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      8 years ago


      Or at least it was, at the time of typing that title...I'm gonna be asleep when the first ep of Season 9 is released...the fuck is this? That's a BAD BURNIE...BAD!

      Will have to get up extra early tomorrow morning so I can watch it before work while listlessly spooning porridge into my mouth...maybe it'll make me more excited for the day ahead? But most likely it will just make me want to watch more...and more...and MOAR!!!

      ARGH, I'm so excited smiley0.gif

      Life is good right now - wondering where's the catch! Just three more days and my in-laws will be down to whisk the boyfriend and I off to their beautiful home in the Gold Coast hinterland - no work for three weeks - see ya, suckers!

      Also, I just discovered Deadmau5...yay!


    • I like sleeping :)

      8 years ago


      A) Because my bed is so damn comfortable; B) Because god knows I need the rest after the week I've had and C) Because when I wake up in the morning...there's one less day to go on the countdown to the release of SEASON 9!!! YAYYY smiley0.gif so many things to look forward to at the moment!

      I know I said a few days ago that there was another chapter of my Zombies project coming soon...well, I still haven't finished it. Haven't had the time/energy! But it is a long weekend here, so I am hoping that will change...once I'm done being a house-bitch today...sooo much housework smiley4.gif

      Doesn't really help that I've been procrastinating all morning watching talking animals...but they're so adorable and funny!!!


      Hilarious smiley1.gif

      Well, time to go pump up some music and get started on the housework!


    • Lesson for the day...

      8 years ago


      Today I learned that there are both bridezillas...and mum-zillas. I also learned that, for Heaven's sake, DO NOT FUCK WITH EITHER OF THEM, if you know what's good for you!

      Good news is...I came away from that stand-off with all limbs intact and a head still (just barely) on my shoulders...I think that counts as a win. Lesson learned, anyways!

      When I jumped on here earlier I was in awe of all of the new journal entries...then I read the fan-fucking-TASTIC news about Halo: CE Remastered smiley0.gif only my favourite game ever...of all time. Original is always best! And Halo 4 coming in 2012...although, if I may confide (nay...confess!)...I haven't even played Halo 3 yet. DON'T JUDGE! smiley2.gif I moved away, my brother stole the 360, I just haven't had the know, excuses excuses! BUT, now I have a damn good reason to play it (not that I ever really needed one!)...and I have managed to steal the 360 back, yay!

      And finally...the new chapter of ZOMBIES - coming soon to journal near you!

    • I feel dirty...

      8 years ago


      Didn't take long, bahaha...I am now a sponsor! smiley0.gif CHECK OUT MY FUCKING AWESOME EMOTICONS!!!

      Looking forward to seeing things before ALL YA'LL (except other sponsors...), sponsor only content and the extra stalker abilities

      ...damnit I need to end all of my sentences three words earlier!


    • Zombies? ...Zombies!!!

      8 years ago


      Caitlin's hands trembled as she raised her rifle, sweat beading on her forehead. Her breath was already heavy with anxiety, as she cautiously shuffled along through the maze of bushes and trees at a snails pace.

      Suddenly, a revolting, bloodied corpse swung towards her from the left, its broken and horribly distended jaw hanging wide and limp limbs flopping about, as if it were truly alive. She gave a yelp, as the corpse slammed into her, sending her toppling to the ground, just in time to narrowly miss a second corpse barrelling towards her from the right.

      Gasping for breath and oblivious to the tears that now streamed down her cheeks, Caitlin scrambled onto all hours and desperately grasped around for her rifle which had been sent flying from the impact. Her finger found the trigger, just as she heard that terrible, screeching cry. The corpses used as dummies hung limply on either side of her, both of them well and truly dead. But this corpse, that stood heaving and frothing blood from the mouth, just a few mere metres away...well, it was dead alright, but the virus still ran rampant through its brain, and it wasn't ready to lie down and die just yet.

      Caitlin leapt to her feet as the undead ran at her, shrieking, with bloodied hands outstretched. She had long, flowing blonde hair...yes, she had been a woman, at some stage. She would have been rather pretty, if her skin were not now a mottled bluish grey, her arms covered in deep, fleshy gashes where she has been bitten, and if not for the blood that ran from her eyes. Blood, which was not hers, dribbled and bubbled forth from her gaping mouth, and was splattered all down her torn and tattered clothes.

      Caitlin again lifted her rifle, her body truly quaking now, and her finger resting on the trigger as the zombie hurtled towards her at an alarming pace. Caitlin was frozen. The distance between them closed in, the zombie's outstretched hands were just moments away.

      Caitlin gave a defeated sob, lowered her rifle and waited for the pain. But it did not come. There was a blinding flash, then silence, except for the ringing in her ears. The shrieking and screaming had stopped. She lifted a shaking hand, and touched her cheek, then her clothes, which had copped a fair bit of splatter. Revolted, she dropped her rifle and began feverishly brushing at her clothes, trying to get all of the blood and brain matter off, but all it did was spread.

      "You're dead, Caitlin," came a woman's voice...perhaps the voice of the woman who was, just mere moments ago, inches away from Caitlin's face.

      "I am?" Caitlin asked the voice, dumbfounded.

      "No, you moron!"

      Out from behind the bushes stepped CJ, a smoking sawn-off shotgun in one hand. Caitlin was brought back down to earth with a heavy thud. She blinked and gaped at CJ in shock, mouthing wordlessly.

      CJ looked livid. "The fuck is this?!" she demanded, pointing with her gun at the corpse on the ground, who's skull and brain was splattered across the ground in about a million pieces. "Why didn't you fire your god damn gun?!"

      "I don't...I couldn't..." all Caitlin could do was splutter.

      "Couldn't what, Caitlin? If you got bitten, you would have become one of them, and fuck knows I have enough fucking zombies to deal with, without your stupid ass joining them! So, would you mind explaining to me, Caitlin, what the fuck happened?"

      "They're still human, CJ!" Caitlin blurted, before she could stop herself. "She could have been a mother once...she was someone's daughter!"

      "Jesus Christ," uttered CJ, staring blankly at Caitlin's blood, sweat and tear soaked face, all drained of colour as she trembled like a Chihuahua. "You're telling me, I've just wasted six training cycles, and six perfectly good zombies, just so you can go and start a fucking 'save the zombies!' organisation?!"


      "No, fuck it! You go and hug some more zombies or whatever the fuck you want to do...I'm going to go and set some more traps. I'm done with this bullshit. Do us all a favour, and use that gun on yourself. It's the only good you'll ever do to any of us!"

      Caitlin was left standing, alone and shaking, clutching her gun to her chest, as CJ turned, propped her sawn-off over her shoulder and stormed off. She looked down at what was left of the woman on the ground. Some of her golden locks had stayed intact, although mostly blood soaked.

      Caitlin turned and promptly threw up against a tree.

      "Shit," she murmured to herself, as she slowly recovered. She then heaved a sigh, and followed in CJ's tracks back towards the compound to get herself cleaned up.

      VERY ROUGH - constructive criticism is most welcome :D too gory - not enough gore?! Boring as hell? Tell me!!!

    • 8 years ago

    • Writing is hard

      8 years ago


      I do a bit of writing, just as a hobby. I've only ever really "finished" one story - a novella - with which I came runner's up state champ in an Australia wide novella comp...YAY ME! Otherwise, frustatingly it seems that I'm full of stupid (sometimes good) ideas that just don't seem to go anywhere. I'm a fan of fantasty novels, dragons and the whole she-bang, so my last project which I had been "working on" (hardly working on at all) was fantasy, and I thought it would be great because, well, it's can do what you like and just say it's "MAGIC!"

      Unfortunately, the logical side of my brain apparently calls bullshit on magic and pokes holes in every little thing that I write. If I don't poke holes in my writing, the people who read my stories will (if they like it enough to obsess that much over it) I guess it's a plus if you look at it from that perspective...but mostly it's just plain disheartening. It's just not getting's a shame, cos I do that think it's a really cool idea. I'm obviously just not at that level yet of writing epic fantasty novels...sigh!

      So I'm going to put the idea aside for a while, as I've decided to try something different...maybe as a novel, maybe as a short story, I'm not sure yet...what am I gonna write about?



      Bwahahaha!!! Based in modern day Australia...I think it's gonna be bad ass. I can put in as much gore, sex and swearing as I damn well like! It'll be good fun and good practice...and I won't have to put as much pressure on myself for this one, so I might actually be able to enjoy it more also.

      I'm loving it already. Will see how it goes! :D


      I love dinosaurs...

      ...they're so neat!!! :D

    • So, as I was saying...

      8 years ago


      Sydney was pure awesomeness :D

      a) because I got off work a day early...never a bad thing; b) the boy and I finally got some alone time; and c) I GOT TO SEE SOME MOTHERFUCKING DINOSAURS!!!

      I'm a dinosaur nerd...can't help it, I've loved them ever since I was a kid. So, when I heard BBC's "Walking with Dinosaurs" was coming to the country, there was no way in hell I was gonna miss it! The boy and I were really needing a break's been years since we've had the time or money to go away, so we decided to make a weekend out of it. We travelled by train everywhere, including to and from Sydney (there's no way I'd drive there...I'm not suicidal), and that was an interesting enough experience. An hour of sitting on the train listening to a conversation like this...

      "I was sooooooo smashed, ahaha!" "I know, right?!" "She spat on me so I headbutted her...I felt bad and I said sorry and everything, but like, you don't just spit on people, you know?" "Yah, everyone hates me now, I have NO idea why!"

      Finally...40 fucking minutes of this drivel later...the moron finally got self-conscious and looked sheepishly around, realising that EVERYONE was glaring at him because he'd been talking at the top of his voice for the last 40 minutes, wondering "why" people hated him..."oh, I better go, everyone is, like, looking at me and judging me and stuff..." You can bet your tiny dick I'm judging you, asshole.

      He got off at the next stop, THANK FUCK

      Anyways, the show itself was AMAZING...I have no idea how they operated the dinos so smoothly and naturally...they blinked, breathed, was great! And the guy narrating it was appropriately informative and funny, lol...with the help of the projector screen, the lights and the sound it was a very dramatic show and, as I said, absolutely shit, I almost cried. Feel free to judge me, I don't care, I LOVE DINOSAURS DAMNIT!

      Would love to share some photos but dunno if there's a limit to what I can put up? If anyone is reading this, do you have any idea?

      In other's looking very likely that I'm going to get that promotion that I've been trying to get for the last six months very soon, with a decent pay increase to go with, WHOOHOO!!! Might actually be able to start saving some moolah...or just spend all of it on more games...the latter is looking most likely at this point...but, you can never have enough games, amirite?!

      Also, I'm pretty stoked because a week from now, I have my appointment with the skin specialist who will hopefully assist with my skin allergies. You see, this is my horse, Rusty...

      ...or at least, he WAS my horse, until I had to sell him because even after 10 years plus of riding, my body suddenly decided it was highly allergic to horses (and also many other things as well) and I couldn't care for him anymore. So, hopefully this skin specialist will get me started on desensitisation treatment, and by this time next year, I might even be back in the saddle!!! :D

      What can I say...I just don't feel right without over half a ton of meat and muscle between my legs..............................bow chicka bow wow

      And thus concludes the evening report...thank you for joining us and goodnight!

    • I went...

      8 years ago

      MrsMJCaboose Sydney. And it was great.

      More on this story tomorrow night...cos I have to go to bed. Thank you for watching and have a pleasant evening.

      *shuffles papers*

      *...fade out...*


      ...the fuck are you still doing here? GTFO!

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