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    • Woe is me...

      8 years ago


      Feeling sorry for myself tonight :( I've pinched a nerve in my right shoulder, so it's just hanging uselessly in a sling right now...trouble is, my left arm is equally as useless, as I am not in the slightest bit ambidextrous. I'm enough of a clumsy git as it is even WITH the full use of my right arm.

      The drive home from work was...interesting, to say the least! If I had a dollar for every curse word...but, at least I'm off work for the next three work, no driving, and will have my wonderful boyfriend with me to carry everything around for me, bwahaha! Hopefully the problem will fix itself over the weekend...

      It's also made me realise that this world is so not made for I commend those who are left-handed as along with the left-handedness, they must also have the patience of a bloody saint!

      Will stop whining now...have an awesome weekend coming up :D hope everyone has a super fantabulous Friday and weekend!

    • Old Dog...New Tricks

      8 years ago


      I'm telling you...owning an old dog is excellent practice for parenting. This dog gets escorted to the bathroom/backyard, given fresh water, gets tucked in to bed at night (because she literally cannot sleep without her blankie) and probably eats better than I do as far as nutritional value is concerned...but when she gives you a look like this...

      2s1xjb8.jpg's totally worth it! :D

    • Planking

      8 years ago

      MrsMJCaboose for retards AND the retarded

      Case in point

      Although perhaps I should be grateful...without such acts, we would be without the Darwin Awards ( that shit just cracks me up!

      I know, I know...I should probably be a little more sensitive seeing as a young man lost his life, leaving grieving friends and family behind...but when you 'plank' on a 7th storey balcony rail and fall to your death, can anyone really say, "wow, that was totally unexpected!"?

      Why couldn't he plank on the first floor balcony railing? Then he would have had a bruise or two and an embarassing story to tell of when he was young...and, apparently, retarded. Such a waste of life for such a stupid, pointless act...and people actually think it's funny? Still, even after this?!


      But at least now, the rest of us can continue on to contribute to the gene pool (for better or for worse), and continue trying to find new ways to remove ourselves from the very same...


      A very grumpy MrsMJCaboose (blame the full moon...awoooooo)

    • 8 years ago

    • 8 years ago

    • It's 12.34pm

      8 years ago


      And only 4 degrees celcius?!

      That settles it...I am evolving into a goose and flying north for the winter...fuck this

      IT'S NOT EVEN WINTER YET!!! Wh...what is this?!

    • Friday the 13th...and animals - rant!

      8 years ago


      So it's Friday the13th here today...not that it matters because I'm not at all superstitious. I figure if something bad is going to happen to you, it's going to happen regardless of the day of the week or the date. Although, I have this weird OCD thing about odd numbers (unless they are in multiples of 5...that is acceptable), so I would agree that the 13th is an absolutely ridiculous date, but Fridays? How can Fridays ever be's almost the weekend, fuck yeah!

      Regardless, I hope everyone stays safe and well this Friday...if you just so happen to die, you probably had it coming to you...the date is just a coinky-dink.

      I listened/watched the latest podcast took an entire fucking night - like 12 hours - for the video to load. I don't know why, but my computer hates whatever player it is that RT uses for some of their videos. YouTube loads fine, I mean it's still slow but that's because our connection is shithouse full stop.

      Has anyone noticed how sexy the video podcasts are when Joel and Griffon are in them? I don't know what it is...but it was a very good looking podcast...ANYWAY...

      I am a total animal nerd (so tune out now if it doesn't interest you), like David Attenborough is my hero, so I loved the last half of the podcast. First of all, it gave me a whole new appreciation for giraffes and their apparent 'personal space' issues - that was totally messed up. Secondly, and I am sorry Burnie, but you were wrong about a few things. Not afraid of tigers of lions? You should be!

      Tigers are stealth hunters. Their most common plan of attack is to stalk, leap from a great distance and tackle their prey from behind, then go straight for the jugular. You'd be dead before you could say "what tiger?"

      Lions also use stealth, and also hunt in prides. You may get tackled by a single lioness and she doesn't go straight for the kill, so you're thinking "this isn't so bad - I could still win this!" Truth is, she's just holding you down long enough so that her buddies can come in and choke off your wind pipe while the others dig right into your intestines while you're still alive...and she'd be totally cool with it too. Lions are such bastards!

      You can't outrun an elephant, end of story. They may be large and slow looking, but they can charge at a speed of 40kph (or 25mph, to you crazy Americans) while humans average at about 15mph in a short distance sprint. Also, the force of their trunk alone would probably be enough to knock you down, at which point you'd be prompty trampled to death.

      Also, elephants are amazingly stealthy themselves. I think most people would imagine these gigantic, trumpeting creatures, stomping and crashing around through the undergrowth. But aside from the rustling sound of grass or whatever, an elephants walk is completely silent thanks to their well-padded feet (which coincidentally happen to be great for trampling!) and graceful stride. They are lovely creatures - which just so happen to be responsible for over 600 human deaths annually.

      Personally, as an animal lover, I'd find it hard to hurt an animal or fight back at risk to the animal even if it was intent on killing me. It's the circle of life. I can really appreciate people who come away from shark attacks or whatever with nothing but the utmost respect for sharks. They realise that if you're swimming in THEIR ocean, you're pretty much fair game to them. That's the risk we take when we enter the ocean.

      If it was my loved one being attacked though, that would be a totally different story. I wouldn't hesitate the beat the living shit out of whatever would be attacking them.

      A while ago when I was taking my adorable, geriatric 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier for a walk, this feral mutt just burst out of nowhere and came running straight at us, slobbering and growling like the mangy piece of shit it was. It was dead set on killing my little dog in the most violent, bloody way possible. That didn't sit well with me. For someone so short, I have amazingly powerful legs, so I picked Daisy up and was ready to kick the hell out of this mutt until it was nothing but a bloody corpse for the birds to feed on. Luckily, it stopped once I had Daisy in my arms (it didn't wanna mess with me...yeah that's right) and didn't follow. But if it came to it, I would have stuck my own arm in that dog's mouth to protect my little Daisy.

      I don't boyfriend says I love my dog too much, but I've known her since I was 9 years old and she was just 6 weeks old. My boyfriend and I have been together for just over four years. So, Daisy wins. I think he's just jealous.

      In summary, tiger and lions bad, elephants scary, giraffes crazy and disrespect my dog, you will cop a beating.

      Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

    • 8 years ago

    • Observant

      8 years ago


      So I don't know if anyone else has noticed this (probably not many people have as much spare time on their hands as I do...don't worry, that's a good thing) but in some songs, the singer will take a really big gasp of breath inbetween verses...but of course they have to, right? Otherwise they'd pass out or something...unless they're a non-breathing zombie singer...or, a robot...but's a wonder why it isn't just edited out of the song, I mean, it's not really necessary!

      It's annoying because even though it takes just a split second for them to take that breath...I never even noticed it happened until that I'm conscious of it, I can hear every single breath they take throughout the entire song...and now every time I listen to this song in question I think "FUCK, CAN YOU STOP BREATHING SO FUCKING LOUD?! I just want to hear the song!!!"

      It's completely ruined the song for me. FML.

      ...what a boring first journal entry. Sorry...I shouldn't post anything when I haven't had anything to eat for over 24 hours O_O now that I've had my whinge about people breathing when they shouldn't be, I'm off to have some noms!!!

    • 8 years ago

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