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      12 years ago


      Well so far first entry. Finally I find time to sit down and actually do this. Well this semester so far has been a pain in the rear once again with a multitude of classes. Not only do I have Mthsc 208 (differential equations), but I also have statics, ECE 307, Physics 221, and ME 202 slowing me down. Then again I do have a small form of joy in my shag class (it is a dance people), but that is hardly enough to make me enjoy school. The only things I have really to look forward to are working out everyday and finally coming home to play maybe an hour or two of video games. Then of course it is right back to homework so I actually stay ahead of my course load. Then again there are the weekends which are adventures in themselves. I mean so far we have had a party at our apartment every weekend since the beginning of school. Oh well I mean they are fun but they do take alot out of you. Of course right now I can't wait for spring break and then finally summer which is when I will most likely start my first co op job for mechanical engineering. Now that will be an adventure. Alrighty back to homework and maybe I will be able to post again in the near future..... cya smiley6.gif

    • 2019 years ago

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