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    • Keep Moving Forward

      4 years ago


      I will miss you Monty.
      I introduced myself to you twice, I sort of doubt you remember my name. But the impact you had on my life will stay with me forever. Your work, the passion and drive you put into every aspect of your life, really helped me when getting out of bed seemed like the hardest thing in the world.

      People who have been loved, are never alone.
      Never forgotten.

      Thank you Monty.
      For everything you did, weather you knew it or not.
      It helped.

    • Payday 2

      6 years ago


      It's awesome.
      I burn through money fast though.
      That is all.

    • I'll Be in You Soon

      6 years ago


      Two days, not including today, and I will be in Austin. I'm going to grab me some awesome food, and, as I'm 21, I plan on having a bumpin' 4th of July. All I've got to do is survive Canada day, and then my restaurant's wing night. Then it's Calgary to Denver, Denver to Austin, Austin to awesome.

    • Wow, I'm Posting Way too Often Now

      6 years ago


      I met a dude I've played video games with for years today. His name's Flint and he and I are part of the same clan. My best buddy invited me to join his clan a few months back, and I was really proud to be asked to be a part of BSE, Black Sun Empire. I've been playing with these guys for years but when I actually got to be part of their group, it was awesome. Most of our guys are from the States and, oddly enough, three of the guys I usually wind up playing Black Ops 2 with are all from Texas. Anyways, Flint was in town to see Nightmarevision (my bud) and he showed up to chill with me. It was so cool seeing one of the guys I talk to all the time, in real life. It was also sort of an odd experience to think about how many people you interact with online, and have no idea who they really are. For example, When I saw Flint, I was thrown by how tall and skinny he is; his voice on Ventrillo is really deep. Still, all in all, a landmark day.

    • Eons

      6 years ago


      It's been a long ass time since I've posted anything here and I feel like I should update my profile page so that when the aliens invade, they'll know what I've been up to.

      I am now a bartender, working closing shifts. I make some sweet coin and all the girls want my d...well, that last parts not true but I do make the moolah.

      Also, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was wicked sweet, got some cool artwork thanks to Luke McKay and some other very talented people down the Artist's Ally. I've also got my ticket to RTX and my little brother decided to tag along. Hope he can survive the TX weather.

    • Walking Dead

      6 years ago


      A good story has always been something I enjoy, regardless of it's subject. And stories in video games is no exception. Characterization as a whole is something I have always known I have a soft spot for. Sometimes it's cool to pretend I am a bad ass in whatever world, fighting the forces of darkness or mastering them for myself; but I have never had a problem transplanting myself as a somewhat passive observer into the lives of the main character. Which has had it's ups and downs through many a novel or video game. I've always worn my heart on my sleeve and been cool about it, it's who I am. I am begining to suspect however, since finishing Season 1 of the Walking Dead game, that, while being an emotional little man, I am also a huge pussy.

      Spoiler Alert, I cried like a little baby at the end of Episode 5.

    • RWBY

      6 years ago


      Holy. FCK!

      I cannot wait for more from Monty; that song, then the fight?

      It was like witnessing Jesus' resurection.


      Also, RvB season finale was amazing.

    • Extra Life

      7 years ago


      So I, and hopefully some Calgarian friends, will be participating in Extra Life this year. our team is known as Dream Reavers and anyone who wants to join or donate is, of course, welcome. Not that I expect a lot of people to see this. Also, if you don't live in Alberta, i encourage you to just do your own drive to support your local children.

      Until next time, I'm still Danny.

      P.S. If you're looking for a friend on the 20th, or hell, before; feel free to add nightmarevision on Steam, or Nicodemous162 on 360.

    • Relevency?

      7 years ago


      Now this may seem stupid but I don't give the slightest fck about the Olympics. And after having to explain myself over and over again, I thought I'd just get a rant out in a form nobody reads anyways.

      Who. The. Fck. Cares?

      Athletes are the most over-paid assholes in the world. Sure there are some CEO's who fall into the same category, but the amount of money we throw at people who can hit a ball with a stick, or hit eachother boggles my mind.

      And then there's the Olympics. Why would you pump all this money into building facilities that will then go unused? Why not put some of that money into building schools, or roads or fund a non-profit, or fcking cancer research? Or better yet, in today's tough economy, hold onto it so you can regulate the Boom-Bust cycle the way you should.

      Anyways, it just seems pants on head retarded to get excited about a thing you had less than nothing to do with, and shouldn't be spending your money on anyway.

      And, to all you jocks who think I'm down on sports because I suck at them, eat me, I love playing sports. It's watching someone else play that bothers me.

    • Austin HO!

      7 years ago


      No, I'm not talking about any specific ladies out there, I'm talking about my flight out to Austin. RTX is going to be epic, especially with my best buddy Will coming down too. Prepare yourself Austin, two Canadians are coming down to rock your world!

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    • bi_pagan

      8 years ago

      When you want to know if someone replies to you on a forum topic, a video, or even a comic just go to the top and look for the "Watch Thread" or "Watch Comments" link. Click it and then wait for alerts to show up telling you someone has posted.

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