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    • Something Went Wrong 3 Weeks Ago (24/9/2012)

      3 years ago


      So it turns out I put a journal entry in my links section. Odd, don't remember doing that. To correct that odd little biscuit of an error, i'm tossing the entry back into my journal. You're welcome internet. :)

      As university normally goes, I keep finding myself in situations where I'm getting less time to spend online. Never fear though (to the maybe 2 people who read my journal entries) , I am back and just as mediocre and ambiguous as ever!


      My animation work is going great by the way, thanks for asking, and I am in the process of starting up a proper Youtube channel or two, as I have neglected actually doing it for the past five years or so. Look forward to that.

      On a final note, Just read a review by the all powerful Geoff Ramsey over on Drunk Gamers. It's a lovely little review in regards to the once recent GBA. Be sure to go check it out.

      Anyway, that's my update. Peace! and stay clear of puddles!

    • Here's some stuff thats not quite so bad...

      6 years ago


      My last journal had my pretty awful title sequence, so for this journal i'm sharing a video I just recently completed with you guys. Because i'm just sort of great like that.

      There's a 3D video on the way, as well as an journal dedicated to my hand drawn 2D animated gifs. Look forward to that, These journals sever as a way to watch my progression as an artist and designer. This weeks journal can hopefully be seen as an improvement over the previous week.

      You can see this weeks "not so bad" video just below

      Haven't slept in about 3 days, so ill be off to bed now...
      Stay Classy! and stay clear of locked doors!

    • 6 years ago

    • Here's some crap I made...

      6 years ago


      I put it like that because it's not at the level of quality I was aiming for. Part of learning to become a better artist, I suppose, is learning how to manage my time effectively and create better looking imagery.
      In my defense I was learning the software while making this video.

      If you're interested in watching it, it's a title sequence for a film I made up, purely for assignment purposes. I plan on making a better title sequence towards Christmas, purely to improve my skills with the software and creatively. Please enjoy, you will cringe.

      *click here* \/ \/

    • Well, I'm all kinds of screwed...

      6 years ago


      Now don't get me wrong, I love learning about animation, practicing animation and watching animation (and Film Stuffs), But I am not looking forward to the next 2 weeks of my life. On Friday the 26th of October, I have over 5 assignments due with at least 3 of them weighing over 60% of the overall classes grades.

      Person reading this, you don't know me all that well, so let me tell you, I am the worst with time management. However, I am learning how to be better organized and in turn less stressed and overwhelmed.

      On a side note, I just swallowed a fish oil pill to get my brain pumping and active, but the damn thing was bigger than my thumb and I can still feel it in my throat. Drinking water doesn't help, but maybe whisky....

      Back on track, the good news about all of this is that Halo 4 comes out shortly after this brief hell and in the interest of avoiding spoilers from the recent leak, ill be going dark, off the grid for a while. This will be an incredible challenge. This whole damn fortnight will be a challenge, but you'll be there by my side helping me along the way. Ha! No you won't.

      At any rate, Wish me luck! I'll see you on the other side.
      Peace! and stay clear of fish pills!

    • So I can say "I told you so"

      6 years ago


      So this is a theory about the Blue ODST, and was a post I put alot of effort into on the forums. Link Below

      It's pretty clear that the Blue ODST holds some importance, otherwise he (or she) would not be shown in so many scenes, given their own on screen moments and put on the Project Freelancer Poster. The ODST will either become a character of some value, or be revealed as an already existing character. Check it out, In my mind its one of three known characters.

      #1. My most valued assumption is that the blue ODST is infact the Alpha (Church). We know for a fact that Church has been able to have a body, he did so from season 1 through 6. Further more, I would like you all to refer to the Freelancer group poster.
      A wonderful poster, with each character positioned and posed in a way that hints their own personality or story. We know that when the Alpha was created, Tex was created as a sort of "side effect." Notice how Tex stands on the left side of the Director, while the Blue ODST stands on the right? This is a clear visual connection between them. Like two sides to the Director.
      To further validate this idea, I will refer you season 1 episode 10.
      This is first flash back of Church before the Blood Gulch Chronicles, and notice that the weapon he holds is a shotgun similar to that of the BODST in the Project Freelancer poster. The reason that Church is in standard blue ODST armor is because of a few reasons, its his body before he goes to Blood Gulch, and its just standard freelancer armor painted blue. Another thing that got my attention was the comment Carolina made in season 10 episode 12 when talking to Epsilon.
      She says, "I guess I forgot that, in a way, you were there along side us too." Now Carolina may just be referring to the alpha fragments, but I think that this is a bit of foreshadowing and is to perhaps be taken literally.

      Now you could make the argument and say, "But MrGlitch! By season 10 episode 10, when the BODST actually contributes in a mission, there had already been extracted fragments!" Ah but notice that in the episode he actually does really poorly with the hatchet, but then succeeds in taking out the turret ODST's. As some fragments had already left him by this point, his ability's were impaired, but not entirely taken from him yet.

      If, I'm right, as of episode 16 where Epsilon is created, I'm guessing that we won't see a whole lot more of the BODST.

      As the freelancer break-in has just started, Tex WILL meet the alpha who won't recognize her anymore.
      Wouldn't it be easier for Tex to see Alpha in the BODST body and not recognize her, than him being in one of the AI units?

      This isn't all, season 9 episode 13, the first appearance of Alpha in the Freelance story arc.
      Notice this is also the first appearance of the BODST (I may be wrong on this one, please let me know). Church is told to log off, but if you watch BODST in the background, he stands there dead still; sort of like a robot.

      But wait, there's more.
      It's made clear that Alpha basically checks the details of missions and makes calculations to make sure things go smoothly. What better place to track the progression of a mission then to ride along? Season 9 episode 17, BODST is in the back of the Pelican at the conclusion of the mission. Season 10 episode 7, BODST is with Wyoming doing reconnaissance.

      And that's the conclusion of my Church theory.

      #2. I'm also fond of the Caboose Theory.

      #3. Sarge, leader of the red team. Explains his hate of the blues. Would be funny.

    • Did I miss anything?

      7 years ago



      Well its been just over a month since I've had internet, and honestly it sucked. Possibly because I may or may not have needed the internet for university work but more likely because I had a great idea on how to expand my Minecraft footprint on a friends server.

      I have done a few things I thought I might never do again while I was without internet, such as sitting down and watching normal television. Followed shortly by getting up and turning of the television and playing with a bag of rubber bands instead. There will be a special place reserved in hell for the people that designed the ad system on TV, with the sudden noise levels changing and the overall ratio between actual television and advertisement breaks.

      Just wanted to touch base and tell anyone reading that I'm doing swell, thanks for asking.

      On a side not, I really ought to learn how to size my images, this ones enormous.

    • Sometimes, It is worth the effort.

      7 years ago


      First up, a link to my newest video.

      If you have been following me at all, or even bothering to read my journals, you will know by this point that I am studying film and animation. I tend to complain about "grievances" I have about my university and some of the choices it makes, so I thought it was about time to say something positive.

      I have made my first assessable animation for university. In fact this assignment marks a lot of firsts for me, such as first time I connected my DSLR to my computer, first time I used onion skinning in a stop motion animation, first time I used an external plugin for Premiere Pro CS5 and first time I have been able to say "I am happy with the effort I put into this".

      That last one is a big accomplishment for me and hopefully will become something I can say more often as I strive to improve myself and my abilities.

      Before I finish, take a look at this. Who designed this classroom? It's ridiculous. Notice the pole?

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    • 7 years ago

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