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    • Dopp asked MrFusion a question

      Dance off?

      Answered: Feb 4, 2016


    • MrWartburg asked MrFusion a question

      Do you ever wonder why we're here? (Sorry, had to.)

      Answered: Feb 4, 2016


    • The New Questions Tab

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So, ask away.

    • My Monty Journal

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I knew there was going to be an outpouring of journals in regards to the one year anniversary of Monty Oum's passing.

      Monty left a legacy behind. That's going to never go away. Whether it be his contributions to Red Vs. Blue, the creation of RWBY, his impact will leave a lasting impression on entertainment.

      More than that, the Rooster Teeth family, through their hurting hearts, showed us how an amazing and loved person he was.

      Even if you didn't meet the guy, but you were a fan, and he inspired you to do things, don't ever for get that.

      This life we live is a crazy thing. Sometimes the greatest of us leave us way too soon, but they always leave something behind, inspiration. That little bit of inspiration is a seed that's planted and grows in everyone they've affected. That inspiration, coupled with passion, leads to innovation. Then when day you realize after all your hard work, you've inspired someone new, and so it goes on and on.

      My point is this: remember the legacy that Monty left behind. The lives he touched while he was here. Let it be an inspiration for you. That credo of "Keep moving forward" has many layers to it, it's not only applied to your work, but how you should live your life.


    • Lazer Team - Houston Screening

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I'm gonna be going to this Wed. night's screening at the Movie Tavern at Copperfield here in Houston.

      If you're going and happen to see me, say hi.

      (Wed. night is endless 1-topping pizzas for $10. I will make them regret that)


    • A Journal About My Podcast, And Another Legend Leaves Us

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I hope your Christmas was great.

      I felt like writing a journal this morning, mostly because I'm avoiding working in my office, and waiting for the afternoon bowl games to start.

      A few years ago, I started going on the TFT forum on this site (back when it wasn't such a painstaking effort to navigate). I was a bit lost in my life. My marriage was stagnate, my job was god awful, and I stopped doing the things I loved. I had somehow gained 30lbs, my health was in really bad shape, and not long after, my best friend passed away after a 7 month battle with terminal cancer. But doing that podcast was something I looked forward to every week, and slowly I started to feel more like myself, and my heart was telling me to do what I had wanted to do for years, my own sports podcast.

      So earlier this year, my best friend Rod and I decided it was time to pull the trigger and get the show off the ground. Enter The Cap Casualties Podcast. There have been a few bumps along the way, but it's a growing process, and we are trending upward IMO, so there's much promise in the product.

      I'll even pull the curtain back a bit. If you listen, it sounds like Rod is the big stats guy of the two of us. In reality, I'm the bigger stats geek. But, because Rod had zero experience doing this, I wanted him to have something to fall back on, in case things get stagnant for him. Eventually as he does this more and more, we'll have a middle ground of all of it. And to be honest, I never liked sports shows that just read off stats for's just boring. I call it "hang up and listen" radio...and if I were listening, I'd tune out to that shit.

      2016 is gonna be a fun year. Our goal is to grow the listener/follower base, and have a guest or two on along the way. Maybe an MMA fighter, or a person with strong ties to the Miami football program, who knows. It should get interesting.

      Since you've come this far, might as well stay for dessert. Below are people you should go visit, show your RT support for (because they work hard at this, and a little love goes a long way).

      @LoZelda has a Patreon for her Twitch stream and YouTube videos. She has been great as the voice of my podcast, I can't thank her enough for all the help and kindness she has shown me.

      The Forum Thread - Thanks so much for helping me find that passion in broadcasting again. I know most of you have no idea how to sports, but that's ok. Go visit their website!

      @MrWartburg and The Farm Nerds

      As for me, you can find me on twitter @NotMrFusion we are on Instagram @CapCasualtiesPodcast, our podcast twitter @CapCasualties and on Facebook (ugh). Yeah, we're on iTunes, most Android podcast devices (search for Cap Casualties) and on Stitcher Radio.

      Like I said, I enjoy the criticism and friendly banter, so feel free to listen, and drop me a line.

      On my way out, I want to say rest in peace to the rock icon Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. In the pantheon of rock gods, Lemmy rules them all. I was 12 when I was listening to a national rock station, Z-Rock on their midnight metal show, Wounded Radio. I had been a huge fan of metal at that point, was into Type O Negative, Megadeth, Metallica, etc...then they played Motorhead. I was hooked. Working in radio, I was lucky to meet a few music icons, but never met Lemmy. I had always heard that he was a sweet man. Rock on Lemmy.

      Have a safe and happy new year everyone.


    • Merry Holidays and Updates

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays. Whatever event you celebrate this time of you, I wish you the very best.

      2015 has been a year of incredible highs, and lows for me. The last 3 years in fact have been a whirlwind. From my best friend's battle with cancer, to my own, then my brother's sudden passing, I've posted a lot of personal things in my journals (Before the site when to total shit) as a means to connect with you, so maybe someone out there reading can feel there is someone that relates, and refuses to let the struggles of life get the better part of them.

      2016 looks to be a promising year. I recently got a promotion, a huge raise and was given some big news from my boss. It was very good, after spending nearly 6 years working in a shitty place, with shitty people, and a boss that was a horrible person. My current job really values my diverse business skills, and in return I've been compensated tremendously for it. There is still the idea of going back to school, getting a 3rd degree, this time in accounting, and getting my CPA, since I'm apparently a natural at it.

      In case you didn't know, I started my sports cast, Cap Casualties, earlier this year with my best friend, Rodrick English. There have been small bumps along the way, but each week it improves, which is all you really ask for. The next step is to increase the listener base to a much more potent level. Right now across all platforms, we have roughly 100 listeners an episode, but I want more. In case you didn't know @LoZelda has been gracious enough to provide the opening voice work, and I appreciate that, among her being a very caring friend and a great person. I'm very proud to see The Forum Thread get their own panel at RTX, which they fucking rocked, and to keep growing their production. I still will pop in from time to time when my schedule permits.

      I will be at RTX this year. We are taking my wife's niece, mostly b/c it gives me a reason to head to Austin for a week. After the NFL season winds down a bit, I may start doing some game streaming on Twitch more often, but I don't expect a huge viewer base, I never do, mostly b/c that's not really my wheelhouse.

      I wish Rooster Teeth the biggest success with Lazer Team. I'm proud to have been a part of this community for the last 11+ years, and see this company grow from an email I got from a friend at Dell telling me to watch this fucking funny video about guys playing Halo (uh, what?) to a major motion picture. Congrats to all of you.

      Lastly, I do get emailed, DMed and messaged on Facebook often from other RT community members with general questions about audio production, pointers on how to stylize, etc. I never have a problem with it. In fact, I welcome it. We all have to learn somewhere, and rather than being the cranky old timer that calls you stupid, I lay a real honest approach for you to be successful, and have fun doing it.

      Anyway, I know I don't post on the site much anymore, and yet, the frustration from the format changed really was a buzzkill for me, but I'm still around, and always willing to listen or talk. So with that, have a safe and happy end to 2015, and here's to a kick ass 2016.


    • May The Force Be With You, Daniel

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      So, Daniel Fleetwood, the guy battling cancer with the last with to see The Force Awakens, got his wish granted last week by JJ Abrams.

      Unfortunately he passed away this morning.

      Hopefully in his last moments, he felt peace, as he got to see the good side of what the internet can do, and the genuine ability for strangers to show compassion for their fellow man.

      I know, there are more Daniels out there that we should all work to giving a little time, love and friendship. It can make all the difference in the world in their lives, and yours.

      May the force be with you Daniel. Always.


    • The Podcast Circuit

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      Along with my Cap Casualties Podcast, I'm also on the TFT Podcast tonight.

      Join us at 8c/9e on Twitch!

    • Force For Daniel

      3 years ago

      MrFusion Calm Like A Bomb

      I wanted to pass this along, and maybe the RT Community can help pump more momentum in a campaign for a guy near my home fulfill a dying wish.

      Daniel Fleetwood is a Spring, Tx man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July. He was given two months to live. He has a wish to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before he passes. A campaign has started online, and on twitter with the hashtag #ForceForDaniel.

      It has even gotten support by Mark Hamill and John Boyega.

      If you've followed my journals, you know about my best friend passing after a 6 month battle with cancer in 2013. I also had my little fight last year. I watched Fanboys a few days ago, a movie I've seen a dozen times, but I will admit after the last few years of what's transpired, I did get a little emotional watching it.

      I hope Daniel does get his wish. If you want to show a little love, I suggest you go on Twitter and join the campaign so Disney can grant his request.

      And may the Force be with Daniel. Always.

      A man's dying wish to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens


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