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      Fuck it, I'm not going to move my story to this profile. I'm just leaving it where it is.
      But I found a song I really like.

      New Divide

      I remembered black skies
      The lightning all around me
      I remembered each flash
      As time began to blur
      Like a startling sign
      That fate had finally found me
      And your voice was all I heard
      That I get what I deserve

      So give me reason
      To prove me wrong
      To wash this memory clean
      Let the floods cross
      The distance in your eyes
      Give me reason
      To fill this hole
      Connect this space between
      Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
      Across this new divide

      There was nothing inside
      The memories left abandoned
      There was nowhere to hide
      The ashes fell like snow
      And the ground caved in
      Between where we were standing
      And your voice was all I heard
      That I get what I deserve

      So give me reason
      To prove me wrong
      To wash this memory clean
      Let the floods cross
      The distance in your eyes
      Across this new divide

      In every loss in every lie
      In every truth that you deny
      And each regret and each goodbye
      Was a mistake too great to hide
      And your voice was all I heard
      That I get what I deserve

      So give me reason
      To prove me wrong
      To wash this memory clean
      Let the floods cross
      The distance in your eyes
      Give me reason
      To fill this hole
      Connect this space between
      Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
      Across this new divide
      Across this new divide
      Across this new divide

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 11

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      as the brute approached i felt left hand come to rest upon a handle of some sort. reaching up i touched the head and nearly burst out smiling. it was a war hammer. i grabbed the weapon tightly in my hand and as the brute got near, i leaned forward and ducked down. this allowed me to pull on the hammer and i brought around in a curving arc at shoulder height to connect with the brutes leg. i had put enough power in the swing to smash his kneecap to pieces and part of the bone was sticking out through his skin. i quickly brought the hammer down on the brutes throat to kill before he could make too much noise.

      i dropped the hammer and stood up and grabbed a brute spiker from his corpse i looked around and listened intently. something was wrong here. it was too quiet. i grabbed a katana blade in my right hand and a brute spiker in my left hand. i made my way towards the area where i left the squad. i tried the radio comm but got nothing but static on all frequencies. "shit, this so not a good thing." i said aloud.

      i was reached an intersecting hallway and briefly pondered if i should go left, right, or straight. i never did come to my own conclusion. it was made for me when i heard someone scream up ahead. without a second thought i took off in the direction the scream came from. i came around the bend in the hall to see bane get thrown into the side of the building hitting a steel support beam before dropping. i switch the way i was holding the blade so that i holding it more like a spear.

      "hey dumb and ugly. look up and this way if you know how." i yelled at the brute. right as the brute looked my way i threw the blade at it. i didn't expect the blade to hit brute so i wasn't disappointed when the brute stepped to side. for about two seconds, the brute followed the sword with eyes. that was the mistake i was hoping for and it was the brute's last. i think the brute realized this as well because it tried to duck to one side. however, it was too late. i was already shooting the brute spiker at it's stomach and head. as the bastard dropped i ran to bane's side.

      right as i reached him, i felt a pressence near me. i spun around to find keri and amy coming up behind me. "what happened ot you?" i asked amy. she looked like she had taken a bath in tub full of blood, covie and human blood.

      "i ran into a spot of trouble is all. like how it looks on me?" she replied. i didn't know if i should laugh or get on her case about saying that. instead i looked at keri who ......... seemed clean and unhurt.

      "how'd you make it in one piece?"

      "they don't like pistol rounds and grenades going through their skulls very much." she said in a neutral tone.
      i felt something beneathe my palm and saw bane trying to rise.

      "easy man, you took one hell of a beating." i told him.
      he looked at me through glassy eyes. after he blinked a couple of times he said, "oh hey nurse mell. so what's the damage."

      "if you weren't already hurt, i would kill you for calling me nurse mell" i said with a hint of a smile. "hand up?" after i helped him to his feet we went back in search of the others. "amy, try the radio. see if you can reach anyone."

      after a minute she shook her head. "all static."

      "damn, this is not going to be easy." we reached the end of the hall. for a few minutes we debated which way to go or if we should split up. in the end we agreed to spilt into pairs of two. me and bane would go left while amy and keri went right.

      "so, what happened to you mell. you look like you've been through hell." bane said.

      "i feel like it and then back again four times. basically, i was in the swords area-" i was saying when we heard something up ahead. we ran towards the sound but pulled out our guns. i grabbed my BR because i left the sword behind. around the corner there were three brutes shooting at four guys. i looked at them and realized it was steven, mark, jill, and alana.

      "lets go help bane." i said simply. it a few minutes the brutes were dead. i looked over the four of them glad that none were seriosly wounded and that no one knew of someone being KIA. "lets go people still have marines to find and brutes to kill.

      we took off down the hall and met up with keri. she pointed to a room to her left. we went inside and i felt relief flood me as i saw that everyone was alive and in one piece.

      "everyone, we're getting out of here now before they send back up." i told them. once everyone was standing and ready, we made for the exit in three groups. each one was assigned a different exit location but we would be close enough to see each other once out. sam also passes out short distance radios since we were still being jammed by something. we probably got five hundred yards when i felt the place shake. i grabbed the radio from alana and asked for reports. no one was hurt but the building was coming down on us.

      "GET OUT NOW PEOPLE." i ordered through the radio. pointless order but it was habit since their lives were in my hands. as soon as our group was out, i looked around and spoted the other groups. "everyone, head towards the parking garge to the north west. we'll meet up on the way so keep moving.

      TO BE CONTINUED .................................

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 10

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      we've been walking for ........ fuck i don't know how long any more. i can hear bane, sam, steven, amy, alana, and some of the others singing and laughing as they march behind me. i just continue on wards thinking only of the past and where to go from here. every time i stop somewhere we get ambushed and barely make it out alive. we've been looking for a place to camp out and some ammo for our guns since we destroyed the covie platoon.

      "hey mell, why you so quiet?" keri asked as she up to me.

      "don't see a point in singing right now. we need to find camp first before i even think of celebrating." i replied.

      she fell back towards the others. i knew some were talking about how i had let my guard down and nearly got killed. then bane and sam came up from behind me picked me up off the ground.

      "what the fuck are you guys doing?" i yelled at them.

      "you're going to be in the middle of the group whether you like it or not." bane laughed.

      "fuck you." i said and then punched him in the head causing him to drop me. "you don't ever pick me up. understand."

      "no, not really." he said.

      i walked back to the front of everyon this time paying attention to where they were in comparison to me. then i noticed the old gun and sword factory to our right.

      "men, that is where we're going ot camp for the night. we can get ammo there, guns, blades, and a nice place to camp."

      "yes ma'am." came the majority of replies.

      as we walked in i heard bane give a long whistle of appreciation and i couldn't agree more. there were katanas, scorpions, double bladed swords, double headed axes, and a whole lot more. they had guns of all shapes and sizes. the main problem with the guns would be finding the ammo neccesary.

      "men. we're staying here. i want you guys to help me barricade the windows and set traps near the doors. then we'll rest for the night."

      *four hours later*

      we finished all the traps. i felt sorry for any covies that come through the doorway. we have pressure plates, tripwires, and bear traps all over the place. each trap set off different types of death traps. we had swinging swords, arrow launchers, gun shots, and the whole nine yards.

      "well, i gotta say, this is one building i wouldn't want to raid." i said with a smile.

      "ditto." came bane and keri's reply at the same time.

      i went off on my own towards the sword racks to see what we had there. as i was scanning, i saw something that looked out of place. it was a giant war hammer but freshly polished. a split second too late, i realized what it really was. a gravity hammer.

      "fuck." i yelled as i ducked and rolled but caught the shock wave from the impact and went flying. i crashed into a suit of armor and flipped over. i landed with the suit and stand on top of me. i tried to move arms but the thing had pinned my right arm between two claymore swords at an angle that would take time to get out of. my left arm was some what free but only above the elbow. i stared up at the brute as he slowly plodded towards me leering. to his surprise i smiled back

      "what you smile for?" it asked.

      "for this." i said as i hit my head against the long handle of the spear. it came crashing down and hit the brute in the shoulder with it. the diversion was all i needed to get my arm free. as the brute turned to face me, i reached down and pulled out a katana and jumped to my feet. as the brute swung at me, i went to swing back but dropped the sword as severe pain shot up my arm.

      i just had time to flip backwards and dodge the attack from the hammer. i stared at the brute as he rushed towards me with red hot anger in his eyes. i could read murder in his eyes .............

      TO BE CONTINUED ....................

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 9

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      I jumped to the side and dodged a fuel rod blast and came out the roll putting two sniper rounds through a brutes skull. i turned slightly to the left and saw two brutes firing straight at me. i knew that i couldn't move in time. it felt like time slowed down for me. as i watched the first one neared my face plate .............

      *sixteen years earlier*

      "ha ha ha, stop the matt." i laughed

      "stop what little melly?" he asked innocently as he gently shouldered me in the stomach throwing me back down on the trampoline.

      "matt, you know i don't like it when you call me that." i said to hiim.
      "so what else am i supposed to call me favorite little cousin." he replied.

      "your only little cousin. everyone else is at least two years older than you." i replied.
      "and six older than you mell." he laughed.

      "oh do shut up mattie." i joked.
      "ha, now its on little girl." he snapped playfully and then tackled me to the fabric on the trampoline.

      no matter how i twisted i couldn't break free. "no fair, you out weigh me by thirty pounds." i complained for probably the tenth time. before matt could reply the trampoline that we currently on snapped and we fell through. on the way down he banged his head on the metal and cut it wide open. i started screaming and crying like crazy for someone, anyone to help us. my uncle ran over and saw his son's forehead. he yelled at out aunt to call 911. he stared speechlessly at us. his son with a busted head, his niece stuck beneath him screaming covered in blood and the trampoline tarp all around us. the ambulance arrived and took matt. my uncle reached down and started shaking my shoulder say, "mell, mell, can you hear me are okay ..................."

      *present day*

      "mell, mell, come on please wake up. mellissa." it wasn't my uncle i realized, rather it was keri who was shaking my arm. but her voice sounded distant. i opened my eye or thought i did but everything was still dark and my limbs felt like they were made of lead.

      then i realized it was night out and i was strapped to a bed to keep from moving. i also felt the intense burning pain go up my arm which meant it was badly injured.

      "what ...... happened keri?" i asked in small voice. i kept blinking my eyes slowly and as i did so, things came into focus more and more clearly.

      "you got hit just below your thrown to the side by a near miss from a fuel rod which saved you. the shot meant for your face instead struck you right shoulder and you slammed you elbow into the concrete making the damage worse. bane saw it right away and told me to cover him while he grabbed you and got you to safety. you owe the two of us your life now."

      "thanks ..... keri ..." i started to say but my sight slowly grew dim and i blacked out.

      *three hours later*

      "fuck, she must have been hit harder than we thought. what a weakling."
      "dude, shut the fuck up before i fuck you up and make your body usable only as fuel and meat."

      "who the fuck is shouting over me now?" i asked. i got the small pleasure of seeing them jump.

      "it's keri and alana" keri said.
      "nice to see you awake mell." Alana added.

      "thanks. now help me up and lets get moving. on the way, someone can tell me what the hell happened after i was hit. and who else got hurt."

      i saw a look pass between. it was tiny but enough. "what happened, who's badly injured and/or dead?" after a few seconds of i silence passed. "Who. Was. It." i demanded.

      Keri looked away and said flatly, "nick and amy are critical. katie's gone. she recieved three brute shots to leg and then one threw a spiker on her chest."

      i felt like the floor just disappeared. if keri and alana hadn't been there to catch me, i would've hit the ground hard. katie had been with me since day one. we signed up together. and now ........... she was gone......

      TO BE CONTINUED.................

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 8

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      "great, how fucking lovely is this." brandon said.

      "oh, it's awesome, i feel so happy staring at two fucking hammers." i bit back. this was really not good. each person had at least three weapons trained on them and i had a brute facing me wielding two grav hammers. i could think of worse things but this was among the top five.

      one of the brutes approached the chieftan carrying the helm from one of the dead brutes. by the way he was carrying it, i could tell we had killed someone either important or feared. i didn't know which case was more likely to get us killed so i didn't get my hopes up. the chiefian took the helmet, sniffed, looked shocked, and turned to me eyes blood shot with blood lust.

      "oh shit. thats not good."

      "hey mell, i think you made a new friend." katie laughed uneasily.

      "get over here and i'll introduce my fist to you face and the methods of hogting to you body then leave you as a gift to the chieftian. i heard they like ugly girls." i retorted.

      the brute roared and chucked the helmet at me. i ducked out of the way at the last second and heard movement. the covies were forming a wall around us we couldn't get out of and the chieftian stepped forward. brandon raised his rifle and was shot from five angles.

      "shit. bane check him now." i didn't dare take my eyes off the chieftian.

      "KIA ma'am."

      fuck, great, that makes another death on my watch. how many more was i going to lose. the chiefian snarled what sounded like. "we dual to death. friends interfere, they die like other. melee weapons only. i win, friends and you die. you win, me not know. brutes might shoot you anyways."

      "wow, real fair, you have to two hammers and i have no melee weapons and if i win i still have to fight past you fucking brutes. how nice are you assholes." i replied.

      he snarled at a brute and a knife was thrown at me. i started to spring back then stopped. the brute was just throwing me a knife to use.

      "yeah, this is really fair." i said. suddenly four knive came my way. i ducked under one, leaned to the right to dodge the second and third knives and knocked the fourth one down with the one in my hand.

      "i guess this is better. give me a minute." i strapped three of the knives to my armor and wielded two knives in my hands.

      once ready i began circling the brute slowly and he did likewise. we were looking for openings to exploit. i saw one but realized it was a trap instantly. instead of lunging, i threw a knife at the exposed flank. the brute was caught slightly off guard and moved to intercept only realizing it was feint. i charged up on his other side and cut with two blades make two marks in his hide. the brute was fast though and the shock waves from the hammer sent me reeling.

      i started to get and found the brute over me. acting on instinct i shifted all my weight onto my upper back and used my hand to launch me uppwards. i kicked the brute squarely in the jaw and sent it back a few paces. then i followed up with short jabs causing the brute to step back giving me room to back up creating more space between us.

      we started circling again. i looked for another opening and suddenly spotted the perfect spot to attack. the wrist. i flipped the knife in my left hand and started edging closer. out of the corner of my eye i saw that some of the guys were ready to open fire on the chieftian. but for some reason i felt like finishing this his style. then i jumped at the brute and used my head to slam into his chin stunning him. next i dropped down and sliced his kneecaps then the wrist. i jumped back but not fast enough. i recieved a foot to the face and went rolling a good distance.

      when i came to a stop and could see straight, i saw a brute lifting a hammer as hard as he could. acting on instinct i did the one thing that would make any thing stop dead in its tracks. i shoved a blade upward with all my might, straight into the chieftians crotch. i was right, it stopped dead in its tracks. using the momentary lull, i jumped to the side, grabbed a hamm and swung in an arc to hit the brute. the poor thing turned into the swing and took the hit right below the stomache.

      that was the end of the chieftian alright but then all his bodies aimed the guns at us. suddenly ethan jumped on his rocket jet pack and activated aiming straight for a pack of three grunts, one brute and four jackals. he detonated the pack killing all ten of them. the covie were as shocked as we were but i quickly recovered and swung the hammer down splitting the nearest brutes skull in half then blowing it apart. that got the marines attention and they opened fire. whether it was luck or the fact the brutes were stunned, we managed to kill them all without losing another person.

      i was about to sit when one of the dying brutes let out a whooping sound and it was answered from all around us. brutes came out of hiding areas carrying heavy weapons. i had been wrong. dead wrong. the battle was only starting. somehow, there was a line between us. the brutes all came from the west so they were all in a horizontal line from us. the brutes bellowed once and opened fire.

      i jumped the side and came up firing my sniper only to be looking straight down two brute shots and a fuel rod cannon round............

      TO BE CONTINUED ...................

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 7

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      as i watched the phantoms approach i tried to think of what to do. looking around i realized that we weren't going to run. no one wanted to. they all wantd to fight to the death. though im hoping to avoid that fate.

      "Jack, Steven, Robert, Echo, and Katie. get to the top of the steeple. you're to open fire from above when i click the comm twice."

      "understood.""yes ma'am," "sure thing" were just a few of the responses. i turned to look at the others.

      "brandon, nick, sam, jill, alan, i want you guys on the east side of the church, you attack them from the side."

      "this'll be fun." sam said.

      "just don't get killed moron." i told him.

      they took off for the east side of the church in a hurry. the others finished their climb and were readyiing weapons.

      "may, carl, ethan, jess, i want you guys to go to the west side. now. east and west attacks with a single click. i want one person from each group showing their weapon or something small. that will make the think they're either dealing with a weak and unorganied group or that there's only a few of us."

      "Wilco." may said enthusiastically.

      the group went around west. that left Amy, Keri, Evan and me in front of the church.

      "we will lead the covies towards the church and act like we're retreating, then we'll spring the trap and actually fight. shoot like you mean to kill but make the shots look like half blind luck and half skill. understand."

      "you got it." keri said. i could see the fire in her eyes but the look of her being a hundred by all she's seen was still there. i made a mental note to talk to her later to get to know her better.

      we set and waited paitently for the covies to show up. they grunted and laughed when they saw our pitiful number. i watched theirs eyes pick out the poorly hidden weapons of a few of my men. i hid the smile quickly so they wouldn't see what was going on in my mind.

      the uglies just leered at us then did something i hadn't expected. they dragged an elderly man and woman out from behind their ranks. the leader said something that sounded like "now, you see how we treat those who beg for mercy."

      the brute signalled to one of his soldiers. the brute swaggered forward and looked at the woman. then the bastard snapped her legs in half and picked her up by her shirt. the old man tried to help but the chieftian shoved him back. then the leader pointed to a grunt and nodded his head. the grunt shot the man ten times in each leg and arm. the brutes just laughed. it was all i could do to keep keri from charging the covies head on. when i could stand the screaming no longer, i shot both of the civies through the head and whispered, "even in death, may you be triumphant."

      the brute was furios. he picked up a brute shot and fired at me. i easily ducked away and came up firing. then the whole covie force started shooting.

      "fall back. fall back now." i ordered. we backed up slowly still shooting at the covies. amy took a hit to the leg from a plasma rifle. i grabbed her under the arms and dragged her back while she continued firing. once we were in the chapel, we barred the doors and hid behind the rows of pews (bad spelling sorry).

      as soon as the door burst open i clicked my comm and the two groups around the side open up full auto on the covies. as they started to retreat, i doubled clicked it and the men up top opened fire on them. then those of us in the church popped and started spraying them with bullets. as the last brute fell, two phantoms approached our location.

      "katie, alan, carl. the phantoms, now."

      "yes ma'am." came the response.

      they all fired on the same phantom at once bringing it down instantly. the other phantom tried to retreat but quickly joined its sister ship in the pile of smoking metal.

      "nice job marines. search the bodies for anything usuable. we move on in ten."

      however, the covies weren't giving us ten minutes. we heard the sound of running footsteps all around. spining in a full circle, i saw we were surrounded by thirteen jackals, twenty grunts, and six brute minors, three brute majors, and one chieftan. everyone had three guns pointed at them and the chieftian was leering, at me. he hefted not one but TWO grav hammers. he slowly advanced towards me.

      TO BE CONTINUED ................

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 6

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      i shook robert off after about five minutes. i gave him a nod and moved on towards the new guys. five new men to add to my list. five new whose deaths would be on my hands. alright boys i need your names. when no one spoke i got in ones face and said, "Your name now or i'll throw from the steeple."

      two guys snickered but stoped when i looked at them. "What's so funny girls." i asked.

      one of them said, "its just bane and i aren't used to taking orders from ....... well a girl."

      "give me your names. NOW."

      the second one said, "Jack Bishop." he gave me his complete bio.
      Name: Jack Bishop
      Special skill: Mechanic
      Weapon Preferences: Silenced BR, Shotgun
      "k, thanks banie boy." i had the pleasure of watching him grit his teeth.

      "hah, see. i'm not the only one who likes that name for you." the first guy said.

      "and what is your name?"

      "Major Styck but my real name is Brandon." he too forwarded his bio.
      Name: Brandon Meyer
      Special skill: Strategizing (to help your character's burden
      Weapon Preferences: BR and Dual SMG's

      "so it's sticky buns then for you." that got all the jumpers laughing. he surprised me by smiling and saying, "Sticky buns huh? hmmmm. I like it. call me Major Sticky Buns." we all started cracking up. somehow i knew this was going to be a hard group to say serious with. when the laughter died, i looked at the person i had first stepped up to. he had big grin on his face like that was about to go ear to ear.

      "name soldier."

      "Keri sir" she said.

      "attitude. i like you already sister. now give me your bio." she forwarded it to me.
      Name: Keri Excella
      Special Skill: sniping
      Weapon Preferences: Sniper and Magnum

      that made a total of six girls in the squad. better than my last one where we only had two. Keri was different though. she looked about my age but her eyes had a look of a person who'd seen enough to be three hundred. "welcome aboard Excella. nice to have another lady around."

      i glanced at the next man who spoke before i so much as turned my head.
      "Nick Wilson, close range, from harvest, peferes shotguns and -

      "shut up. forward the bio." he did so.
      Name: Nick Wilson
      Special Skill: Close Combat
      Weapon Preferences: Shotgun, Rocket launcher

      i looked at the last. he seemed the most uncomfortable around me. i looked him up and down. i could tell he was no green shine. he had seen plenty of action. my first question was "what rank are you?"

      He looked at me for a minute before replying, "same as yours mell. lieutenant."

      I smiled at him. i asked one word "join-command."

      "sure thing. guess you want my bio now."

      "you bet your damned ass i do."

      he sent it to me. i looked over it quickly.
      Name: Sam
      Special skill: Leadership
      Weapon Preferences: Silenced SMG, Auto-mag

      "thanks." i said.

      so now my squad consisted of Sam, Keri, Brandon, Jack, Nick, Amy, Robert, Ethan Jesse, Steven, Carl, May, Alan, Kate, Echo, and Evan. the skils were also ranged. we had two drivers, one mechanic, two demoliton experts, two hackers, four snipers, three close quarters fighters, one stealth, one big guns, one strategist, and two leaders.
      one hell of a squad. suddenly we heard a bunch of phantoms. they were dropping off troops. troops who were heading our way .....

      TO BE CONTINUED .............

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 5

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      i couldn't help but despair as i looked at the assembly of people in the chapel. how could this happen and what was i supposed to do. since jim died, i was put in the worst command situation. part of me wondered if jim knew what was coming and died so he didn't have to face this shit. i don't even know we're going to evac-

      "Mell, i've done the head cou-" Echo was saying

      "how many?"

      echo sighed and then said, "142 people, 43 marines, and no medics or doctors."

      "damnit, there's no way we can help them all. we'll have to risk calling in an air lift for them."

      "won't do any good," Steven said as he approached. "i count at least five covenant phantoms in the sky."

      Amy spoke up, "i think we'll have to leave them." when steven glared at her she continued, "you know, distract the covies. its the only chance they got. we move away and bring the covenant with us, we have a chance of luring them away."

      "lets take a vote amongst ourselves." i said. "HELLJUMPERS, BUCKETS ON." when everyone put their helmet on i spoke on squad chat and said, "marines, here's the sit rep. we have 142 civies and 43 marines in the chapel. i'm putting up a vote. we can either A) help them to the best of our abilities and try to get them an airlift or B) leave them here and hope we draw the covenant away. everyone eyes shut look down. i you want option A, double click you mic now." i got about 3 clicks. "and now for B." i got 9."

      Damn, this is not going to go well. i sighed. ok so now we have to leave them and hope they survive. but i have little faith in that. "Well, the vote is finished and option B won. we leave in the next ten minutes."

      i went about the chapel looking around. suddenly i spotted a couple of marines that looked to be in good shape. i approached and asked if they were hurt. only one of them was. one person out of 6 was good. then i saw his wound. he had been sliced across the chest and lost one arm. the blood had stopped but he wan't much good. i asked the marines if was alive still. their answer only rang hollow. he was but not for long. he had lost too much blood. i took a deep breath and braved a hard question that i didn't like.

      "listen, we are moving in the next 10 minutes and plan to try and draw the covies attention. we need some of you to remain behind but some to come with us. you guys understand the terrain better and we need a guide. of the 43 marines here, i've seen about thirteen in condition to move. we need eight to stay here and five to come with us. i need to know who will come."

      all in all, it took about twenty minutes before we were ready and able to leave with the marines. there were a lot of goodbye's, good lucks, and hugs. i watched from the shadows and felt the fresh stabs of grief as i remembered holding my father's hand as he passed away after the mine collapse had crushed his legs and abdomen to paste.

      we headed out into the pale sky and moved across quickly. when we reached the edge of the district we were in i looked back and nearly got sick. the covies were shooting the direction of the church.

      "dear god," i muttered out loud. the others turned around and saw what was happening and all had the same feeling as me. we were glad to have made it out alive but felt awful about the others left behind. the marines gathered together to whisper words of comfort and help to each other since they were the only ones left. the rest of the O.D.S.T's also gathered together and then joined the marines. i was off by myself. without realizing it started singing to myself quietly:

      "may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always with you, may the rain softly fall upon you, may the sunshine warm you always, till we meet again."

      i kept singing the refrain quietly until i felt a hand upon my shoulder. i jumped and turned to find amy and steven behind me. "what song was that mell?" steven asked. before i could reply amy gave me a big hug wouldn't let go.

      when she did, i was barely holding back the tears. i swallowed hard twice then told steven, "it's the Irish Blessing. my family used to sing it at the parish picnics together. we .... we ..... we would alwa-" i stopped there cause of how hard it was to fight back the tears as memories of my family flooded my mind. i spoke through choked and tightly gritted teeth while still sounding somewhat normal. "we would always sing it during the picnic. a lot of people enjoyed watching us do it"

      i swallowed a couple more times, glad they couldn't see my face. "come on, we have to go."

      we started walking towards the old abandoned Home Depot and forced the sliding doors apart. i decided that this would be a good spot to stop. no covies anywhere near us, we were about thirty miles from the chapel, and we needed a break. as everyone set up camp, i sat down by myself but robert joined me.

      "mell, i could tell that you were struggling after the attack. is there anything you need to talk about?" he asked. talk about, hell yeah there was. my family was dead, i had watched both my parents slowly die, we lost jim, all but one of the friends i enlisted with was now six feet under or turned to glass on some foreign world, and a whole lot other stuff. he rested a hand on my shoulder and said, "i think i've seen it worse than most. i out lived my own kids." suddenly i couldn't hold it back and for the first time since dad died, i cried, for him and everyone else. "i hate this world." i cried out and Robert just pulled me into a hug. "we'll get through this. i promise"

      TO BE CONTINUED .........

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 4

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Lieutenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      "Damnit, how are we supposed to get them out before the brutes waist them." I whispered to Amy.

      "how the hell should i know." she bit back.

      suddenly i heard private comm chatter. i tuned to see who it was. i could have leapt for joy if it wouldn't have compromised our position. it was the rest of my squad that i dropped with. Jimmy Ghost, Alan Vuze, and Ethan Karr were approaching from the left flank.

      "guys stop moving now and go inside the building to your left." i told them on the radio.

      Amy started looking around for who i was talking to. i tapped her shoulder and pointed at an old four story building to the left. she nodded and tapped her gun, then herself, pointed at me, then the guys in the middle. it was a hand signal for we shoot and provide cover fire while the others grab Robert and Steven. i shook my head and pointed at them, hefted my sniper, tapped her shoulder, then pointed at the guys. it was a signal for all the snipers to fire while everyone else gets the guys out of the center. she nodded her understanding and then moved away to the right looking for a good spot to snipe from.

      "jim, karr, vuze. listen up, we're going to do a sniping cover run. i met another O.D.S.T. who's a sniper. her names amy. karr, amy, and i will provide sniping cover while vuze and jim grab rob and steven. understand." i told them.

      they each double clicked their mics to show they acknowledged.

      "signal" vuze asked.

      "my shot of course." i replied with a grim smile. "everyone ready then."

      when i got four double clicks, i lied on the rubble even though it hurt and lined up on the chieftan. i watched as he slowly paced snarling at the other brutes. suddenly i realized it was trap but too late to pull back. everyone was ready for the fight.

      i sighed and focused on his head. right as the brute his mouth to snarl and roar, i put two sniper rounds straight through his skull. without waiting to see if he dropped, i moved to the minor next to him and didn't give it time to get over the shook, one shot later and he was dead. i followed the line of brutes watching them take fire when i saw a jackal lining up on steven.

      "no, you don't." i said as i shot it in the beak.

      i continued scanning for five minutes. by then, Jim and Vuze had reached Robert and Steven. i was smiling to myself then saw something that vaporized the smile instantly. three grunts sporting fuel rod cannons rounded the corner. i shot one but the other two used their dead brother as a shield.

      "GUYS, BEHIND YOU. TWO FUEL RODS." i yelled in the mic.

      immediately the others started running but the grunts shot at them two seconds later.

      "look out, they've fired."

      then jim turned and positioned himself and took both rounds in the chest. as i stared in horror the grunts fired again. i was about warn them when somehow jim got back up and took four rounds. two to the head, one to his right knee cap, and the final one to his area near his left kidney. what was left of jim dropped to the ground.

      suddenly Robert turned around and rushed the grunts causing at the whole way while he pulled out his hand crafted blade. even though he was like five feet from the grunts, they couldn't hit him. he unleashed a ferocious series of stabs and swipes on the grunts and the two brute minors that had just come up behind them. no i understood why robert had been marked "Uncontained Crazy".

      four minutes later, it was over. all the covenant were dead but unfortunately so was jim. i stooped to grab his tags only to come empty handed. the fuel rod rounds had ruined the tags to completely useless. Vuze stepped up and placed to fingers upon what was left of his brow and ran her fingers down his face and stopped at the chin.

      ignoring the heartache inside of me, i said, "come on marines. we have to get moving. the covies probably had friends. we need to get out of here."

      while i was overjoyed to see steven and robert alive, i was also deeply saddened by losing a soldier. i felt a hand on me it. it was karr.

      he said, "with jim dead, that makes you the highest ranking member of the squad. you have to take charge now."

      i stared at him. how could he think of who's in charge at a time like this. before i could reply, amy gave me a brief hug and said "he's right, but we'll worry about that later. like you said we have to move."

      we had only walked for about ten minutes when i looked up and saw the rendezvous point. i looked around and was glad to see that with the exception of jim and linda everyone was here.

      "we have a problem ma'am." echo said. "we've lost our medic and we have wounded people back in the chapel over there."

      "who?" i asked. the entire squad was there.

      "marines from before the attack and ....... civilians."

      TO BE CONTINUED .........

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