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    • Being the best Isn't always a good thing

      13 years ago


      Well let start off here,
      Since my first college semester is finally over. I get to sit at home and just chill. Well I got the bright idea to sell some of my games that I don't play any more and get the new Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Since I beat the warrior within four day ago. I figured I buy the next game and finish the series. Well I bought the game yesterday, played for maybe 4 hours. Then today played for another 3-4 hours. And well, I beat the damn thing. Now I'm just pissed cause I'm just too damn good and video games. So now I'm thinking of returning the game saying I didn't want the game.

      But oh well, It just go's to show you. That it isn't always a good thing to be good...........At video games that is. What am I saying, I just need to find a game that can last me a while.

      Oh well, I guess I'm done ranting now.

      P.S. The game did have a good story line though.

    • Ya!, You and what army!

      13 years ago


      I saw this and the first thing that popped into mind was "Silverwings League of Dispensible Ninjas".
      Well guess what Silverwing, Your ninjas are no match for my " League of Break Dancing Ninjas."

      My League of ninjas

    • This is my Story Cont. part three

      14 years ago


      Now where did we last leave off. Oh thats right, Demegilo discovered his father's journal.

      With each turn of a page, Demegilo is again and again overwhelmed with his father's ambitions. But their were only two things in the book that struck him cold. The first, learning that he and his brothers are demons themselves. And the second,well, he needed to read more about his birth rite. In order to prevent the second from happining.

      This is the part I have a little trouble with. Demegilo of course discovers he and his brothers were a experiment by his father. That they possess the ability to become the feared weapons of the Final war. But the probleme with them though is that they just can't at will turn into a demon. Atleast not yet, but the journal tells of how they can unlock their powers.
      And so I've had a couple ideas,
      1: Under a certain amount a stress to the body and mind. Their emotions reach to a critical high, where unknowingly they release all of their engery. Forcing the demon gene within them to be released.

      2: Well this idea I'm not really to fond of. Where they need to drink the blood of their brothers to unlock their demon form.

      So if you could give me ideas on this, I would more than appreciate it.

    • This is my Story Cont.

      14 years ago


      Well I'm back and I'm ready to go on with the rest of the story, so here goes.

      P.S. Comments and opinions are more than welcomed here.

      As usual Demegilo walked through the abandoned rooms of another newly discovered base that layed deep beneath the earths crust. Searching for any creaters that might have leaked in for sheltor. This was a typical job for a merc, to protect some weakling while they raid an abandoned base. The employers were always some rich pathetic fool trying to find lost technology. Hoping to profit from what ever they find. Whether they sell it to the Empire or in the Underground Trade. Their was always a need for the mercs, or Bounty Hunter was what suited Demgilo best.
      The walls echoed louder with each step the Bounty Hunter took. It was clear to him that no man or creater had set foot along these halls for a long time. But something was not right, something was out of place. The dirt along the corridors, the dust along the windows. This base may not have been occupied for many years. But that was it, Years, this base may have only been empty for ten-fifteen years. But who or what ever was here, have been long gone.

      Demgilo froze inside the doorway, a dark red image caught his eye. There lying under one of the lab tables layed a book. But it was not the color of the book that caught his eye. Rather as if he knew it was there, just lying there waiting for him to pick it up. The book felt colder than the room as he carefully placed it upon the table. The leather bound book cried out as Demegilo opened to the first page. And in bold blank ink he read:
      This is the journal of
      Nero Solus

      Got to get off to bed now. Will put more up later.
      Plus I figured this is a pretty good place to stop at any way.
      Will write about whats in the journal and what Demegilo plans to do with it tomorrow.

      P.S. What do you think so far.

    • This is my story

      14 years ago


      I freakin had almost all of my story up. And with my luck, I accidentally closed the window and lost it all. Oh well, Heres the second I'm righting this stuff.

      Everybody has a story to tell, and this is one of them.

      This story is post-apocalypse, about 400-500 years after the Final war.

      Mankind is still scattered, A few outposts and tribes exists.
      But one city had been rebuilt, and along with it a new organization, The Empire.

      The Empire's job is to keep the peace within the city, Keep the dangers of the outside world from getting in, And most importantlly to restrict technology. So as mankind does not make the same mistake twice.

      But before we can go on with the present. We must first go back tot he past.

      28 years ago,
      Nero Solus, a researcher for the Empire.
      His job was to discover and research the lost technology from the Final war.
      Everything he had founnd must be reported immediately.
      But Nero found something from the last excavation. Something that had been feared in the last days of the Final war.
      Upon returing to his station within the city walls. Nero reported everything except one, The Demon project.

      For months he secretly worked on uncovering the information. Although he knew he could only go so far with his work. From what he uncovered, all the Demons were bred within a tube. But he discovered a another way to breed a demon. Recently with news of his wife's pregnancy, Neros chance had finally come. Unexpectedly, he disovered he would be expecting triplets. This just opened up more opportunites. Designing three different serums, Nero druged his wife and injected the three serums into the womb.

      He had finally finished all his hard work. And he would not have to risk working anymore on it for another nine monthes. But not all of this had gone unnoticed. The Empire has many spies and securities to keep tabs on their employes. It was a wonder how he even got away with it for so long. But as far as they knew, Nero had only researched the project and nothing more.
      Although Nero was stripped of everything,this did not discourage him from his work. Their was the underground trade to go to. There he would find the men and supplies he would need to find a suitable lab outside the city walls.

      28 years later

      The three brothers have grown up, but not togather. A fight broke out between the three around the age fourteen. Causing them to break up and go their separate ways. To that day non of the brothers have seen eachother since.

      Codac a.k.a. (Zero) had grown outside the walls of the city. Living from one outpost to the next and had even took refuge in one of the tribes.
      Zero still lives outside the walls of the city. Helping improve the outposts and the lives of those that live there.

      Demegilo grew up working in the Underground Trade.

      Jack was soon adopted and taken cared of by a loving family. When he finally came of age he joined the Empires army. And it didn't take to long for them to reognize his skills. He was recruited for the Urban Special Ops program. He now leads his own squad of four.

      Well this is just a little of what I put down. I know I really didn't get to the plot line, but I'm getting tired right now. So I will put up the rest tomorrow.

    • Sorry

      14 years ago


      Like the title says, i've been grounded from the computer and the only reason i'm on now is cause I'm in buffalo visiting family.

    • Something I came up with

      14 years ago


      This is a little something I came up with while I was working. And I did not read this anywhere or hear it anywhere. This is what I think about life,

      Life is like a rollorcoaster.
      It has it's highs, and lows,
      and sometimes it can turn you upside down,
      and then, their are those that are just fucked.

    • Camping last weekend

      14 years ago


      Well went camping this weekend. Just barelly got home and I'm looking to relax. Well sit around the virtual fire and I'll tell you my story. Thursday morning was when we set out for Joe's landing. I was driving my rust bucket (Chevy, Blazer, 87) and Jerimiah was my co-pilot giving me directions. Their were nine other people that also went ( Three girls, Six guys), Four in one car and the rest went in this girls truck.

      Everything was cool at first, Miah and I let the group go ahead of us. Cause we needed to grab some paintballs and refill our tanks. But just for the most part their was this one girl named Amanda. If I had to choose just one word to describe her it would be, Controling, Demanding, Selfish, DumbAss, Idiot, Hore, Bitch, Controling, Bitch.

      But I'm getting ahead of my self. Any way. After I got the Paintball stuff, I start making my way to the camp site. Doing the speed limit It would take about 2-3 hours to get there. Man It was a FREAKIN THURSDAY and there were cops up to bookoo everywhere. I don't get a ticket, but I ended up getting a somthing like a notice. So I have to show up to the Bluffdale city court. But the shitty thing is I was staying with traffic and the cops pull me over. I was doing 80mph in a 65mph on the freeway.

      Well I the others waited for us a little ways ahead at a bugerking. We talked for a little bit, then Miah and I took off cause we didn't want to wait. Not five minutes after we left Amanda calls and starts bitching at us, Cause she wanted everyone to go togather. Miah and I just laughed after we hunged up the phone. But I stopped at a gas station just outside of Price for them. We were there for mabe 30-45 min's for them. They never passed the place, but after we get them on the phone we find out their in Price.

      So Miah and I set out once again trying to catch up to them. Well an hour or two later, following the directions, and trying to entertain ourselves since we had no raido, we finally reach the place. The two vehicals were nowhere to be found. So we come back down to the begining of the trail to wait for them, thirty mins later they finally showed up. It was now four 'o' clock on day one.

      Day 1

      We were kicking back the first night. After we got our tents up and everything we kick back around the fire. Amanda wanted to make the fire and most of us just laughed at her. She literally just soaks the wood with lighter fluid and still couldn't start the fire. So finally my buddy Miah gets the fire going. We were having fun untill the three girls, then just a bit later two guys decide to go back into the truck. The rest of us were thinking 'Okay' at first, they just wanted to do their thing for a little while. Well, the sun had settled a long time ago and they stayed in the truck. That kinda pissed the rest of us off but still didn't think much of it.

      Sorry this is all I can put on right now. I got to get off the comp, will put up the rest later.

    • Stolen Trend

      14 years ago


      Name: Vito
      Birth date: June, 15, 1987
      Birth place: Salt lake city, UT
      Current Location: Taylorsville
      Hair Color: Dark brown
      Righty or Lefty: Right


      Your heritage: Italian
      Shoes you wore today: White adidas
      Your weakness: Stop caring a long time ago
      Your fears: To die alone, Which is funny cause I'm used to being alone
      Your perfect pizza: pepporoni, extra cheese,
      Goal you'd like to achieve: Well basiclly the only thing that makes me happy. To play football for a living


      Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN: Don't got one
      Your thoughts first waking up: Damit it's too early
      Your best physical feature: My Strength
      Your bedtime: any where between 10pm-1am
      Your most missed memory: It's not worh being missed if I can't remember it


      Pepsi or Coke: Both, I'm not picky
      McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King, Go watch Super size me and you'll know what I'm talking about
      Single or group dates: Both, again I'm not picky
      Adidas or Nike: Adidas
      Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: I'll pick option 3, Both
      Chocolate or vanilla: If it's milk, Then I choose Chocolate. But if it's anything else, then it depends
      Cappuccino or coffee: Don't drink either


      Smoke: Nope, I've have better ways to kill myself
      Cuss: Only on the weekends Jackass
      Single: Yep and staying that way. I'm just tired of dealing with women
      Take a shower: Atleast once a day
      Have a crush: Used to, but then I got over it
      Think you've been in love: Yep, then I learned it's called lust
      Liked high school: I could say no, But to be honost. I'm going to miss it
      Want to get married: Ya, I suppose it would be nice to get married
      Believe in yourself: I believe I will succeed in anything I try
      Get motion sickness: Haven't so far
      Think you're attractive: I would like to think so
      Think you're a health freak: Not a freak, but I like to take care of myself
      Get along with your parents: We have our good and bad days
      Like thunderstorms: Ya I like them.


      Drank alcohol: Nope, and don't want to either
      Gone on a date: Yep
      Gone to the mall: Ya, but only to see a movie
      Been on stage: Depends on your defenition of stage is. If you mean being if front of hundreds people. Then ya, I've been on stage before
      Eaten an entire box of Oreos: I would like to say I have a few times. Goes good with milk
      Eaten sushi: Yep
      Been dumped: Nope
      Gone skating: Ya
      Gone skinny dipping: Not yet
      Stolen anything: I could tell you, but then I have to kill you


      Played a game that required removal of clothing: *Sly smile appears* Mabe
      Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: No
      Been caught "doing something": In a lie, a few times
      Been called a tease: No, but I think I do though
      Gotten beaten up: Not as bad as the guy that tried to beat me up


      Age you hope to be married: Sometime soon, 22-30
      Number of Children: Two, I would like to have two sons
      How do you want to die: In my sleep
      What do you want to be when you grow up: I would like to be a professional football player. I know it's a slim chance, but as long as I have a chance


      Best eye color?: Never really thought about it. I don't know
      Best hair color?: Brown
      Short or long hair: short
      Height: Don't matter
      Best first date location: Some place active
      Best first kiss location: Don't know


      Number of people I could trust with my life: Four
      Number of CD's I own: One, and I just barelly bought it
      Number of piercings: one
      Number of tattoos: one
      Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper?: More than a few. All of them were for football
      Number of scars on my body: I've got a few, Left shoulder from Lacross, a couple on my hands from football, and a few others

    • *SIGH*

      14 years ago


      Well It came, you saw, and that was it.

      Pretty lame huh.

      well I guess thats just about it. Don't know whats coming next.

      So stick around if you want. But I don't think anythings going to happen soon.

      So have fun and go wild.

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    • Makkyo

      13 years ago

      I made it into the second round of voting for this contest with flying colors, so I urge you to continue your support by voting again here
      Thanks a bunch! smiley0.gif

    • Makkyo

      13 years ago

      Very sorry to do this, but I'm heckling you for a vote. If you wish, please go to this journal and vote for me. If not, it's no big deal.

    • Makkyo

      13 years ago

      Please enter my contest. (everybody likes mods!)

    • young7

      13 years ago

      utah suck's thats all i have to say about that..... i hate utah let me out.

    • D_Janissary

      14 years ago

      Thanks for being my friend, the mod points and the advice!
      Really appreciate it!

    • burton_scum

      14 years ago


    • Makkyo

      14 years ago

      good to hear
      focus of school first. I got that wrong and regret it.

    • NamelessBlue FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      14 years ago

      Nope, and after my past two girlfriends. I don't think I'll be needing another one anytime soon.
      Cause my first one forgot to tell me she already had a boyfriend.
      And my second one, well she tried to get my expelled from school after I broke up with her.

      So I'm done with them for a while. All I need to focus on is football and college.

    • Makkyo

      14 years ago

      darn. So you don't have 5 wives. ; )

    • NamelessBlue FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      14 years ago

      Cool, I lived here in utah just about my whole life. Even though I live in utah, I'm not morman, I'm catholic. Just had to point that

    • Makkyo

      14 years ago

      all right Utah. I grew up in Idaho. Not too far from Salt Lake (I went there all the time)

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