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    • RTX London 2018 Early Bird Code

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      I live about 4 hours away from the center of the United States. Pretty sure I won't be going to RTX London this year. smirk  But since I'm a FIRST I have a code - so who would like my early birdy code?

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    • 3 years ago

    • Hitchhiking to RTX!

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      In a nutshell - I planned to go to RTX back when I first bought the ticket. All was good. Then life happened. All was not good. Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Eat the $80 for the ticket and not go (because let's face it, no one is buying tickets from anyone at this point), or yell YOLO Ray-style and carve more money out of my bank account and venture into the insanity that is RTX.

      However, I need a way to get there.

      So if there is anyone still on the hunt for additional carpoolers, intends to pass through the Kansas City, MO area (I'm in Blue Springs, MO, so depending upon the direction you're coming from, I'm basically along the way - I can pretty much see 70 from my house), do tell. I enjoy a good roadtrip, and more people means a cheaper bit of travelling for everyone (obviously).

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    • I'm Doing a Thing...

      4 years ago


      Admittedly, I'm not here that often. I work and then I work and then I watch RT on YouTube and then I go to sleep and maybe eat sometimes.

      But I also write when I can. Clearly, since I have some links to books I've written. I'm trying something a little different this time. It's kind of weird. I don't even know if anyone will see this, but I figure why not put it out there?

      Basically, I've joined Patreon and will be letting subscribers read a chapter or two of my next book as I write it.

      Here's my video rambling about what I'm doing. And if you don't know what Patreon is, here's their video explaining it. Basically, this is kind of like doing Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, but instead of having everyone wait until the end for the finished project, I'm essentially working and providing content the entire time. Right now I have it set up as a monthly subscription basis because I intend to stay on schedule and provide reading each month. But that doesn't mean you have to subscribe forever. For example, if you just wanted to donate one dollar, you just sign up, get your content for that month, and then cancel. Easy-peasy.

      If what I'm doing sounds like something you're into, fantabulous. If not, that's cool too. I mean, clearly what I write isn't for everyone. But if you think you know someone who is, sharing is always super appreciated. :D

      So, in the end, here's to experimentation!


    • Things I've Learned as an RTX Noob

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      1.) Getting to your desired panel 2 hours ahead of time means amazing seats - provided you don't care about potentially missing out on other things or sitting around that long.

      2.) Lugging around water, while 100% a good idea, is not something I intend to do in the future.

      3.) Snacks are important. Or just food in general in the middle of the day. Running off breakfast and adrenaline, while possible, isn't something that should be done. (I'm very efficient at running on sugar, but pop tarts are coming with me tomorrow)

      4.) Bring extra batteries for your camera if it requires them. Mine didn't die, but it was certainly considering it.

      5.) You literally never know who you might run into. I had the chance to catch Adam before a panel, but he looked busy and I felt like I'd be a bit of an asshole asking him for his signature and stuff, so I didn't (but probably should have). In which case, have a sharpie handy (FUCK - now I remember what I forgot at CVS....goddammit)

      6.) As per #5 above, Ray is incredibly awesome. He showed up at the main expo area and just randomly started signing stuff and taking pictures and being himself. Best way to end my day.

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    • 4th of July Fireworks

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      We're all coming to Austin for RTX - but I was also hoping to see an actual fireworks show for the first time in 4 years. I thought I'd be able to see them from my hotel roof, but unfortunately Austin decided to do renovations on stuff so now the show will take place at Circuit of the Americas (which is all the way down by the frigging airport). Just thought I'd let people know in case they hadn't looked/heard/whathaveyou. The symphony's concert will start at 8:30pm with fireworks going off an hour later.

      Not gonna lie - I'm kinda pissed about this.

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    • Best Places to Eat During RTX

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      Inspired by some of the side talk in the main questions thread, while RTX SQ does list pretty much everywhere there is to possibly eat in the Austin area, I'm interested in what some of the veterans and natives have to say about some of the best places to eat (whether or not it's cheap - I'm just talking good eats) during RTX. So from snacks to BBQ to 10 course dinners - share the wealth of knowledge you possess of all things delicious.

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    • 2019 years ago

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