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    • TFT Podcast Live Tonight!

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      The Forum Thread Podcast is live tonight on Twitch!

      Send your questions to

    • 6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb
    • Tough morning

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I woke up this morning, the usual routine pre-work. Get to the office and deal with the typical crap in my office: a flood of emails and a voice mail from one of my staffers calling in sick.

      The Rockets play the Thunder tonight. Game 1 aside, it's been a very entertaining series, which is all I asked going in to the playoffs.

      I'm talking about this because normally, I'd be trading texts or talking to my best friend about what's going down tonight. It was one of those "he's really gone" waves that hit me. It hit last week during the NFL draft, because we would normally be trading banter in regards to what teams are doing. Last Saturday during Round 4, I dozed off in my chair, and woke up thinking I needed to text Brad.

      Then it hit me. Much the same feeling I'm feeling right now.

      It sucks feeling this way, so I can only imagine what his family is going through.


    • 6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb


      The lovely and talented @Lauroux just hooked me up with a new avatar.

      That is me in my Spartan armor, along with my trusty and every loyal sidekick Bailey.

      Thanks so much L!

    • 6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb
    • I'm a RTX floater, bitches

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      What this means, I have no idea.

      But it'll be fun, and any reason to take the 2 hour drive to Austin, I'm all for it. I plan on hitting up the usual spots, and go out with old friends, and new ones from the RT site.

    • Super Duper Mock Draft Version #183,375

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I've seen two Tweets of NFL beat writers bitching about fans bitching about their mock drafts.

      Look, no one is holding a fucking gun to your head, with ad nauseaum reporting. Remember when the NFL season would end, and we didn't hear a goddamn thing until training camp?

      Why don't you just return the paycheck, and pretend it's 1983, and just not work until camp starts.

      Yes, many people feel entitled about ANYTHING. But fans spending their money on merch, tickets, and etc. into their professional sports teams, well I give them a bit of a break b/c without them, this 24/7 sports news cycle doesn't exist.

      When I got into the business, I enjoyed the technical side of things. But one thing I didn't like was the talking heads over indulgence of their self worth.

      I'm a sports fan, and I'll gather my information how I choose fit to do, but I don't need someone holding my hand, nor do I need talking heads feeling like the sports information world starts and stops with their big egos.

    • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I'm happy that the CA sequel will be more of a political thriller with the backdrop of the superhero world already established.

      But, I just saw this photo:


      It looks like Cap's look is more in line with his recent Secret Avengers run after his resurrection, and before he put the classic costume back on full time.


      I really have hope for this film.

    • Brad Petras

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I'm no real wordsmith, my failed attempts are probably met with scorn and laughter. But, I'm going to make an effort to let this come from the here goes.

      Today I woke, and lost a great friend. Robert Bradley Petras was more than my friend, he was my brother.


      In the 20+ years that I was honored to have him in my life, he has and will always have an everlasting impression. From the days of driving around as kids, looking to shoot hoops, chasing girls, and general having a good time, I can say he was a great person.

      Both Brad and I were a lot a like, and that's what made our friendship great. He understood how odd of a person I was, yet he never cared, never criticized and accepted me, and enjoyed having me around. And I enjoyed every moment I was blessed to share with him.

      One of my greatest moments was just about 10 years ago. I was living in Austin, working in radio, trying to figure out what I was doing with my life. I came home for a weekend, we drove up to catch Dave Matthews in the Woodlands. We had a great lunch at PF Chang's, drank and just shot the shit. We then made our way to the show, had great seats about 3 rows back from the stage. When combined with the great night, the man beers, the unbelievable energy from the crowd, and Dave absolutely kicking ass on stage, it was one of those nights where you say to yourself, "Yeah, this is what it's all about".

      Brad and I grew up together. As we got older, and starting going our separate ways, it was great to be able to unplug from what I was doing or where I was, pull up a chair at a local place next to him, catch up while the Rockets were on the in background, and just feel young again.

      This morning as I told my wife the news, and how I'll really miss him, I told her I hoped he knew that I loved him. "Of course he knew". Brad and I are a lot alike, in that there wasn't a need to overly convey mushiness. Yes, I cried today when I was told the news.

      You left an indelible impression on my life my friend. I've always joked about there being an afterlife, but there is a part of me that hopes there is one, so that I can see you again, have a beer, and shoot the shit.

      Godspeed my brother.


    • Look What Arrived

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Went down to the gym in my office to release some built up anger from today.

      I come back up stairs, and THIS is waiting for me.

      That day wasn't a total wash.


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