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    • Gameless Gamer #18

      8 years ago


      I fckn hate math. It's so damn unnecessary once you get out of high school. But no, I'm forced to take it.

      But on a way cooler note; I found an awesome RT refference in a book I was reading today.

      Search "Unto the Breach John Ringo I hate babies"

      John Ringo's created something beautiful. An awesome book, and RT. Fck yeah.

      Congrats RT on being in a published novel.

    • 8 years ago

    • Gameless Gamer #...idk

      8 years ago


      Merry Christmas dudes and dude-ettes.
      Hope your holidays are as awesome as mine; thank God for family.

    • Gameless Gamer #16

      8 years ago


      Happy Halloween RT.

      I was going to dress up as Rorshack this Halloween but there didn't seem to be a point.

      Instead I watched AvP, Watchmen, 4th Kind, and one of the Resident Evil's.

      Oh, and I found out my ex, who was always gorgeous, dressed up as a Star Trek ensign.

      How did I let her go?

      Here's to a really depressing Halloween.
      Although I did get some free candy.

    • Gameless Gamer #15

      8 years ago


      I miss the movie's from when I was a kid.

      I mean, every generation has some great movies in it. The ones before my childhood years, and the ones after (or now) have some gems in them. But in the 90s, I'm pretty sure we perfected the animation of a happy ending.

      Through various websites I've been watching some of the old movies I remember as a lad and even now, as an 18 year old, they fill me with a kind of tinglly feeling.

      I know, it's trite and childish, but that's why I watch them. To remind myself of what it felt like as a kid. To get drawn into something so deeply that you actually care when they get a happy ending.

      I wish I could go back in time and tell myself all the things I should never have taken for granted.

      And I should tell my smart mouthed self to get some better study habits.

      That's my last thought folks,
      Talk to you later,

    • Gameless Gamer #14

      8 years ago


      I think I'm having a mid life crisis at the age of 18. I've been working myy ass off for a bunch of projects and lab reports and crap that my university decided would go great with mid-term tests, and I hate it.

      I don't mind working, but a) I want my weekends for fun
      and b) I want to have a job where I'm excited to do the work.

      School used to be fun. Or at least, I never minded going to school because I had my buddies to talk with/hang out with, and the stuff we learned seemed fairly interesting.

      University blows.

      Is this what my life will become? Just, work, interspaced with the occasional movie or video game that I feel guilty/stupid for trying to squeeze in?

      Why is it that I can't find something I believe in/am good at/wouldn't be a job per say?

      I think I'm just bitching because I hate school.

      Talk to 'you' later.

    • Gameless Gamer #13

      8 years ago


      It's been seven weeks and I'm already disenchanted with university.

      Why am I paying x amount of dollars to have a proffesor tell me to do his job for him, at home, for free.

      Reading a text book does not constitute higher learning.

      Any idiot who can read can find out what I've 'learned' from university.

      It's a rather ridiculous waste of time and money.

      And yet, that little piece of paper at the end that say's I paid enough money and wasted enough time is needed for almost any job you'd care to name.

      I'm pretty sure that says something about our society, but I'm far to tired to figure out what right this second.

      See ya later,

      P.S Played a trial of WoW these past few days; freaking awesome. Orcish hunter, fun as all hell to play.

    • Gameless Gamer #12

      8 years ago


      I've known this for a while but following the AH team/Pajamachievement girls off and on all day has really hammered home the fact that the guys at RT have the coolest job ever. Notice I didn't say easiest. A lot of the posts in the online chat thing was that it would be easy to do their job, or play video games straight for 24 hours.

      Its really not. I've done it, and its terrible.

      And as for the rest of their job; I dream of being an RT employee, hell, I dream of meeting the RT crew at Comic Con, but there's one skill I lack, that makes their job hard, that everyone seems to overlook.

      Editing ability.

      I've never used editing software that didn't come with my digital camera. I wouldn't know how to do anything that the guys at RT do everyday.

      But still. Incrediblly awesome job, incrediblly difficult job, and I am incrediblly jealous of your job.

      Way to go AH, at the time of writing this, 8616.00 for ExtraLife. That's totally awesome.

    • Gameless Gamer #11

      8 years ago


      It's marvelously out of place but I was watching the Polar Express today and I couldn't help but get caught up/drawn into the movie. There's something about Tom Hank's voice that helps whisk you off on an impossible adventure that wouldn't be possible without him. Or possiblly Liam Neeson.

    • Gameless Gamer #10

      8 years ago


      So I got my phone back, yay.
      And I'm pretty sure I barely passed my Bio mid-term, boo.

      But more importantly, I finished reading Yahtzee Croshaw's first novel, Mogworld.

      I love Yahtzee; lets get that out of the way now. He's funny, he's witty, he's got a bitchn accent/hat and I couldn't wait to get my hands on Mogworld. And I got to say; well worth the wait.

      I loved the plot, and the unique idea's present in Yahtzee's novel.

      The character development is also something that strikes me as extraordinarily well done.

      Jim and Slippery John are characters who particularily grabbed my attention.

      Can't wait to read more from you Yahtzee, and, as always, I look forward to you're weekly release of Zero Punctuation on Wednesdays.

      See ya,

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