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    • Murph

      Two new LPs with Dylon

      1 week ago

      Dylon wanted to play the Plague Knight DLC for Shovel Knight on the channel but we have to beat the whole game first. That playlist can be watched here


      The next game we started playing is SOMA, a disturbing and nightmarish horror game very much inspired by the writings of Philip K. Dick. You can watch that playlist here


      It would please me if you gave them a watch, if you enjoy them please subscribe.

    • Murph


      1 month ago

      Video Game Pausecast, henceforth referred to as VGP because initialisms are all the rage, is a new YouTube channel I've started with my friend @Dylon (he's not very popular so you've probably never heard of him). We've even got a real catchy URL for it - . Go forth, subscribe.

      There are a few of the videos him and I made over on my personal channel right now in which we take a look at newer games in a long form preview/initial thoughts. Those kind of videos will come as new games we're interested come out.

      The real news about this is we've begun a Shenmue LP, we've got the first couple parts recorded and they will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays til we finish the game starting this next week. Other videos will happen here and there as time allows, if we get far enough ahead of schedule in Shenmue we can start a second LP.


      I'm excited and Dylon at least pretended to be excited as well. It's all new to us so there might be some clumsiness to things while we figure the format and ourselves out better.

      Don't forget, you need to subscribe.

    • Murph

      I'm enraptured by Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (Short Review)

      1 month ago

      As many know, I like video games, a lot. My only stint with higher education was in game design after all. It's a medium capable of the most unique stories and experiences possible at the moment. Yesterday I played one of those games.

      Being a stone cold atheist, you'd think a game called "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture" wouldn't interest me in the slightest. Lucky for me I knew it's based on a lot of 60s and 70s British sci-fi. Taking place in June 1984 the you explore Shropshire after a mysterious apocalypse and uncover the events in the lives of the people in this rural valley leading up to the end of the world. It was the most moving story I've experienced in the past couple years. You peer into their lives and watch their lives happening and how they deal with all the human trials and tribulations (affairs, troubles at home, teenagers in love, etc...) as they slowly come to grips with an end they only suspected was coming.

      The story isn't told to you, you have to find it by searching the beautifully rendered homes, streets and paths. This story is delivered by figures of light representing imprints of these people's lives on the now vacant world, others bits of narrative are echos in electronics left behind like radios and phones. And the more story you find the more you come to know these people making the eventual vision of them when everything ends inherently carry more weight and meaning. You are doing yourself a great disservice if you aren't relentless in your search for as many story triggers as possible.



      All this is punctuated by a moving and beautiful music score (it's on Spotify, go listen). It's only on PS4, published by Sony so it's unlikely to be released anywhere else.

      I recorded B-roll of the entire playthrough and am tinkering with a script, if time and motivation allows I might finally try my hand at a video review.

    • Murph

      Just Lookin' again... this time at Bloodborne

      5 months ago

      Made another one of these video with @Dylon. It's a free-form chat between us about our initial impressions with Bloodborne, think podcast about 1 game taking place over prerecorded footage I captured. We talk about everything to do with the game and pepper in the usual fun BSing friends tend to do. Game talk and jokes, it's a lot of fun for us and we want to do more.

      You can watch the Bloodborne Just Lookin' here (It's long, like I said, think podcast. So watch some of it, all of it, stop and come back later)

      Be sure to give it a like and let Dylon and myself know what you thought of the video in this journals comments here, on the video or even at us on Twitter.

    • Murph

      Lookin' at games with Dylon

      6 months ago

      I'm not the best at talking to myself, so I tricked @Dylon in to talking to me about a video game we both played.

      You can watch it here


      It was a lot of fun and I hope you watch and enjoy it. And keep in mind that it's a first effort and we basically winged it, the format needs work and will improve the more I do this with my friends. Let me know what you think and if you liked it go tell Dylon thank you cause it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't lent me his time.

    • Murph

      Getting back to it

      7 months ago

      Those that follow me on Twitter probably know things haven't been going well personally for me the past 6 months. My father passed away in late Sept after a long battle from a collapsed lung that happened when they were draining fluid retained in his chest due to his congestive heart failure. Christmas day we woke to our ferret bleeding from his eye, his eye perforated and had to put him down. 40 days later we had to put down another ferret (after several emergency visits in the month before hand). Now finding out on Friday that our third ferret has lymphoma and has limited time left. It's been exhausting, seemingly relentless and expeeeensive. Not asking for sympathy, in fact I forbid it. Just some back story into how things have been for me lately.

      I've always fiddled around with making videos but after my father passed I started making more videos, mainly to distract myself. It was fun, the few people that watch them seemed to like them. But with everything piling on, resulting money troubles, etc... I haven't made many videos lately. I would like to fix that, things are still pretty goddamn depressing but I need the distraction and amusing people always makes me feel good. So check these out:

      Before finding out about Stormy's lymphoma I played Dying Light a bit and made a few videos

      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3

      Before that I made a REmake video (intending to make more but sick ferrets happened)

      Part 1

      So by all means give them a watch, my videos are just me being silly over a game giving genuine impressions of the game as I play. Check out anything else on my channel if you like, I made some videos with @BioHRay and @Dylon way back when, those were good (don't get to make videos like that lately sadly) I admit to my inexperience and ask for feedback but hopefully I can entertain you, at the very least keep my mind on something besides recent misfortunes.

      EDIT: It would appear I'm Featured User, so umm... Hi.

    • Murph

      8 months ago

    • Murph

      8 months ago

    • Murph

      Community vs Fandom

      8 months ago

      There's a difference, might be a subtle difference but it makes all the difference.

      Let's start by defining the two: A community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. While a fandom is the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc. I'm sure most people don't see any difference and I can understand that to a certain extent, but hopefully I'll explain it well enough to make my point.

      The biggest difference between the two is how people within these two things behave, to each other and those outside it. These behaviors hinge on the mentality of the commonalty. Since a community shares attitudes, interests and goals the overall mentality is almost always positive, with differences between members more often than not met with discussion and compromise or at the very least agreeing to disagree. After all they can't be that bad, they're all here for the same reason.

      Meanwhile a fandom is all about enthusiasm for something or someone. Not inherently a bad thing, until that enthusiasm results in hostility towards those that are critical of the thing they're a fan off. As a fandom grows this hostility, while mostly harmless individually, compounds when a group gangs up on the person/s that have the gall to speak unfavorably of the thing they like. This hostility if left not moderated will fester and create a toxic environment for those that would like to participate in the discussions around something that aren't implicitly praising the thing.

      Why do I bring all this up? Well, Rooster Teeth has less of a community and more of a fandom these days, they still call it a community and there's some truth in that still but it's approaching a precipice where hostility will take hold and never let go. It's always happening in YouTube comments because that's what YouTube comments are, but hints of it are happening on this site. The people who signed up for this site like RT and/or AH and should be viewed as part of the same group as everyone else... but it's starting to happen, negative comments and thumbs down directed at other members is becoming common, especially when it deals with criticism of RT.

      Yes, I'm talking about the rape jokes in the finale of On The Spot. More specifically the people who were offended by them that took the time to comment their disappointment in them. They are getting a considerable number of thumbs down while comments telling those that are offended, that they shouldn't be offended, are getting thumbs up. This isn't something a healthy community does, this is a symptom of RTs community losing it's fellowship and becoming a typical unaccommodating and hostile fandom. If left unchecked eventually calling yourself a Rooster Teeth fan won't have a positive connotation to the rest of the world anymore. Maybe it won't get that bad but... it's certainly possible which is an outcome I wouldn't have dreamed possible a few years ago.

      BTW, my opinion on rape jokes, they aren't funny. But if you want to make them and/or you laugh at them, that's fine. Just means you lack a certain context. But failing to understand or empathize with someone that might find them distasteful is a whole other issue, a much bigger issue. Statistically with the size of this site, a fair number of members have been sexually abused, and that's not funny and not caring about those unfortunate souls feelings is more than a little disheartening and shame on you.

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