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    • I can't view Forum Games while logged in

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      Here's the weird part, though-if I log out, go into Forum Games, open a thread window, and log back in, I can still view the threads just fine. It's only the forum overview that gives me problems.

      What's going on?

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    • Picture Mod Contest!

      13 years ago


      I felt my last one was a little too anal-retentive in terms of what got accepted, so I'm pulling out all the stops on this one. Also, while no one won mods from my last contest, this time, the prize is doubled to 40 mods!

      Since no one seems to care about voting for the pics of others, I'll just randomly pick the lucky winner on my brithday-that is, July 8th. Oh well.

      ...Wow. I got carried away for so long that I forgot to award the mods! Anyway...while some of those are funny, I think I'll give the Burj Al Arab model the prize since it's rather detailed and must have taken some time to construct.

    • Rube Goldberg Machines (w/video)

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      I stumbled upon this on another forum. Despite the Bleach intro, this is no anime episode. (Makes me wonder why the hell it's in there.) The dancing guys in the middle don't have much point, either.

      For those of you who don't want to bother to find out just what the hell a Rube Goldberg machine is by clicking this link, think of a device that does something simple in a very complex manner.

      *EDIT* Here's a link w/out the anime crap and stupid dance number... - Spam

      *EDIT AGAIN* Nevermind, don't bother clicking the link, the video's been moved.

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    • My Oblivion pre-order just arrived!

      13 years ago


      This has got to be the most exciting moment of my life right now...I thought Gamestop.com didn't deliver, but they did! The only thing hindering me is my out-of-date PC, though...an Athlon XP 1800+, 512 MB of DDR-266 SDRAM in single-channel, and a 9600 XT just won't cut it anymore.

      I've made it outside, but decided to stop for a moment and tweak my settings accordingly.

      Performance isn't too bad indoors., though I have to turn down the bells and whistles and run in atrocious 640x480. Even then, I still get a few framerate hits. Outdoors, the performance is worse-as expected, but not that much when I turn off Distant Trees. I also did the grass density tweak, and have the water reflect everything and have ripples while still maintaining good framerates.

      I also just went through a cave. Not much in the way of loot, or enemies; I sniped a few Imps, and the occasional rat, but that was it. The only other things I've killed so far are some mudcrabs(they look REALLY different than the Morrowind ones!)and a bandit archer.

      Now, I just need to decide whether to go for 1 GB of RAM limited to DDR-266/PC-2100 speeds, or get a faster Athlon XP rated at around 2400+ or better...I don't want to spend too much, as that'll drain from my savings toward a new PC.

    • Kill a Boss!

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      I kind of liberated this from something I saw on the Gamespot forums...

      It's kind of like role-playing: you post the results of the last poster's action against the boss, and them post your own. Pretty simple, eh?

      Here's the rules:

      1-Don't just use some sort of one-hit-kill attack that will wipe out the boss with little effort. You're supposed to keep hurting the bastard over time in various ways! (For instance, if the boss has 1000 HP, don't make it so that the attack does 670 or 1337 or some other crazy amount of damage-124, 221, or some value around that range would be much more acceptable.)

      2-You don't necessarily have to take control of a character that's from the game the boss is from or anything like that. You could be your own character, as I would be doing.

      3-If you have no idea how to play, check the link to the Gamespot forums above-I don't want to burden you with a long first post.

      Now, let's start...

      How about the Wall Face from Secret of Mana? 920 HP to start. Picture yourself in a room with spikes at one wall, and the other wall having three eyes that will cast spells that either hurt you or heal itself. If it gets severely injured, it will attempt to push you against the spikes-kill it quick! I'd say that around 120 for normal attacks and 200 for criticals would be good, given the HP amount.

      A mysterious human clad in powered armor strikes one of the wall's eyes with wristblades!

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    • Painful Game Pic Contest!

      13 years ago


      I have 67 mod points as I type this, and I figured that I'd use 20 of them to give to some lucky sap that wins this contest.

      It's very simple-submit some of the most painful game pics you can find. Note that they have to be from games. You can find a few in my image section. And, no, you can't use those.


      -The pics in question must strictly pertain to video games. I know there are other painful pics out there, but I like to see how clipping issues in games and the like make things look really painful.
      -The pics cannot be Photoshopped. I want to see painful pics that can actually reproduced in a game, even if it's very difficult to do so.
      -In the event that the same pic is posted twice, the person to post it first gets the credit if the given pic is selected as the winner.
      -People CAN post more than one pic. However, when voting time comes, the pics will be counted seperate. This means that if Contestant 1 posts two pics, and they get 5 votes each on voting day, while Contestant 2's single picture gets 8 votes, Contestant 2 will win.

      Contest's over. Unfortunately, no one voted, which means no one wins. Look at the bright side, though-this means I can save the mods for a bigger, better contest!

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