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    • Post Pax 2014 Aus

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      Hey Guys

      Shameless plug here but we ran a live stream from Pax Aus and thought i'd throw it here if anyone wanted to watch any highlights.

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    • CS GO players?

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      If anyone plays CS GO add me to Steam, would like to play with members.

      Tag is Nairners

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    • Titanfall players

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      So I've been playing a fair bit of Titanfall and would be keen to play with other RT members.

      Feel free to add me my xbox handler is nairners

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    • Guardian Sorrow

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      Our defeat leaves us wounded, this is a group to share your mourning, this will be your support line.

      Not only that, we still love RT, so lets use this to get to know each other

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    • 5 years ago


      "The Beuro'

      Synopsis: The Duke is a new superhero on the scene. Although enthusiastic to get stuck in to the world of crime fighting, he first needs get his hero licence. The problem is, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

      SCENE 1

      Duke is waiting in the line waiting to speak to talk to the attendant at the desk.

      Duke [Du]:
      [speaking to the superhero in front of him] Hey

      The hero in front stares blankly at The Duke


      I'm getting my hero license today.

      He stares blankly again


      I'm finally going to fight've got to tell me, is it hard? actually no don't tell me...I'm sure it's great...My mum thinks it's a bit dangerous but I've wanted to do this my whole...

      Superhero in front[SIF]:

      (passive aggressively) Your mother doesn't know danger, she's never started into the jaws of a giant Pygmy shrew while falling from a death eagle. She's never seen a portal into the Shemale dimension, she's never seen the skull of her best friend crushed into a fine powder then sprinkled onto pasta through a salt shaker and she's definitely never been black Friday shopping (he continues the stare)



      The PA system turns on

      [PA] A mr Dookay to counter 4.


      (To himself) It's the Duke, that's not even a hard name.

      Lady Behind Counter [LBC]:

      (apathetically) Ok Mr Dookay


      Er just quickly, it's the Duke, I want to be known a nobel crime fighter, a leader of the people.


      Whatever, first is the vision test. I've swallowed 4 letters, use your x-ray vision and read those remaining in my stomach.


      Oh. I don't actually have x-ray vision.


      Ok you'll have to wear these glasses while crime fighting. Now have you watched the PSA?


      I have......not

      LBC picks up the tv remote and turns on the TV behind her. An old public service announcement (from the 70's) begins to play.

      Public Service announcement Voice Over [PSVO]:

      Crime...that's just not groovy, but you already knew that. You're joining the greatest hero league in history.

      But before we get out there, there's a evil more villainous than the world's maddest scientist.


      Follow those simple instructions to keep the streets and your bank account safe from evil.

      Don't destroy buildings, there's a good chance there will be at least 1 person inside a skyscraper, and if you smash through it, they'll probably die. And thats a lawsuit.

      Don't touch kids, even just to ruffle their hair. Super strength has the power to crush a normies skull...and that's a lawsuit.

      Using your radioactive abilities around members of the public has been proven to cause cancer. Make sure there's nobody around otherwise, yup that's a lawsuit too.

      So when you're out on the streets, remember these steps, and it'll be all Disco.

      LBC turns off the TV.


      Sign here to receive your licence.


      What's this $10,000


      That's the premium for the insurance


      What? How the hell can anyone afford this, and what happened to all that stuff that other guy was talking about, the Shrews and the Shemales?


      He's the reason for most of the lawsuits, look you want the license or not?


      I definitely do no, this is ridiculous, I'm going to take my skills to someone that appreciates them.

      DU storms out and slams the door, then opens it again.

      (yelling) This is how super villains are created.


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    • Do you like Tea/

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      If you like Tea, there's a group to celebrate this fact.

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    • Blood Test

      5 years ago


      second script, thinkinking you guys might give an idea of what to animate next.

      Blood test

      We open on a school in an exam room.

      Teacher: You have exactly one our to complete the test. There is no talking and absolutely now cheating.
      You may begin.

      The boy sitting at the desk turns over the piece of paper sitting on the desk. In bold red letters it says blood test at the top of the page.
      He then grabs the equipment under his desk and begins to fill a blood bag with his own blood.
      After some time passes, he gets up and throws his blood bag onto a pile.

      Student: So how'd you do? get most of it?
      Gareth: Yea I think so, I got a few hand cramps at times but it seemed to flow most of the time.
      Another student walks out looking very pale
      Student 2: Whoa that test was hard; I do not feel like that went well.
      Gareth: Don't be so hard on yourself, results come out tomorrow, can't do much until then. Let's go have a drink.

      Next day the students look at their results

      Student 1: Oh yes B+
      Gareth: I think that's your blood type. Look there you go, you have glandular fever.
      Student: Boom, I'm happy with that
      Gareth: Hepatitis A. AN A I GOT AN A WHOOOOO
      Student 2 looking very white and still bleeding reads the board
      Student 2: Fail, Bugger.

      He collapses unconscious

    • party pooper

      5 years ago


      so I like writing scripts, and creating animations.

      This is the next to be created, feedback welcome

      VO: English is the most widespread language on this Earth, and in that time people have created phrases and naming conventions. Some of them inspiring, some of them cunning, and some of them just make no sense.
      Today we look at how the later came to be


      Dude 1: This Party Rocks, you see that guy put a whole keg up his ass
      Dude 2: Yea man, and the guy that cut his own nuts off just signed my jacket.
      Dude 1: That's awesome; I gotta get in on this action

      Slowly the camera pans out until we look over the shoulder of a male standing by himself

      Ed: Idiots
      Gah why did I even come to this party, Oh yea
      Come it'll be fun, you can hold my handbag while baboons stare at my chest while using pick up lines like "nice boobs'
      Ah I was born at the wrong time. I should have been a Victorian; at least they thought intelligence was sexy. Oh we'd party, but we'd sit around discussing the latest Dickens novel.
      I would have dazzled them with my knowledge of Darwinian theory; the ladies would declare things to me, but not before announcing they had something to declare.
      Look at these people, drunk, probably think Beethoven is a brand of bread
      The people are just, just
      He yells it out loud
      You're all stupid

      Dude1: Hey Einstein, you're drinking Tobasco sauce.

      Strange sounds start escalating out of Ed's stomach until he finally craps himself.

      And Thus, the party pooper came to be.

    • Minecraft server for sponsors

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      Hello all

      Made a minecraft server for sponsors, which i'll leave running for most of the day until there's issues.

      If you fancy joining,

      name: RT Minecraft Sponsors

      Also if you want to chat, head to this vent server


      Much Love

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