conclusion that as much as I love my friend and the ability to share the experience with him, that lack of passion for the topic itself really has hindered me, and if you know me, I don't like to do things half-assed.

      So, I'm stepping away.  As for the Cap Casualties Podcast and Rod's status, that is still a bit of a mystery.  He's going to take a few days and contemplate if he wants to keep the show going forward, or not.  

      This was a pretty tough decision for me.  As much as I can see there is a sigh of relief, there's also a level of sadness.

      I want to thank everyone that complimented us on the show, that took the time to listen, to @LoZelda for being such a bad ass chick and spending the time doing our intros.  I don't know if I'm going to be committing to any more "side projects" like the show on a regular basis.  I'll still be around and see our pretty faces at RTX.

      Yeah, I'm a bit sad right now, but it's the right thing to do.


    • The Move

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Greetings, programs!

      It's been a while since my last journal.  It's actually been a lot longer since I posted about my potential move back to Austin.  Aside from social media and the OCC, I really haven't kept folks updated.

      Joann and I planned to move sometime after April 15, which is the tax deadline.  That meant I could work at my current firm and not put stress on them to up and leave during a busy time of the year.  Then in December I decided to create a window of time before that in case the right opportunity came about.  I said between Mid-February and April 17th would be a dead period in terms of a job search.

      Well, as fate would have it, an opportunity came about in early February.  It's an IT/middleware software consulting firm.  We had a great few rounds interviews and then two weeks ago, they offered me a job.   This was the biggest hurdle for us because 1.  I love my current job  2.  My wife was able to transfer to the Austin hospital whenever she wanted.

      It was hard submitting my resignation last Monday.  It was a little emotional.  When I joined this firm in 2014, I was a physical and emotional mess.  They were very accommodating and very supportive then, so it should be no shock they've been supportive of this move.  Friday will be my last day.  We are going out for a long lunch and drinks, so it's not really a "work" day.  It will be bittersweet.  I am moving to the city I always felt was my home, yet leaving a very good situation here.

      I start my new job on Monday, then Joann moves up here the following week.  To say the next 2-3 weeks are going to be pure chaos is a bit of an  understatement.  But some of you guys have been wonderful in offering your help, and I appreciate it greatly.

      The good news for me is I don't have to rent a hotel for RTX 2017!

      Also, I know some of you listen to our sports podcast, Cap Casualties.  Just a heads up, the next couple of weeks' scheduling will be wonky, but hopefully we'll be back on track by April, just in time for NFL draft and MLB opening day chatter.

      So, in two days a new chapter of my adulting begins, let's see how it goes.


    • Secret Santa

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Just starting to feel less feels like waking up after a long slumber.

      Anyway, I feel bad for not posting this earlier, but thank you to my RT community Secret Santa, @EmmaU23 I really appreciate it and will wear both the cap and tie proudly!



    • Happy New Year

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I hope you all have a great new year and strive to reach those goals you've set for 2017.

    • Merry Christmas

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I know that many of the community regulars aren't on the site much these days because it's become more of a hassle since they changed it over.

      But, I wanted to tell everyone in the RT community Merry Christmas.

      I've been sick the entire week, and I'm dealing with a looming cancer/dr visit that could mean more work, so my head right now is in rough shape.

      But, I do wish the best for all of you this holiday season.  Be safe out there.


    • Major Changes

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So, 2016 was a very harsh year.  But 2017 has the potential to be something very interesting for the Lopez family.

      If you know me, you know I've always considered Austin my home.  I grew up in a small town outside of Houston, but immediately after I graduated HS, I high tailed it to the Texas capital and didn't look back....that is until 2007, when I moved back after I became engaged to my wife.

      She never understood why I loved going to Austin all the time.  We did, on average roughly once a month, for years.  Slowly she understood that I grew up in as a person lost, and when I moved there, I became the person I am today.

      Fast forward a few years and last week she brought up the idea of us actually moving back.  Well me moving back, she moving for the first time.  See, my wife battles daily with severe anxiety.  She has to manage it, along with a big fear of change.  But she feels it's time for a change.  Mostly because Houston has become an awful city to live in.  Her company has a location in Austin and they absolutely love her, so she can seize the opportunity to move and have her career intact.

      However, me finding an accounting job will be an interesting challenge.  See, I'm an accounting but I have my degrees in business and broadcasting, my previous career.  Finding what I make now won't be easy.  

      The good news is our current home will become a valuable rental property, as we purchased it just before the 2008 recession and now it's a high income rental.

      I'm posting the journal here as a mean to vent on this, because I can't really go onto a crappy social media site like Facebook and say something because...well..we know how idiotic friends on FB can be.

      So, more than likely by next July, I'll actually once again be an Austin resident, so there won't be a need for a hotel for RTX.

      Just crossing my fingers at this point that my health continues to hold up (January I find out if there is more medical spending on my cancer).  


    • RDR2 OMG

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      The picture says it all


    • Houston RTers - Echo And The Bunnymen

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So, I was just given 2 pairs of Echo and The Bunnymen tickets to tomorrow night's show at the House of Blues.  

      Do you like 80s Alt/pop bands?  Because they are pretty fun live.

      Any Houston or Austin-based RTers interested in a couple of these tickets?  I'm giving them away, and going myself.

    • Voice Acting

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So got any small projects you're working on and looking for voice actors?

      Let me know. I'm in the mood to record projects.


    • Pokemon Go!

      2 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So, there were 20 new journals in my notifications and all of them were about Pokemon Go!

      I felt left out, so I had to make a journal to fit in.

      Come at me.


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