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    • 6 years ago


      I am David Smith, and I am here to ask you a question: is a man not entitled to an investment worthy of his tastes, enjoyment, and currency?

      "No," says the man at EA, "that would require intelligent focus groups, time, and effort!"
      "No," says the man at Capcom, "you'll receive your full investment and allotted enjoyment once you've purchased all of the downloadable content!"
      "No," says the man at IGN, "these games are fine. Ten out of ten, in fact! You're simply asking too much!"

      I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose to do research and not be another target for sensationalism.
      A lifestyle choice where the connoisseur would not fear the disingenuous ramblings of "video game journalism".
      Where those who dislike the FPS genre would not be bound by the petty, knuckle-dragging, Mountain Dew chugging majority.
      Where the ground breaking would not be constrained by the generic.
      With only the ability to think before you purchase, this can become your lifestyle, as well.

    • Disturbed's "The Lost Children" Album

      6 years ago


      Recently, I decided to subject myself to something new, so I listened to Disturbed's entire "The lost Children" album. What drove me to pick this specific CD? I am actually a fan of the band and it just happened that I had not yet listened to their latest album. Let me save you the trouble of sorting through all the below average garbage and just give you the best song on the soundtrack: it's called "Dehumanized". Although, just because it's the best song on the soundtrack, that doesn't mean it's exceptional. It's kind of like being the smartest person on Reddit, or the largest Chihuahua.

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    • EmmaLead FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold FeaturedUser World Champ

      6 years ago

      Haven't seen you around in awhile.
      Hope your doing well.

      • MrMacabre

        5 years ago

        Thanks for noticing! I've just been very busy, is all! :P

    • Gorczy The Real Slim Shady

      6 years ago

      Welcome to the Community! Glad to already see you on the forums!

    • Zombie_jesse

      6 years ago

      Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Community! :]

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