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    • My "Uno: The Movie" Journal

      2 years ago


      Only 8 hours... Nap, pop some popcorn, whip out my dick, then its go-time!!

      Lil J's Burgie image fills me with joy

      About an hour and 10 minutes in... and they are already losing it.

      "We should call this Uno: The Movie."

      "Absolutely. That, 100%, should be the title of this."

      "Yeah. Unedited."

      "Editor, you know what to do."

      Editor makes the music louder.

      Geoff says something about it being the beginning of the third act…

      *Sees it is only a little past halfway*

      *Think to myself: I need to take an intermission for this 5 act play*

      About 1:57:some seconds in... Geoff is new Caleb confirmed.

      About 2 hours and 11 minutes in. The same song has been playing the entire time, and things are going wonky. I'm laughing at the "They MULTIPLIED!" thing way too much. Send help.

      About 2 hours and 24 minutes in. It started out as a fun game of Uno that would be part 2. They then realized that it was going to be longer (The Movie) and the salt was a-flowin'. Now, the salt has run out, or maybe dissolved in all the “oceans.” We're drowning in them oceans. Sinking like the Titanic, another disaster that lasts too long.

      About 2 minutes and 28 minutes in. They are all in double digits with regards to how many cards they have. I’m wailing like Geoff. HELP

      At 2:30:00, you can see Jack’s brain contemplate using the +2 cards, and chooses not to just to hopefully have the game end sooner.

      About 2:30:36 in. They have been playing so long that the game is bugging out, just like my brain.

      About 2:33:00 in. Jeremy and Geoff are doing everything in their power to make the game end. I see the light at the end of tunnel. Hopefully that means the game in near the end and not me dying from watching this.

      About 2:37:00 in, RIP headphone users. My eardrums have been destroyed, just like my soul, but thankfully it’s over.

      Thank you, Larry, for editing this beautiful tragedy.

      The Uno song is so good, I’m crying. Don’t know if these are tears of joy or sorrow, though. THE END.

      EDIT: Someone made a good point... It could have ended at about 1:21:30. Possibly one button press away...

    • 2019 years ago

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