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    • This Happened #LazerTeam

      5 years ago


      Let's hope the date works out!

    • New Admin + Small Absence

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      Hey Everyone!
      I hope everyone is doing great this summer. I'm not sure if you haven't noticed, @Input_Error has become the second admin of the RT Connecticut group here on Rooster Teeth. She's done a great job at trying to arrange some events, game nights and meetups. smiley0.gif

      I'd like to let everyone know that I'm going to be taking a small absence from the group. I have a lot going on in the coming weeks this summer and I need to put a lot of focus on that. However, I'll definitely be popping in every once in a while to see what's up with everyone. :)

      Anyways, that's all I needed to share and let people know. Have a great day everyone! :)

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    • Personal YouTube Craze!

      5 years ago


      As of lately, I've been driving myself to create content for my own YouTube channel. This content includes primarily tips & tricks, achievement guides and a small series I created.

      I used to be very active in the "youtube scene" two to three years ago when it was acceptable to create YouTube videos without any ... personality in em. I abandoned the channel and occasionally uploaded clips, but as of recently, I really wanted to step my game back up and keep creating for it.

      In this past week, I've uploaded four videos. While they only reached 260 views total, I feel pretty proud that 260 people came to watch my videos, and that the only direction I can go from here is up. I have a lot of fun ideas planned, and I feel if I keep myself to my current schedule of M-W-F for videos, it'll continue to grow how I have planned.

      Anyways, enough about me!

      I know a lot of you on here have YouTube accounts, and I'd love to check them out and maybe even collaborate in the near future.

      My channel is Let me know yours in a reply/comment to this journal. :)

      That's all for now, and I just felt like sharing this! Have a great night everyone!

    • 8 Years on Rooster Teeth

      5 years ago


      8 years I decided to sign up on Man, time flies. I originally thought of writing a super long journal detailing it all, but instead I'd just like to say thanks to everyone in the Rooster Teeth community.

      The staff, cast, production, business people, etc. of the Rooster Teeth team have really changed my life and brought me into a wonderful community.

      All the fans and friends on the have really kept me here and checking back every day.

      I'd just like to say thanks to everyone on this site. All the great friends I've made and continue to make.

      Here's to another 8 years as a member of Rooster Teeth!

    • Tomorrow ... 8 Years!

      5 years ago


      Well, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but tomorrow is an important day for me on Rooster Teeth... smiley8.gif Not sure why? Just check this image out...


      8 Years! Yes, 8 years as member on Rooster Teeth's website. It's super crazy how long it's been since I've joined this community and since I've started watching Rooster Teeth's videos.

      I shall have a really cool journal up tomorrow about it!

    • New Youtube Vid -- Achievement Workshop

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      Hey Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter!
      Just stopped on by here to share my new YouTube video/series I'm starting on my channel on YouTube, called Achievement Workshop. Pretty much the gist of it is that every week I create a new achievement for people to try and achieve. It could be anything from very easy to crazy hard. Overall, it's just a fun small series that I've been meaning to start for a few weeks now.

      Check out the first episode here:
      The "pilot" is very simple and just a "proof of concept" but it'll get bigger and better as time moves on I think. :)

      Let me know what ya think! : smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley7.gif

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    • Godzilla Quick Thoughts

      5 years ago



      So last night I went to see Godzilla, and one of the people (@AshleyBren) who commented on my journal wanted to know my thoughts on it. I figured I'd make it quick and brief and not bore you with details, so here are my quick thoughts on the new Godzilla movie. Also, enjoy all the gifs too ;)

      Story: If you're going to see Godzilla for the story, you're going to the wrong movie. Without many spoilers (not like they matter much), you follow a soldier who's trying to save the world. The movie's story really weighs the movie down and doesn't add much besides screen time. At least you get to see Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad for about 30-45 of those minutes though!


      Action: Most of the action doesn't pick up for a while in the movie. The last hour or so is where things start to get crazy and got me interested. I really only went for the action and knew that the story was weak going in though.


      Godzilla: He's badass as always. Need I say more? You'll enjoy the action scenes where he's fighting, they're really good!


      Overall Thoughts aka SHOULD YOU SEE THIS MOVIE NOW?!?!?! That answer lies in as a maybe. If you're going to enjoy a solid story, then you're going to be disappointed. If you're going because you like Godzilla, want to see a lot of great action scenes, well then, go see it. You won't be wasting your money.


    • Godzilla Tonight

      5 years ago


      Everyone is saying it's not a good movie, but I've decided that I'll end up seeing Godzilla in theaters anyways. Going tonight with a handful of friends. Even if it's bad, I'm hoping there's a good amount of action to just hold me over.

      I'll try to write about what I thought about it tonight when I get back, or tomorrow. For now though, I'll leave you with this:


    • Minecraft PC Server

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      Update: Server IP - Join and start building!

      I currently own a Minecraft PC server that isn't actively used (but I still pay for it... smiley4.gif ). Sometimes I think a friend or two jumps in, but other than that, it's empty and looking for some love.

      As @input_error mentioned in another thread, she doesn't have an Xbox to join in our current playdate, so I think I can reset it as a new world and we can use it for RT CT!

      Some ideas I have for it is to limit the world size at first. Maybe this way we can create our own little communities and such within a small bounds and not explore extremely far out just yet. Thoughts on this?

      I'll let ya know when I get this done. It should be no later than the end of this week. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

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    • RTCT Minecraft(360) Game Night - 5/25/14

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      Sounds like the game night was a success! My internet dropped, but for everyone else, it seems like they had fun!

      One week from today, we're going to attempt at holding our very first (and small) Rooster Teeth Connecticut Game Night!

      In another thread, @Turdy1 mentioned that he needed the achievement, "On A Rail" in Minecraft on the Xbox 360, so why not work together in Minecraft and try to help him (and anyone else) get that achievement!

      We are thinking of doing it this coming Sunday, May 25th. Right now the time is TBD, however we will probably shoot for around 4-5PM.

      To join us, leave a reply below with your gamertag on Xbox LIVE. On Sunday, we'll send invites to everyone around that time and we'll do our best to get this achievement! Also, please reply with a time you are available, so we can try to schedule this at a time that works for everyone!

      Current Attending Members:
      @muddy9494 - GT: AngryFacing
      @Turdy1 - GT: Turdy1

      Looking forward to finally talking with some of you this coming Sunday!
      Please keep an eye on this thread incase details change since we haven't 100% nailed the time down.

      Have a great day!

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