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    • sharku

      13 years ago

      Hey There

      I have made it to the last round

      So I'd appreciate it if you went here and voted for me

      I will give you 2 mod points
      just post in this journal after you have voted

      Thanks smiley0.gif

    • Natalyaold

      13 years ago

      Well, it's good to see you anyways!

    • MiddlWstWndr

      14 years ago

      that would be a big no..........

    • CEGIII

      14 years ago

      go to, then wallpaper, on page 2, I think its called sneaky

    • sbarro2007

      14 years ago

      Hey man, ill be in the green army. Ill go anywhere ya need me, ill do anything, ill even be a kamikaze dude ifn ya need it. Im a handy guy to have around, cause ill do anythin 4 ya, anytime, at no price/no pay, just for the heck of it.

    • M8O8B

      14 years ago

      Spread the word to the Green Army

      We have posters, I'm not sure if you are aware (Probably are being general and all) but we have posters so if you haven't seen them yet there is a thread dedicated to them and they are under my images on my homepage

      M8O8B Cyan- Major, Negotiations officer, Ghost Operative; Green Separatist Army

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