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    • 8 years ago

    • I had a cavity filled today.

      8 years ago


      My dentist was very liberal with the Novocaine (or Procaine depending on where you live), so now I can't feel the left side of my face. I think he did it for his own amusement. I think he's an asshole. I think I'm drooling.

    • Kinda bummed

      8 years ago


      Totally wanted to attend RvBTO and start becoming more active in this wonderful community this year, but my ship date ended up falling on July 7th... one day before RvBTO starts. Don't let my Sign Up date fool you, I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth since my friend showed me RvB during season 1. Just never thought it necessary to become active in the community until It became possible to head out to events on my own.

      Maybe when I'm all settled in and my training is over I can finally make one of the events and meet the fine group of people that comprise the cast and crew of RvB, A.H, and the RT shorts.

    • I may have insomnia

      8 years ago


      Got a few thoughts running through my head after some hard work @ the gym and pool. Thinking maybe if I jot them down it'll help settle my mind.

      1. Looking forward to the weekend
      2. I cannot fucking wait till I leave for basic.
      3. I cannot fucking wait till I leave for basic.
      4. I cannot fucking wait till i leave for basic.
      5. I'm sure you get the idea. Nailing my fucking PST's hardcore. Just wish I can get it all over with so i can hit up BCT and then CQT and bust my ass for real.

      July 7th is way to far away.

      On another note I just found out that I have a TON of Navy blood in me. Only thought i had an Great uncle and 1 Grandfather who served. Turns out it was both grandfathers and a ton more relatives before me. Kinda gives me a good feeling.

      Just to sum it up:

      Navy = Already the best thing to happen to me.

      Chance to prove myself = Way too far away.


    • RT Halo Reach Community

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      So basically nobody on my friends list plays Reach any more. Anyone out there with the same problem? What ever your answer, if you got space left on your friends list and you play Reach usually just throw down your gamertag here.

      It would be cool to get a little community going. I'm not talking about a clan or a team for something. Just a group of mature individuals of varying skill who want to have a larger list of people to party up with, whether it be to test out or help with their new obstacle course they want to submit to the "HORSE" segment of RT, play some new cool custom map or game, or just have a friendly group to play some matchmaking with without worrying about some troll or a whiny 12 year old ruining the game.

      I'm a pretty chill dude so feel free to drop a random friend request. I'm just a casual gamer so don't worry about whether or not you're good either. So like I said above, just throw down your gamertag here and add whomever.

      I'll get the ball rolling. My gamer tag: "On3 Cl1p W0nd3r" (there is a Letter O in On3 and a Zero in w0nd3r).

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    • Awesome Weekend

      8 years ago


      Got really drunk on Friday with friends

      Played Pokemon black all Saturday and all today =].

      Got my monthly PST tomorrow. Unfortunately, if i do well on it again my ship date is most likely getting moved from July to May. Which throws my vacation plans out the window =[.

      Here's to hoping my mentor changes his mind!!!


    • XBOX DAY!!! YAYY

      8 years ago


      Finally forced myself to go on xbox these past 2 days after not really going on in months. Got to say, I'm not missing my comp too much right about now =].

      On3 Cl1p W0nd3r

      Get at me


    • Wasted weekend.

      8 years ago


      Plans fell through so friends and i just sat around and drank.

      Now that I'm home I'm just going to drink more and play some Counter Strike. Cause that's what ballers like me do.



    • Intro

      8 years ago


      Hey, I'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Tom. I'm a huge gamer console and PC. I play everything from Halo, to Starcraft 2, to Deadspace, to Minecraft, to NHL. I basically play anything.

      Besides all that I've played Ice Hockey (NJ Devils fan) and Lacrosse all my life, I'm a Soccer fan (Inter Milan), Football fan (Vikings), and I was a practitioner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a year.

      I'm currently enlisted in the US Navy and damn proud of it. Right now I have a contract for Special Warfare Combat-Craft Crewman (aka SWCC, "Special Operations Forces who operate and maintain an inventory of state-of-the-art, high-performance boats used to support special operations missions, particularly those of the U.S. Navy SEALs."- Thank you wikipedia), but I want to try to change my contract over to Seal after I take my final PST in basic. Right now my ship date for basic is set to July 7th.

      So yeah, get to know me. Add my xbox gamertag~~> On3 Cl1p W0nd3r , Add my steam ID~~> syphon_fear

      See you around!


    • 8 years ago

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    • Capt_Ed

      8 years ago

      The only thing I can think would be beneficial advice is don't push yourself too far on any physical assessments. I have three buddies that are SO wash outs because they pushed their body past it's limits and were told to come back and try it again. Just don't fuck yourself over because that counts for more washouts (from what I hear) rather than just failing because you couldn't cut it. Feel free to shoot me any questions you have about any of the bullshit fine print they put in all the paperwork. If I don't know what it means I know people that speak Naval Legalese.

    • Capt_Ed

      8 years ago

      Dude, the bootcamp is a fucking joke.

      Prepare to be bored.

      Have you gotten a rate card from MEPs yet?

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