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    • Life's A Ride

      6 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I've been keeping it upbeat for myself lately, but the truth is, someone very close to me is fighting for his life.

      Spending time with him, it has me rethinking things. It sucks that it has taken this to remember to not sweat the small things, to not let grind of everyday life bring you down.

      Remember, it's just a ride.

    • 7 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So I saw this video on TheChive yesterday. We know it was a staged video. But with that said, it's holds very true content.

      She is batshit crazy, yet. But, she's pretty damn cute, so I'm sure with that combo she is buck wild in bed. But 2 weeks?

      Yeah, no matter how nasty hot she is in the sack, if that happened to me after 2 weeks, well I'd have bolted before they could have stopped recording the video.

    • 6 years is a long time, except for a dog

      7 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      My log ins to the site have been few and far between. I look back at the pictures, and the profile, and realized I haven't changed much of it since my radio days. In the span from the last journal entry 6 years ago, much has changed.

      I toiled in radio until 2008, when I decided it was time to make real money, and get a real job. Yeah, it was something I loved, but my passion for the industry was quickly suffocated like a Kung Fu Master with a cheap leather belt. I moved from Austin to Houston, for both business and personal reasons (I got married to a great girl in 2008), and took a job in a larger sports radio market.

      I love my wife and my life, but I do miss Austin. It's a beautiful place.

      Now, I'm a business manager for a law firm, and see a little more gray hair pop out on my head every day, but I'm pretty much the same person I was when I was watching RvB season 1, then heading out for a night in the warehouse district or Logans on 6th.

      I see how the RT guys have grown, and I'm happy for them (though I'd like to somehow do some work with them, I'd like to think I have the creativity to do so), and love the evolution of their creativity, and ever expanding projects.

      So, 6 years later, I say "hi" to the RT community once again, and plan on spending more time on the site, and maybe even reup my sponsor ship, so I can stomp around here more frequently than I have been.


    • "Knock knock knocking on Kevin's Door"

      13 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Jose can you the dawns early light?

      So, I'm here, bored out of my mind. Right now, I'm waiting for what could potentially be my first big promotion in the radio business to a full time producer at my station. There is a 1a-9a slot that needs to be filled (huh huh...slot...filled) But the midday producer wants that crazy shift, and offered me his. I met with the PD on Friday, we talked for about an hour, now I'm waiting, if I'm gonna get the job or not. Right now, I'm only working part time, and am in desperate need of money, because I'm behind on my bills, including my student loans, which cannot fall too far behind. Anyway, I applied at a few other offices in town, because I'm not gonna hold my breath, but it's just the waiting game now. Sitting here, waiting for an interview to call. I should be working on my writing, but it's kinda hard to be motivated to write, when you are worried about pay the light, and rent.


    • Boooored

      14 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Ok, I've been working on redoing the scripts for my comic books. I haven't been working much, which means I will be homeless pretty soon. I've had to give up a small part of my dream (like my plasma to eat), and am gonna start work in two weeks as a customer service rep. It's really fucking sad the criteria that goes into screening for these jobs. I had to go to a temp agency. I walked in, and she was like "ok, there are some pretty difficult tests, a math test, spelling, typing, and situational" "WTF, am I getting a job, or trying to graduate elementary school?" I have 3 degrees. B.A.s in Business, Broadcasting, and English...I just wanted another job to pay the bills until either radio, or writing start cutting me liveable checks.

      Math test...she gave me a scratch piece of paper, a I was expecting something difficult, maybe some calculus...NOPE...what is 28-34? What is 784+23...etc etc...ok, so...the calculator is for???? nevermind...

      situational test..."A customer isn't satisfied with their service plan, they claim they were lied to by the original rep...they are becoming loud and rude...what do you do?
      a.) Let them vent, hear them out, make arrangments, and apologize for the mistake
      b.) Tell them you're not that person, and you really don't care what they did
      c.) (this was my personal favorite by the way) Act like you care and are listening, then say, sorry, and direct them to a message line to give them the run around.
      One again...WTF

      typing're given 10 minutes to finish a page...the standard for the job is 20 WPM, I type roughly 96 WPM...

      Of all this, the spoil for me passing this chimp-like interview/screening was the drug test. It seems that I had forgot a few weeks prior at New Years we broke out a keg, and the K-to-the-B. Ok, I passed, but not without out a bit of concern

      So, I start this meaningless job to pay my bills, and hopefully I can get one of my comic book scripts picked up, or get a steady writing gig to go with my part time radio gig. Since I have like 2 weeks off, I'd go drink...but I have no money...I may go under a freeway and hold up a sign "homeless, want to play Halo and get taco bell," mabye some of the Austin RvBs would feel pity and run me over. Peace.


    • So far, so good...

      14 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      oh yeah...the job thing. Well...I work for another radio station now, I'm a producer there, and produce a post game show for the UT football team. Things are going good, but I still have my writing passion. Lately I've been thinking a lot about writing, and what direction I really want to head in. My friends who've read my comic book scripts are begging me to talk to a comic label, but people don't understand how hard it is to get in that kind of business, especially when you have piles of shit like fanboys who have no skill clogging the path. Anyway, I'll figure something out. Everyone stay cool. Word life


    • Job

      14 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb I have a degree in broadcasting from Tx State with a minor in business. The radio market here in Austin is frozen. I'm working hard at getting some DJ time. But crap, I'm desperate for work to the point that I almost called one of those "WORK FROM HOME MAKING 2000K A WEEK MAILING SHIT!!!" advos in the paper...I'm starting to lose my mind.


      14 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Here I sit...broken hearted...paid a a quarter?

    • 2019 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb
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