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    • So...

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Everyone is gif-ing out today in their journal posts. So fuck it...I'm posting a journal for the purpose of posting a gif.


    • A Family In Need

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So, my wife and I spend a lot of our time doing work for various animal rescues. My wife became a huge dog lover after we got our little Poodle/Maltese Sophia, and Bailey, our Shih Tzu/Poodle.

      She has become a master of social networking for these rescues, and helping pull dogs off the streets, finding vetting and rescue backing, along with fosters. The biggest problem I've seen is that these rescues have such huge hearts, but networking to find resolution is an issue for them.

      Since this has been a good year for me and my wife, we decided to go beyond our normal donations to charities (CHILD'S PLAY!) and to help a family in need to ensure they have a good Christmas.

      Well, a rescuer was out in the 5th ward feeding stray dogs (FYI 5th Ward is an infamous impoverished area of Houston), and came across some dogs that were owned by a little girl, but were improperly cared for. Fast forward a little bit and we come to find out the story of that little girl and her grandmother Lydia.

      Lydia cares for the girl and her little brother who is in the third grade. Lydia doesn't work, and normally requires government to feed the kids, whom were dumped on her as infants by her own children. Lately she was worried, because she didn't know how she was going to be able to feed the three of them.

      So my wife and I took on a project to make sure this family was able to have groceries for the next couple of months, when hopefully her situation has been resolved. So we started a ChipIn and my wife and I were coordinating with the rescue person who met Lydia to be a go-between, so as to not overwhelm her and her family.

      Out of our own funds, we planned to buy a small Christmas tree and a few gifts for the kids, because we felt they should be able to have something on Christmas day to enjoy. And then last night we found out that they are living without power. So there is another bump in the road we are going to help them overcome.

      We aren't looking to provide these folks with long term financial support, just something to help through the holidays to make it just a bit brighter, and hopefully Lydia's situation has been resolved as she is hoping it will.

      I'm posting a link HERE, no expecting or demanding, but if you'd like to help, thank you so much.



    • Stay Classy, ESPN (The "E" Stands for Ebaumsworld)

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      For the past few years, I've let my frustrations be known about the self anointed "World Wide Leader in Sports" ESPN, and how they are a shell of integrity compared to their former self.

      Much like Al Davis and the Raiders in the 70s and 80s, ESPN was a shiny beacon of sports journalism in it's infancy, up until the turn of the century.

      And just like Davis, they've become a joke in the industry. If the past two years of wall-to-wall Tim Tebow coverage haven't been enough, then hopefully you've noticed how they've become notorious for not giving proper credit on breaking news stories that aren't doled out by their little henchmen and their well quaffed hair.

      Well, yesterday Sports by Brooks, a site that is pretty much a joke, broke a story about LSU head coach Les Miles talking about Gumping his way over to Arkansas and getting offered phat stacks by the Razorbacks to wear hats and Inspector Gadget his way to wins on their sidelines.

      One ESPN anchor gave proper credit to SbB in the first telling of the news, but apparently an email went out tell everyone to stop.


      Really? Are you that lame ESPN to think that your viewers have no clue to where stories are sourced, and believe their the beacon of all things sports news? Who are you? Vince McMahon?


    • Goodbye, my sweet friends...twin spongy friends.

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      RIP Hostess Twinkies. You and I go way back.

      When I was a kid, pounding down those delicious yellow cakes while guzzling Dr Pepper, playing NES to all hours of the night.

      In college, after eating a large pizza while watching Monday Night Raw with my friends, your cream-filling awesomeness amplified with Nestle's chocolate milk after those bong hits.

      And I rediscovered you after years apart, thanks to Woody Harrelson's holy grail-like search for you in that funny-as-fuck movie Zombieland.

      We had a good run, and in all honesty, I never thought I'd outlive you.

    • The REAL Black Panthers are blocking polling station access

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Shit just got real...


    • Obama calls on the big guns...really big guns.

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So the Dems got Katy Perry to shove her giant tits into a skin tight Obama dress. Nice.

      Your move Republicans...your move.


      *editor's note: I'm neither a (R) nor a (D)

    • Just started "John Dies At the End"

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So I wrapped up a couple of books last week, one of which was probably my 20th reread of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy", and I wanted to change it up a bit.

      I saw a trailer for "John Dies At The End" and realized that the book was on my list (a list mind you that has "The Little Book of String Theory") , so I ran out the office, headed over to my favorite little sushi place across the street, and read about 50 pages. I must say, it's VERY interesting.



    • Child's Play 2012

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Well, the Penny Arcade guys have kicked off the 2012 Child's Play charity fundraising. Yeah, it's a year-round charity now, and every year they keep smashing the prior year's total, but I love when the holiday season comes around, because I bug my friends and family to chip in and make these kids smile while they go through their treatments and care. This is a great charity, one that I donate plenty of my money to every year.

      Here's to hoping a new record once again in 2012!


      Child's Play

    • Matthew Vaughn off X-Men Sequel

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      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So Matthew Vaughn will no longer be directing X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class

      It looks like the rumor mill has Bryan Singer getting back behind the X-Men director's chair. First I'm not happy about Vaughn not directing. I think he did a great job with First Class, and with the ideas tossed around for DOFP in interviews, I think he would have made a worthy sequel.

      I'm very wary about Singer directing.

      If not Singer, who should take over directing the project?

      7 replies

    • Adios, Stern

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So, NBA commish David Stern announced he is retiring, and will be done after the 2013 season.


      I hear retirement can be a bit lonely, so why don't you check to see if you can get Bud Selig to tag along with you David?

      Jabs aside, Stern was once the greatest commissioner in pro sports. He modernized an ailing NBA in the 80's (Yes, thanks in part to Magic, Bird and MJ), but as a kid, I remember how strong the pop culture and global reach of the NBA really was.

      Now, he's taken the Al Davis route, and become a self centered, egomaniacal jackass, and it's become detrimental to the league. I think after that NBA lock out, fans had enough, and he could see the writing on the walls this last season with a league-wide ratings decline.

      We'll always have the NY Knicks frozen lotto card conspiracy, won't we?


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